I Did Something Scary!

I did something scary today!! This was part of my Propel Fit May Challenge – Face My FITNESS FEAR!

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First I started the day with a short walk and all the carbs! I couldn’t decide between AB toast, stevia/cinnamon or butta so I had all of them.

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Then, I headed off to Dana Point to tackle my fitness fear – Stand Up Paddleboarding aka SUP! Last summer when I was in Florida the group wanted to rent stand up boards and I was too scared to join. #Fail

But, it looks like so much fun! And I have seen a lot of SUP-ers when I go down to DP or LB. I did want to try it! So, I announced that I would face my fitness fear and try Stand Up Paddleboarding. I decided to take a short lesson with Steve from WestWind Sailing. All the guys who teach me stuff are named Steve I guess.

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He explained how to start, hold the paddle and get from kneeling to standing. Steve was a GREAT teacher and was so calm and confident I never had the chance to feel scared or freak out.

Looking back on it he didn’t even tell me how to get back up on the board if I fell off in deep water! He just told me what do to and what no to do.

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But I did have to wear this cool waist pack/ life saver thingy. You can pull the cord and it will inflate – isn’t that cool?!

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I started off slow, but caught on right away! As long as you don’t freak out and just chill and paddle it’s FUN!

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It was perfect because the water was calm and there weren’t a lot of boats out.

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And at the end Steve kept telling me to do yoga poses for the camera. I was scared but this is all about facing fears so I went for it with my fave pose – pigeon.

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Overall: I kinda LOVE SUP and will do it again for sure! I’m glad Propel kinda made me face this fear. Check me out in action here on instagram !


Question: What is/was your fitness fear? Did you try and conquer it?

Disclaimer: This challenge was part of my partnership with Propel Fitness Water. All opinions are mine, but seriously you should try it too.


  1. says

    My cousins do kayak and SUP rentals on the Columbia River. There are lots of boats. I think I’ll do kayak first and then SUP.

    I was afraid of wake boarding, but I did it last year. My only fear of it now is that I might get hurt and not be able to run.

  2. says

    I must try that!!! The inflatable thingy waist pack is such a smart requirement. I think it would put me a bit more at ease. (I don’t know how to swim. Well I can do the doggie paddle to stay afloat but it ain’t pretty. Lol )

    I just conquered my fear of bikes. Ankle tendonitis forced me to stop running for a bit and the weather in NYC is optimal right now so I bought a bike and reacquainted myself after not being on one in 25 years.

    Next up is swimming. (Fear of bathing suit is actually worse than fear of swimming. Lol )

  3. says

    OMG! That video was hilarious. SUP looks really fun. I would try it. As far as facing fears. I faced my fear of putting my head in the water when I was forced to swim during my foot injury. Now I swim all the time and love it.

  4. says

    I am afraid of anything with heights, anything! I cant even get on the box in crossfit! I do however, love to SUP! The next time you come to Florida, let me know and I’ll hook you up.

  5. says

    OMG how exciting! I showed Harry your video yesterday, and as I squealed with joy, “I WANNA DO THAT! THEY HAVE IT ON LAKE MICHIGAN!”, Harry frowned. Apparently I’ll be solo for THAT activity. <3 You definitely inspired me to go do it, for sure.

  6. Charlotte says

    I was terrified of zip lining because I hate heights. Last summer, I finally bit the bullet and faced my fear . I’m so glad I did, but can’t say I would repeat it.

  7. says

    I definitely want to try stand up paddle boarding, I’ve never done it and want to try! My fear is probably a marathon but hopefully I’m working up to soon!

  8. says

    i’ve so wanted to try SUP! looks like a blast, and great job facing your fear and even surprising yourself by enjoying it. i don’t know what my fitness fear is… probably starting yoga, as i’m so sure i’m going to be the woooorst (hi runner hips) and have no clue what is going on. going tonight for the first time with my best friend who is amazing…should be interesting. 😉

  9. says

    I tried SUP in Miami but was too scared for the standing part so I kneeled the whole time, guess I can call it KUP (kneeling up paddle boarding?)

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