20 Minute Dinner and 20 Minute Workout. Boom. I just figured out life.

Hola. How’s it going? I’m headed out of town Thursday night so this is a short week for me. Then, straight from there I’m going on another blog trip – and that’s just the beginning. This month is going to be crazy.

i'm busy eating donuts

Anyway. Here is your one stop shop for a 20 minute workout and 20 minute dinner and then spend 20 minutes on instagram and life is complete!

20 minute workout

It’s really complicated so let me know if you need the steps broken down or explained.

20 minute run

Crazy, right? Then, stretch for 5 minutes because you can just use dry shampoo and save some time on your hair. #Boom

sarcastic comment

20 Minute Dinner

I am trying to spend time on the computer and not in the kitchen this week so I threw together a 20 minute dinner that would give me a lot of leftovers. Boom.

This saves cooking time and cleaning time because cooking is not sexy, it’s just messy and I don’t care what TV tells us…

cooking is not sexy

I picked up a chicken – shredded it. You can use any leftover meat or beans or whatnot you have.

WP_20140602_15_19_15_Pro (800x450)

Then, I layered corn tortillas, the meat, mushrooms and salsa. Topped with cheese and baked until melted.

WP_20140602_15_47_52_Pro (800x450)

Baked at 350 degrees until heated through.

WP_20140602_17_09_26_Pro (800x450)


WP_20140602_17_12_16_Pro (800x450)

I made mine in an 8×8 pyrex and then divided it up for leftovers.

WP_20140602_17_18_14_Pro (800x450)

See? Lazy, efficient, un-creative whatever you call it – it works for me.

Now I have to get ready because tomorrow is my 2nd favorite day of the year (after Thanksgiving) – National Running Day!

Question: What are you eating tonight?


  1. says

    I actually don’t remember. Like a spinach wrap with chicken, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes….gah, I was talking too much at dinner I forget. Ummm but I will def try your way too easy chicken enchilada kindah dish. Looks yummy! Yes tomorrow I’m waking up super super early to run for flower and #TeamJamie #NationalRunningDay which is actually every day.

  2. says

    Not sure about tonite’s din yet but I made myself go out and run…even if it’s just a measly 2 miles :( My right hip has been bothering me for the last 2 weeks.

  3. karleen says

    I LOVE those premade chickens! Use for tacos, fajitas, pastas, and the leftovers the next day on top of a salad. love the #boom:)

  4. says

    haha totally dig the use of “boom” throughout this post. nice job being creative with the simple dinner (and leftover!) recipes! i really need to start cooking more.

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