5 Things That Made Life Awesome This Week

Hello! I’m still in San Francisco. But it’s almost midnight and I’m exhausted from everything. Every.thing. Between getting here from FL and not being home for a week and all the events we had in SF – I need to sleep.

new stitchfix friends (800x600)

But, I also need to tell you about the 5 things that made my life awesome this week! It’s important!! I wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing I didn’t share these gems… (and/or I’m all hopped up on adrenaline and white wine, either way).

5 Things Making Life Awesome This Week:

1. Running while traveling. Travel through life on foot – It’s the best way to see a place.

I started my day with 7 miles for a good photo opp. Too bad I had to ruin it with my running pose…

running in a new place (600x800) the golden gate bridge (800x600)

2. Two words – Dry Bar.

I had my first Dry Bar experience today and it was eye opening. Have you done this yet? Someone washes, dries and styles your hair while you watch Mean Girls (at least that what was on when I was there). Yes.

dry bar love (800x600)


feeling fancy but youre not (600x800)

The wind was trying to kill it here, but I managed to keep it together for an hour.

my first blow dry (600x800)

And because the movie is in my head…

wed we wear pink she doesnt go here glen coco rocks

3. Travel size hummus and watermelon Hint water. Yes and yes.

sabra for life (600x800) hint watermelon water (600x800)


Actually, all the snacks at the StitchFix office made my day! Um, Sriracha.

sriracha and diet dp (600x800)

4. Fitbit in a cute color! I am loving the heck out of my new red Fitbit. I’ve had more than one model in the past, but never a colored one!

5. Cupcakes with a runner or running shoes on them. Whoever made these knows their audience. Me.

runner cupcake (600x800) love the cupcakes (600x800)

Which would you pick? Runner or Running Shoe?

runner cupcakes (800x600)

(Both is totally an option.)

Question: What is one of your favorite things this week?


  1. says

    I LOVE DryBar and DreamDry in NYC! I used to go anytime before big events and miss it here in Geneva where the concept definitely DOES NOT exist.

    Glad you guys had fun!

  2. says

    My friend worked at dry bar here in NYC. I figured with my kinky curls they would have a hard time and then I would walk outside in the humidity and that would be that so I haven’t gone.

    Love the way your hair turned out. And those cupcakes!!! I would go with the runner stick figure.

    My favorite thing this week is this fiber one cinnamon raisin bread I bought. I have it every morning with peanut butter. Delish.

  3. says

    Those cupcakes are so adorable! My favorite thing(s) this week is long walks and splash parks. Nothing better in this heat then going for a great 3 mile walk and then taking the kiddo to the splash park so he can play and I can cool down!!

  4. Kristin says

    My favorite things this week (and last week) are the sun coming up at 5:45 a.m. and listening to Harry Potter audiobooks on my runs. Even though I’ve read each one at least three times already, they’re still my favorite :)

  5. says

    Gorgeous ‘do! I would love to visit San Francisco. Unfortunately, my only look into SF is watching copious amounts of “Full House” as a kid. Does everyone ride around in a red convertible?

    My favorite thing this week would be my perfect pineapple I purchased on Sunday. I have one more slice left to polish it off, but I did a very good job of picking out my fruit this week. Win!

  6. says

    The runner is cute, but that Tiffany blue gets me every time! I need a “Dry Bar” in my life ASAP, that sounds amazing!! Perfect for events and whatnot, if you are too lazy or uncoordinated (as I am) to do my own hair :)

  7. says

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  8. says

    I actually just got a Fitbit! Its my first one! And it is my first piece like it. I am so excited about using. There is a dry bar in my town, but I had never heard of it before. I may have to try it out!

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