RER Outtakes and my EPIC Sriracha Shirt

Hello! How’s it going? Countdown to Friday – I’m excited for this weekend!

There is a lot of running and eating and randomness that go into making RER the mediocre blog it is today. Those Natalie Dee cartoons don’t just find themselves! Even though I include a lot of lifestyle stuff, a lot of it ends up on the cutting room floor – as in, on my phone.


So here are some outtakes from RER, the blog:

RunEatRepeat Outtakes

This –

my favorite snack today (600x800)

plus this –

see told ya (800x600)

= peanut butter all over my phone. <- no picture of that, but trust. It was bad.


Sometimes my intern needs me while I’m trying to pee…

vegas attacking my foot (600x800)


You already know I fall a lot, but here’s an action shot… #RunningPose #Fail

rer outtakes falling (600x800)



vegas is vicious (600x800)


Proof I write RER for myself – I’m the only one that thinks this is funny/isn’t embarrassed to do this in public/doesn’t know when a joke is dead.

WP_20140517_19_26_00_Pro (800x450)


While in Miami the other week I put my hair up to relax for a bit before getting ready to go out and thought it came out fancy looking.

WP_20140517_17_09_08_Pro (450x800)


Baking stuff with a green hue. This healthy living stuff isn’t too shab.

WP_20140528_15_05_20_Pro (800x450)


Love that you guys encourage my obsessions with Sriracha and watermelon and running! Shane and his running buddies from AZ got me this epic Sriracha shirt. I think everyone should have one – you can buy a Sriracha shirt here!

6tag_290514-144804 (640x640)

Question: What’s the most random pic on your phone right now?


  1. says

    I’ve got a picture of a dark spot in the water on my phone. In reality it’s a manatee but you can’t really see it, I don’t want to delete the picture because I know it’s a manatee and it swam beside me while I was on my paddle board. but if you look at it you just see a dark spot…

  2. says

    I love the picture of Vegas sticking his paw under the door. Most random is probably a screenshot I took of naked Prince Harry…I needed to save it before it was taken down!

  3. says

    I currently have a picture on my phone of my sisters’s eye, haha. She thinks it’s funny to send me pics of her eye at random times.

  4. says

    My phone is always full of pictures of my neighbor’s gorgeous flower garden or my housemate’s dog. The most random photo I have is of a crazy old guy with his shirt off doing a sort of sexy dance with a bunch of rainbow scarves. I think he was trying to do the dance of the seven veils….he didn’t quite pull it off.

    That photo of Vegas’ foot instantly reminded me of Larry Craig.

  5. says

    A stinking cute lunchbox my niece got on her flight; now I wanna steal it! Pic on my blog – I just had to! It’s too cute.

  6. Emily says

    probably the 5 million half-thumb “scenery” shots i attempt to take while running. when will i learn?!

  7. says

    Most random pic on my phone right now is probably my Jack Russell wearing a monocle…

    Also, I tried Sriracha for the first time today and thought you should know. I love it and might have to go buy a bottle now….

    Have a great weekend!

  8. april says

    i love the picture of vegas attacking your foot. my dog lays down in the hallway while i’m using the restroom and even tries to nudge the door open sometimes. he has no boundaries whatsoever (but i love him anyway ;))… haha

  9. Shannon in Tustin says

    Oh Vegas! Whenever I’m away from our dog for more than about 90 seconds she comes to find me. If I happen to be using the bano, she will sit outside the door and sigh or lay down right on the bathroom rug. Can’t miss a thing, that girl! (super cute Beagle)

    Most random pic on the phone? My car being towed yesterday afternoon. Hellooooo new starter! BLAH

  10. Sarah says

    The most random picture on my phone is a picture of my feet with two different shoes on (same style, different colors). I didn’t know what color to get so I texted my friends from the store to help me :)

  11. says

    How do you do a messy bun? Mine has never come out fancy! I just tried Sriracha sauce because I see you put it on everything…and it is GLORIOUS!!!! THANK YOU!

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