Is Owning a Manatee Legal

Hello! I am still run,eat,repeating from Florida!! And it’s great.

Last night’s sunset was magical.

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And last night’s dessert was even more magical – hello ice cream party!

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Ignore my greasy phone, I’m obviously taking pics with the fancy cam…

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This morning I woke up before the sun because we had reservations to rent a boat. So, I got in an easy 6 miler and then headed in to get ready.

I have a little Motivation Monday for ya too…

motivation monday to workout

We’re on Marco Island, FL and rented a pontoon boat from a local place. Easy peasy.


The beaches here are so much less crowded than in Southern California, this is a revelation to me! But, we found an tiny island that was just us and the birds – talk about secluded!!

WP_20140609_08_53_26_Pro (800x450) WP_20140609_09_03_38_Pro (800x450) WP_20140609_09_05_16_Pro (800x450)

The rest of the group was fishing and looking for shells. But I, well I had to act like a weirdo because that’s my hobby…

WP_20140609_09_08_16_Pro (800x450) WP_20140609_09_15_05_Pro (800x450)

Slathered in spf. Thank you spray tan. And instagram filters.

(I think I’m looking for a manatee in the ocean here??)

WP_20140609_09_16_43_Pro (800x450)

Then, we rode the waves to another secret spot…

I could get used to this…

WP_20140609_10_18_28_Pro (450x800) WP_20140609_10_34_01_Pro (800x450) WP_20140609_10_34_20_Pro (800x450) WP_20140609_11_30_29_Pro (800x450)

Even though I was loving the beach I am NOT made to be in the sun that long (read: I’ll turn into a giant freckle). So, I was more than ready to go after a few hours.

And the timing was perfection because on the way back we saw manatees hanging around!!! Of course we stopped the boat to say hello. I love them.

WP_20140609_12_22_44_Pro (800x450)

Ben told me I can have a manatee if I move to Florida!! Hmmmm.

WP_20140609_12_26_33_Pro (800x450)

Anti-climactic lunch after all that fun..

WP_20140609_13_44_16_Pro (800x450)

Now I’m relaxing from the patio talking to you nice people Smile

Hope your Monday has been amazing!!

Question: Do you have a boat?

Can I ride on it?


  1. says

    Ohmygosh, I’d be so excited if I saw a manatee! <3 What a gorgeous time! I've only been to Florida once, when I was a kiddo. I do remember the beaches being absolutely wonderful.

    I do not have a boat, but if I did, you could totes ride on it. :)

  2. says

    I wish we hadn’t sold our boat. This will be our second summer without it. We live 5 minutes from the river and it taunts me everyday.

    I love being in the sun and on the boat. We will be renting this summer.

  3. Katie D. says

    My husband and I adopted a manatee! Her name is Loreli and she lives at the Wildlife Park in Homosassa Springs!

  4. Charlotte says

    Sailors used to think manatees were mermaids. They must have been drunken sailors because I ain’t seeing that comparison.

  5. Melissa S. says

    An ex-boyfriend and I vacationed in Marco Island at his grandmas condo over 15 yrs ago. We met up with some friends and rented a pontoon boat. We saw tons of manatees and also hung out on a few islands, fished, etc. My favorite part was the dolphins swimming next to our boat. It is soooo beautiful down there!! I am super jealous of you :)

  6. Lea J. says

    In March we took a cruise and made a stop at Port Canaveral. We took a manatee kayak excursion and ended up in a cove with literally hundreds of manatees that would come right up and say hi. It made my life.

  7. says

    haha this is so cute! yes i have a boat (well my parents do upstate, no room for a boat in NYC) and kayaks and i’m totally the happiest when on the water.

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