What Size is Normal? Miss Indiana’s Bikini Rally

Hello! I took a walk this afternoon and saw something about the only ‘normal’ bikini body at the Miss USA pageant on my newsfeed. This so-called normal girl is Miss Indiana Mekayla Diehl.

ms america bikini


I love that people really rallied around her on twitter and praised her ‘not super skinny’ body! One of the arguments against having more ‘normal sized’ models is that it’s not what people want to see. Hey, if people on twitter are raving about a curvier girl – maybe it is what we want to see!!

I LOVE that she OWNS it and is proud. She should be!! She is GORGEOUS.



I do think we should remember Diehl is a size 2 and HOT HOT HOT! Hello. If that’s normal, God Bless it.

The devil’s advocate might say… “Sure, it’s easy to own it when you are that beautiful.”

But, as a lifestyle blogger who feels pressure to look a certain way, I can’t imagine the pressure she had to be perfect. I just want to tell her “Thank you” for what exactly, I’m not sure. But I appreciate… um, her?

I’m pretty sure she still busted her ass to look that amazing. It takes a lot of work. And I know some girls are just thinner than others – so some of the other contestants may not have had to starve for this craft, but some did. And that’s kinda part of the competition – looking great in a bikini.

But, you can look GREAT with curves or different sized boobs (ideally not different sized from each other, but different from the girl next to you) or big hair or a six pack or a little jiggle or whatever. Let’s be more accepting of what “looking great in a bathing suit” means.

And now we can go back to our regularly scheduled programing of awkward Monican pictures Winking smile

Question: What do you think? Is there a ‘normal’ body type?


  1. Stephanie says

    I have to say these type of comments (in regards to Miss Indiana) pisses me off! We as a society need to stop the fat talk and start the healthy talk. Miss Indiana looks great! I can only dream that as I work on becoming healthy & fit that I can have the definition she has in this picture.

    I have no children, but my friends kids are already saying they are fat. They are not even 13. We are teaching them this mentality and we need to stop. It isn’t about being “skinny,” but being healthy. Sorry… I will step off my soap box now.

    • richy says

      You’re comparing apples to oranges. In no way, shape, or form should a 12 year old’s physique be compared to that of a beauty pageant contestant.
      Yes, you’re right , the body-shame that most young women experience is a problem… as is childhood obesity. However, those things don’t really relate to this story.
      Mekayla Diehl entered a beauty pageant. By definition, contestants in beauty pageants are judged based on their physical appearances. Then she (and the whole world of social media) suddenly screamed fowl when she was judged on her physical appearance. It’s silly. What if some super-skinny guy with no muscle definition joined the Mr. Olympia contest (professional bodybuilding) and then complained that he didn’t win because he was too skinny? It would be ridiculously silly right? Well so is this….
      Don’t get me wrong… I think Miss Diehl is gorgeous, but at the same time, I don’t have any sympathy for her. When she joined the pageant she was well aware of the expectations. All of the other girls starved themselves because they knew that was what they had to do to win. That’s what is expected of a beauty contest participant. If Miss Diehl doesn’t like that, she doesn’t have to participate. She can go to school and work hard to become a doctor or lawyer or chef… or any other field that doesn’t objectify women and force them to maintain a specific figure. (with that being said, i think she’s smoking hot and i love the fact that her body has a nice natural bounce)

      • says

        You are exactly right – she joined the celebrity lifestyle…she’s going to be picked apart. AND…she’s still very fit and thin. Not skinny, but healthy and thinner than most women.

  2. says

    Nope. There’s definitely no “normal” body size. Obviously she looks amazing and I’m happy that she’s promoting a healthier way of eating/living, but I don’t like that the media is using the word normal.

  3. says

    I love that Miss Indiana embraced her body and wasn’t a stick! But isn’t the average American woman an 8? Obviously that’s not right for everyone (like a 5’4″ shorty like me), but a size 2 isn’t necessarily “normal” either. She’s still a gorgeous model. Normal would be a girl with some jiggle or some love handles struttin out there.. I would be interested to see America’s reaction then!

