VLOG–How to I train for a Marathon After Running One? BEST Running Socks?

Hello! It’s time for me to blab about running stuff in a video since I love running and I love talking (even when no one is here to listen).

But first… I was hanging out with Vegas today trying to take a cat nap. He wouldn’t let me sleep though. And I have no idea what he’s looking at since we were alone. Maybe he sees ghosts?!

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This week’s Ask a Monican covers:

1. I already ran a marathon and want to run a half in September and a full in the Spring. But the training programs online all start at very low mileage. How do I train for this?

2. My running socks are giving me blisters? What are the best ones?

What are your favorite workout socks?


  1. says

    Balega socks are currently my go-to socks for running. The two pairs I have have lasted me three years at least and still going strong! Swiftwicks are my go-to cycling socks. Pro Compression are my go-to recovery socks. I have quite a few pairs of those :)

  2. says

    CEP compression is what I wear. I have not true PRO compression. For my normal workouts I use asics light and cool. My feet get really sweaty in the summer and some brands as you mentioned can be heavier depending on the material.

  3. says

    The best socks in the WORLD are Feetures Elite (www.feeturesbrand.com/index.php/elite)! When it comes to your training you should check out runnersworld smartcoach. You need a log in for the site (free) but you can create a training program there and say how many miles you run a week. Give it a try!

    Great Vlog Monican!

  4. Nikki says

    I like Wrightsocks. They are double layered to prevent blistering, but are still light and moisture wicking. Try them!

  5. Alison says

    I have some Under Armour socks that I am loving for my long runs right now in warmer weather. In cold weather, I exclusively use Smartwool socks.

  6. says

    I use pro compression for recovery or if it’s a bit chilly out which is like never cause it’s Florida and for everyday, Balega is the only choice, I love them.

  7. Amy says

    I will only run in Injinji socks. I find if I do anything more than 2-3 miles in any other socks, I get blisters. Injinji has all different heights and weights, and they even now have compression. Highly highly recommend them!

  8. Kim says

    Balega all the way, as with several other commenters here. But, I have a twist: I do not like the women’s specific Balegas at all-instead, I swear by the Balega Hidden Comfort (which were made for Men, though there’s nothing manly about them). Prior to wearing Balegas, I wore Target sweat socks and constantly had issue with hot spots (for years!). This problem was solved instantly by the Balegas and I became a convert after one run. I now have virtually every color of the Hidden Comfort socks they make. I wear ProCompression for recovery, but find them uncomfortable for runs themselves. I wear an XS in ProCompression and they are still not form-fitting enough right around the feet/toes, so they create little areas of discomfort if I wear them on runs.

  9. Kate says

    I LOVE Smartwool Running socks. They are thicker than most socks but I trained for a marathon using them and NEVER got a blister. Also, there is this anti-chafing gel that Monistat makes (it’s to prevent inner thigh chafing) but I put it on the top and sides of my toes before a long run. It’s a lot less messy than vaseline. Sounds weird but TOTALLY works!



    I like Feetures too!

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