Walk in Golden Gate Park

Hello from San Francisco! I skipped southern CA and found myself going from FL to NorCal last night.

I decided to start the day with a walk in Golden Gate Park. No run today since I did 10 yesterday and am due for a rest day.

walk in golden gate park (600x800)

Every time I come to San Francisco I head straight to the Golden Gate Bridge. But since I wasn’t running I decided to explore a new area this morning! Luckily, we’re staying super close to GG Park!

\walk in golden gate park 2 (800x600)

\golden gate park map (600x800)


walk in golden gate park 3 (600x800)

I walked about 3.5 miles with my brain movies. It was nice Smile 


san francisco houses (800x600)

Then, I came back to the fun StitchFix house and made breakfast.

breakfast at the stitchfix house (800x600)

Coffee. I still need some Blue Bottle though!!

central coffee (600x800)

And in a perfect start to the trip – we had a yoga in the park session! Between all my running and traveling my hips needed this so bad. They don’t lie.

yoga in the park (800x600)

A dog crashed our party!

yoga with a dog (800x600)


yoga in the park 2 (800x600)

Feets in the sun.

yoga in the park 3 (800x600)

My peep Julie from PB Fingers is here. Love her blue tank.

hanging with peanut butter fingers (600x800)

The rest of the trip is kind of a mystery so we’ll see what happens next!

Question: When was the last time you did yoga?


  1. says

    SF was on our before we move from CA visit list. I can only stand traffic and big cities for a little while.

    The architecture was amazing. Probably my favorite part.

    A mystery trip sounds like fun.

  2. says

    San Francisco is one of my favorite cities to run in, but the hills always kill me. I wish I could do my long runs there every week (I’m from San Jose).

    I need to incorporate yoga, but never can seem to find the time. Or maybe I just don’t want to do it bad enough? I’m so not flexible and I know with all the running I’m even more tight than I should be.

  3. says

    Is walking considered a rest day? I was just having this conversation with my coworker and we couldn’t decide. When I walk, I walk 9-10 miles and I’m power walking i.e. counting runners as I pass them.

  4. says

    I LOVE yoga in the park! In fact, I just did some yoga in the park in SF just a couple weekends ago. I loved the view of the city while in dogward dog! :) Hope you having fun exploring!

  5. says

    Just yesterday evening after work! I went for a Relaxed Yoga class and it was good to unwind with something easy after work.

  6. says

    I used to live in San Francisco and MISS IT SO MUCH! Beautiful city, don’t you think? I used to go to Bikram Yoga Nob Hill on Polk Street. It was actually my first attempt at yoga and have been in love ever since! I’ve recently moved to Melbourne, Australia and found a delightful studio here to practice at, been going 2-3 times per week. It really helps strengthen and stretch what running does to the body!

  7. Eva says

    My friend works at Stich Fix and I see her in one of the pictures. Nice blog. I just started running and I love it.

  8. says

    Last time I did an actual yoga class was hot yoga about 2 years ago. Runner’s World Magazine always has a page of 3-6 yoga moves and stretches, and I tear out that page every month and do the moves. Plus I’ve incorporated a few other moves into my normal stretching routine. But you’re right, the hips don’t lie and need those types of workouts and stretches!

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