Florida’s Deadliest Catch

Hello! I am having a great time in Florida so far!!

Yesterday after my run and breakfast I headed to the pool. You know I used my Big Gulp for an adult beverage. Also, Corey had a hat that matched my striped bathing suit perfectly. I was pretty excited about that.

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Today I went for another ridiculously sweaty run. Ridic.

running in florida

We started the day with the annual brunch buffet amazingness.

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I don’t mess around.

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I blame the mimosas.

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It’s been great spending relaxing time with Ben. We’ve been so busy lately we never get time like this, so it’s nice.

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The rest of the day was for relaxin’

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In the afternoon we headed to Tijuana Island, named such because there are so many crabs it’s hard not to catch one or two…

WP_20140608_16_02_02_Pro (800x450) WP_20140608_16_20_44_Pro (800x450)

We dared Jon to eat a live one, but he ended up changing his mind saying someone about not being a ‘raw foodie’.

WP_20140608_16_23_18_Pro (800x450) WP_20140608_16_24_40_Pro (800x450)

I caught one to take a picture with!!! Look at me being so brave lately Smile

WP_20140608_16_27_27_Pro (800x450)

Check my insta for a video of me catching one.

Then, it was time to really relax…

WP_20140608_16_52_34_Pro (800x450)

Trying to enjoy every single minute Smile

WP_20140608_16_58_59_Pro (450x800)

Question: What did you do this weekend?

Catch any crabs?


  1. Julie says

    No crabs, but I also had a mimosa (or two) and brunch for my birthday. My plate looked like yours…minus the fruit, so I think you did better! I did, however, run this morning and have a green smoothie for my after run meal so I think I’m OK. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!!

  2. tara says

    Looks like you are @ Marco island..i was there today…those. hermit crabs are crazy..covered the entire pathway to the beach @ tigertail beach…

  3. says

    That looks like an absolutely gorgeous, wonderful place to be. My fave thing this weekend was hitting the neighborhood pool, swimming laps in the sun, not the cave like our gym.

  4. says

    What a great looking vacation. It’s funny because for those of us who live in Florida tis the season to escape. Myself I also had a crazy overheated run this weekend and a beautiful ocean swim. But no crabs.

  5. says

    ahhhhh so amazing to be at the ocean! i was at my fam’s lakehouse all wknd and basically didn’t move off the boat except to go out on Sat night. loving this weather!

  6. says

    Yes! tell me you belly flopped! #cliffhanger. Ran a 5k and then a 4 mile trail loop. Legs were dead. Marathon training started today. Switched from Big Cottonwood to Ventura. It’s hella hot in AZ

  7. says

    Brave girl! First paddleboarding and now holding a live crab! I just biked a ton this weekend. Then went out to see a local rock band play and stayed out really late and now i’m at work falling asleep at my desk. Happy Monday!

    Enjoy your M&B relaxing time.

  8. Anne says

    We have a house down there! Let me know if you need any good “hole in the wall” recommendations for eating! Cocomo’s has fabulous lettuce wraps and the ice cream/candy store right by it is hard to pass up! Enjoy :)

  9. says

    I ran the Indy Women’s Half Marathon here in Indianapolis. I was slower than I wanted to be but it was my 14th half of the year so far and I’m a little tired.

  10. says

    This weekend we were pretty boring. It was raining here so we watched a lot of movies and I cleaned and organized the house as well as completed a few sewing projects! Florida looks like tons of fun! I bet that run was sweaty, so humid there! I lived in VA for a while and couldn’t stand the humidity during runs, it always felt like it was compressing my chest, gross! Is it very humid in CA? I’ve never been

  11. Ella says

    That is exactly what my breakfast/brunch plates look like when I’m out. I was at a lunchtime baby shower last weekend and I kept refilling my plate (yo, it’s like with lots of salad and fruit too!) and I felt self-conscious for a minute, and then I decided to own it. And got 2 rounds of desert. They were small! I don’t know how some people subsist on such little food!

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