    • AC says

      Average US size is actually a size 12, a far cry from a size 2. Glad she is proud of her size but to your point, America still needs a look at what reality is in womens sizing.

    • says

      And some cellulite…don’t forget the jiggles and the cellulite :) I’m 5’2″ and a size 2 would be tiny on even me. Tall girl’s size 2 is even thinner.

  4. says

    Nope, no one size fits all. I hate it when people comment about girls should be “normal” and have their thighs touch and not diet blah blah blah and give me the accusing look coz mine don’t. :(
    I’m naturally thin and have never had thighs that touch.

  5. says

    There is no normal. There is unhealthy. That would be when you are so heavy or so thin that your organs are being compromised and your health is at risk. And size 2 used to be the smallest size before some “genius” came out with size 0. She looks great.
    I try to be accepting of my figure but it drives me insane that it more reminiscent of a California raisin. Gah!!!

  6. says

    I don’t think there is any normal body type. Even if you calculate an average size in America that doesn’t make it the normal size, especially considering that much of what affects that average comes from a population who are life threateningly unhealthy. While I’m sure all those girls worked hard for their bodies they are still all on the smaller side of American women. But to be honest that’s what I expect from a Miss America contest, there is a largely superficial side to that sort of thing.

  7. says

    There’s definitely no “normal” body size – we’re all shaped differently so there can’t be a common denominator. But what I LOVE about this is that she looks HEALTHY, which is what is the MOST important!

  8. says

    I think it depends on what you’d constitute as “normal”. Is she the size of the average American woman? No. Is she closer to the size of the average American woman than other contestants and healthy looking? Yes, which is a great step in and of itself. Now if only we could get people of all different shapes and sizes to be represented we would really be getting somewhere.

  9. says

    Each of us has been created uniquely and is beautiful in our own skin and body. I think we all know what is “normal” for ourselves (whether based on look or feel), but what my “normal” is not what the Monican’s normal is or anyone else’s normal :-)

  10. says

    I firmly believe that there isn’t a single “normal” size. We can and should all just focus on being our healthiest self, and not on looking like someone else or looking the way someone else thinks we should.

  11. annie says

    I’m a long time reader and found a part of this post really sad and depressing. It shows and total lack of thought that I have been seeing come from RER a lot more lately. Having a very close family member with a single mastectomy and friends with different sized boobs I think your little side bracket was snippy and totally unaccepting. A complete contradiction to what you’ve said in the article. I’m sure this will go to a moderation link and never be published but think before you write such meaningless attempts at being “funny”.

    • says

      Hey Annie – comment not deleted, but you’re right. I didn’t even think about that when I posed my bracket – it was in reference to myself having different sized boobs. Just trying to poke fun at a serious topic, I meant no harm. I appreciate you pointing it out in an adult way. Thanks for the feedback, seriously :)
      – Monican

  12. says

    she’s gorgeoussss and looks incredible. i have no idea what a “normal” sized girl looks like — our bodies are all so different, and “fit and healthy” for one person can look entirely different than it does for another. until we appreciate each other in this way and champion one another for being our own kind of beautiful, we miss the whole point of what it means to be healthy, and happy, and unique.

  13. Sarah says

    I think the more important question is: Why is she carrying a plastic bag?! Is that the new must-have beach accessory? I have to know!

  14. says

    That comic is exactly why I don’t hardly ever get in swimsuits. I can’t handle the stress. I’m the one who will just stick my feet in the water. Thanks anyways. :)

    Are we really in a world that size 2 is the ‘normal’ size & people are cheering for? Wow…

    • says

      I’m with you! I went swimsuit shopping just today – and felt terrible. I thought I was looking good since I lost some weight – but nope…still look gross in a swimsuit. Of course – I see all sorts of people wearing tiny things with big things poking out…can’t figure out why I worry so much!

