Hot Running in Florida, Again.

Hello! I made it to Florida. Not too shab.

marco island run (800x600)

Wait. I do need to give a shout out to National Donut Day. But since I celebrated hard on Monday (marathon victory lap) I had some of these fried apples from Cracker Barrel. Stolen. (Well, we paid for the meal, but I stole this from Ben.)

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This morning I woke up hungry and started the day with come cereal and iced coffee.

rice chex before run (600x800)

Then, I set off on a run. I ‘slept in’ and didn’t get out the door until 7am – big mistake. I need to try and beat the heat a little bit more. It’s about 88 degrees, feels like 94. I don’t think that’s too bad, but the humidity – I am NOT used to that in ol’ California.

morning island morning run 8 (800x600)

Thank you water fountain.

water fountan saved my life (600x800)

I ended up doing 8 miles. By the end I was a sloptopimus.

8 mile run in florida (600x800)

Then, I stumbled to 7-11 and the guy looked the other way as I made a massive iced coffee in a big gulp cup.

big gulp iced coffee (600x800)


eggs and pb after run (600x800)

And now it’s time to hit the beach. See ya in a bit!!

beach in florida (668x501)

And in previous “it’s too hot to run posts…”

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Question: Would you rather run in hot or cold?


  1. says

    I wish we had water fountains out on running routes in the UK. Although I guess we have pubs. Stopped for a lemonade in one pub today, and a cider in another. Pub crawl! :)

  2. Charlotte says

    Hot, hot, hot hands down. I’m from Canada so I experience extreme heat and bone-chilling cold. Humidity is a lot easier to take than feeling as though you can’t move your face.

  3. says

    The heat wave just started here :(; it’s about mid-30s during the day and about 31 C during the evening – not much of a respite. Definitely like running in cooler temps.

  4. Suegene says

    I prefer the cold – but was in Florida (Manasota Key) a few weeks ago. Made myself get out and get it done every other day – and like you, was completely drenched. One day followed it up with “Beach Yoga” and almost fell over on my tree pose…….awesome stuff.

  5. says

    I’d rather run in the cold! But, girl, I’m in Michigan (born in SoCal raised in the Mitt) so I just don’t do heat well. My body does seem to cool itself well…I’ll be hotter than hades and my body will be ice cold to the touch. Give me a cold day….any day!

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