Something You Don’t Know About Me… #30SummerDays Photo Fun

Hello! Happy Monday! Or, should I say – Sleepy Monday!? I woke up way too early for a rest day. Boo.

So, since I was up I took a nice little walk to shake out my muscles – not sore at all from yesterday’s marathon! I feel kinda bad that I’m not sore though, gotta work harder someday.

not really sure

Then, it was time for breakfast. I made a protein pancake and eggs.

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June Challenge – #30SummerDays

This month I’m teaming up with Staples for a fun photo challenge! The company sent me this Samsung NX300 – wifi enabled camera to capture some summer memories.

From June 1st to June 30th there is a list of something you can take a picture of for the photo-a-day game. Use the hashtag #30SummerDays on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and play along with me if you want! Some of the days have very cool prompts so I’m excited. I already celebrated this Friday’s idea today on accident!

The first day was: Rabbit, Rabbit! What brings you good luck?

I don’t have a good luck charm, but I have something special I do always keep with me! I’ve never talked about it on RER before…

In high school I was in a leadership class and used to help lead retreats. All the members of the class got a cross and pendant on one of our preparation retreat and it was a really spiritual time in my life. I’ve always kept that cross with me somewhere because it makes me feel good.

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And that’s why I got extra excited about the challenge – I feel like it’s going to push me share new fun stuff instead of the same-o same-o donuts pictures like always.

Not that those are bad at all… Winking smile

Here are the pictures I’ll be taking – play along and tag the pic so I can see yours too!

1 – Rabbit, Rabbit! What brings you good luck?
2 – Monday, ugh! What’s keeping you going today?
3 – Who made you smile today?
4 – Look up. What do you see?
5 – #TBT Share a photo from a past summer trip!
6 – National Doughnut Day! Snap a pic celebrating! Or, what did you have instead?! <- The one I did today. Guess I need to get donuts again Friday.
7 – Saturday! What are you up to?

8 – Time to relax before the start of the week. What does relaxing look like to you?
9 – Manic Monday! What’s giving you a case of the Mondays?
10 – Is the sun out? Snap a pic! If not, what’s it like out there?
11 – Get over the hump of the week. How were you productive today?
12 – Treat yourself, it’s almost the weekend!
13 – Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious and ducking for cover, or out and about?
14 – Flag Day! Got one flying in the warm breeze?

15 – Happy Father’s Day! Snap a pic or share one of an awesome dad!
16 – Monday motivation. What motivates you?
17 – Got a pet? Share them with the world!
18 – Stretch those legs mid-week and go outside or for a walk. Snap and share!
19 – #OOTD, what are you wearing? Got your summer clothes on?!
20 – Happy Friday! You made it! Smile and say cheese.
21 – HAPPY SUMMER! Take a picture of what summer looks like to you to celebrate!

22 – Sunday Pancakes! Do you have a Sunday breakfast routine?
23 – Got those sandals out? What’s your favorite pair?
24 – What made you happy today?
25 – Are the flowers blooming? Take a picture of your favorite!
26 – Wehew, it’s hot out there. How are you cooling down?
27 – Last Friday of the month, what are you up to?
28 – Is today a beach day? Snap a pic and make everyone jealous!

29 – Go out for a picnic! Make sure to take a picture!
30 – Last day of June, how are you sending it off?

At the end of the month Staples will give one RER readers a camera too – stay tuned!

I had an early morning errand to run today and stopped for donuts on the way back. I blame SR – she gave me a ride home from San Diego yesterday and we seriously talked about donuts for an hour! Seriously. #RunnerProblems

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Quick recap of last months best Run, Eat and Repeat!!!

Favorite RUN

OC Marathon Results and Recap because I ran most of the race with a friend and it was fun. And then I drank tequila.

oc marathon results recap post race time

Favorite EAT

French Toast Waffles.

whole grain french toast waffles (800x600)

Favorite post I’d like to REPEAT

For me it would be the Best Day of My Life post

loving the monke (279x496)

but, I think the most helpful for you guys is a tie:

Is it okay to Walk While Running?!

How To Learn From Your Race

Other RER Monthly Highlights:

April Running and Eating

good luck

Question: Do you have a good luck charm? What is it?


  1. says

    My best friend and I always say rabbit, rabbit to each other on the first day of the month! Most people have no clue what were talking about and think we’re crazy!
    I have a lucky chip from Vegas that my dad gave me for my birthday. He also gave me a scratch off lotto ticket at the same time that won $100! I carry the chip in my purse now :)

  2. says

    I’ve never been sentimental about things so much, so I don’t have a good luck charm. Lately, though, I think about my kids and husband a lot when I’m running or doing anything that’s “hard.” I love having them at finish lines of races. It makes crossing the finish line that much sweeter.

  3. says

    I don’t have a good luck charm really. But those doughnuts look AMAZING!!! That is awesome your body bounces back so fast! I guess my debit card is my good luck charm…I always keep it on me. If anything bad happens it is always there for me to help me out. That’s basically a good luck charm right? lol

  4. Rachel S. says

    When I swam in high school I used to have the red bull beany baby. He went to all of my meets with me.

  5. Joanne says

    Well… What kept me going yesterday was getting our rv out of storage. I have a broken foot so today I am paying for yesterday’s trip but..woo hoo…our rv is home. We will be getting it ready for our summer and fall adventures west.

  6. Anita H. says

    Please, you have to tell me the name of that delicious looking sushi that you don’t remember eating.

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