      I went with a tankini and a swim skirt…oh well.

  15. says

    I’m actually really conflicted about this. I like that she is embracing what people are saying about her but that’s just it- why do we always feel the need to talk about women’s bodies? And if size 2 is “normal” I am living under a rock! ha!

  16. says

    It’s so hard (and really unfair) to judge “healthy” based off of someones pant size. Healthy is a lifestyle, and is NOT always dependent on how you look in a swimsuit. Because to me, I’m most impressed with people who equate health with balance. To me, THAT is healthy.

    I agree, she looks GREAT, and it is SO refreshing to see someone who is obviously fit, takes care of herself, but isn’t going to starve herself with just grilled chicken and broccoli for a beauty pageant.

  17. Nicole says

    I think it’s really a self-perpetuating issue – women post pictures of themselves in their most flattering poses, sucking it in, photoshopping their appearance and then everyone else looks at themselves and wonders if they’re not good enough either. It’s really sad, to be honest and I wish everyone would just be kinder to themselves and to others. The fact that people aren’t confident with their perfectly normal and beautiful bodies and that so many felt the need to discuss Miss Indiana in the first place is the problem. I think beauty/confidence is one of those things that is contagious.. when people are at peace and happy with their bodies, then others are as well. Example: if you see a woman with a body similar to yours who is uncomfortable with their appearance, then you might start questioning yourself too. It’s why girls who grow up with insecure mothers often grow up with the same insecurities.

  18. says

    I am from Indiana and am SO PROUD OF HER!!!! That makes me so happy that people are rallying around her!!! LIKE IT SHOULD BE!!! If someone is naturally skinny that is great too! But to focus on looking skinny when your body is meant to look curvier is healthier for those that are meant to be curvier! I’m so glad she really focused on being the best HER!

  19. Luna says

    normal…what it normal??Obsession, fashion, trends of the era we’re living in (…think how much “standards” and “normal” has shifted over the year; think how much it shifts over different cultures as well!). “normal” is( trying to )be healthy, strong, and happy. :)

  20. Luna says

    *what is* normal . sorry.
    Oh, and by the way. It’s not even fair to juxtapose “normal” (as in size 2 or more) to “not normal” (as in skinnier, taller, …) ; some girls are, in fact, “real” that way (skinny and tall); the point is, why there even exists beauty pageants. Just sayin’. :) And, last, she looks indeed fabulous, as you do, and as all the other finalists do.

  21. says

    Miss Mekayla is beautiful and sexy! Normal body is healthy body. Regardless of body shapes we should start educating our young ones about proper body image. I travel a lot a see different cultures with their own beauty standards. I’ve known thin young ladies who see themselves ugly because of their culture said so (she is naturally thin, eats all she wants, doesn’t gain weight). Meanwhile, we despise the idea of fat which leads us (or should I say the media) to discriminating big size ladies.

    Whether you are thin or big, the goal is to be healthy. Get the right perspective. Teach our kids about eating healthy. Remind them that beauty comes in different sizes.

  22. says

    I agree…with everyone here. It’s so crazy to think that 2 is normal – or curvy. But, I really do hope that we are moving that direction. I just strive to be healthier and not overeat.

    Good luck on everyone’s quest – what ever that might be!

  23. says

    I think the most important is what you feel? Are you healthy enough? I believe there is no normal size. Normal size vary person to person. The best size is what you actually deserve.

  24. says

    There is a “rough” gauge of healthy/unhealthy body from a general perspective, but we can’t tell if someone is healthy or not unless they’ve gotten a clean bill following a medical check up.

    We’ll have to do our best to teach our loved ones and people around us that healthy is more important than “fat”, but it’s easier said than done =(

    I’ve two sisters and at least 20% of their sentences will include some sort of variation that they’re fat/overweight, and it’s such a shame that that’s their pre-occupation.

    But it’s a bigger shame that I don’t know how to respond to it =((

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