I’m Not a Model But I Might Be Coyote Food

Hello! I’m just barely catching up on things and want to share a tiny bit more fun from my StitchFix Luna Vacation in San Francisco before I move on with life.

red or white wine

Before the trip we were given an agenda, but it was vague. The ladies who planned the trip had a lot of surprises for us!

After the tour of the warehouse we had lunch back at the SF offices where we found out we would be having our hair and make-up done. Then, we were going to work with Stitch Fix stylists to put together a few outfits for a fancy photo-shoot!

stitchfix closet

We had our hair done at Dry Bar. I mentioned this on Friday – this place ROCKS. Loved it.

dry bar love (800x600)

Then, it was time for make-up. I went with a smoky eye since I’ve actually haven’t done this look in a long time. I’m kinda addicted to a lot of eyeliner and no eye shadow these days.

getting makeup done at stitchfix (600x800) eating bird food stitchfix (600x800)

Picture time! Go Julie!!

pb fingers photo shoot

I picked out my first outfit, but didn’t love it. So I enlisted the help of StitchFix stylist Alexandra (who is my new favorite) and she found me this body hugging dress.

runeatrepeat monica 2 (600x800)

I changed into a more casual look for my next look. It was a pair of skinny jeans and a floral sleeveless top.

I’m really trying to break into the model scene with my signature Running Pose – I’m thinking about naming it the Monican and copyrighting that ish.

runeatrepeat monica is ridiculous. (600x800)


stitchfix luna vacation group shot (800x600)


We ended the night with a delicious dinner at Central Kitchen – a place known for farm to table. They work with the local ingredients to create the menu and the chef came out and talked to us a bit.

central kitchen (600x800) central kitchen wine (600x800)

Then, I stayed up way way too late, again. The next morning I woke up at 5am (before my alarm?) to run. I wanted to run across the Golden Gate Bridge before I flew back home. It’s kinda my thing.


what if everybody ran (600x800)

Unfortunately, no one else was able to run with me so this was some quality solo time. I headed to the bridge, but since I was coming from a new-to-me direction asked a fellow runner guy to be sure I was going the right way.

going across golden gate bridge (600x800)

The way I went was a lot more hilly than going along the water. Boo. But, it got me there.

view from before bridge (800x600)

My plan was almost foiled when I realized the trail was closed!!! There is another way around so I was fine and saw the bridge in the distance.

golden gate bridge trail closed (800x600) golden gate bridge walk (800x600)

It was pretty quiet on the path, but I was lucky to come across someone walking and got a picture.

running across gg bridge scenic photo op (600x800)

Then, I headed straight for it to do a quick run across and back.

walking or running across golden gate bridge (600x800)

This is from the other side…

on the other side of golden gate bridge (800x600) on the bridge (600x800)

Check out my instagram for a video of running across the bridge.

golden gate bridge morning (800x600)

Between the detour and stopping for so many pictures I knew I’d have to call an Uber car to get back to the house in time. I was in a random place so the Uber was a 15 minute wait. As I was waiting a lady stopped her car in front of me and pointed to a dog playing in the field…

8 miles san francisco (600x800)

“Isn’t that a coyote?! It is! It’s a coyote right there.”

coyote doesnt care (800x600)

Well crap.

I saw it but thought it was someone’s dog and ignored it to check Instagram. It was pretty close to me so I backed off some to get some distance. Luckily the Uber guy came a few minutes later.

Then, when I got back to the house I was locked out for a few minutes (long story). And finally when I called the Uber to the airport the first car cancelled?!

Finally I made it safe and sound. It is such a relief to get to your gate at the airport when you think you’re going to miss your flight!!

iced coffee and going home (600x800)

Question: Have you ever missed a flight?

Have you run across the Golden Gate Bridge?


  1. says

    Luckily I’ve never missed a flight before. I’ve never run across Golden Gate Bridge either. Or I don’t think, any bridge!
    Love that you had a proper fashion photoshoot with Stitch Fix! How fun! :-)

  2. says

    Sounds like a crazy adventure! Never missed a flight personally but I’ve definitely been close to it and you’re totally right that there is no bigger feeling of relief than when you make it to the gate with a couple minutes to spare, or no time to spare and you are finally sitting in your seat!

  3. says

    I got to run across the Golden Gate Bridge last July when vacationing. My friends sister lives in Sausalito. So we ran together. And I am signed up to run the San Francisco marathon on 7/27 so I’ll be running over it again.

    I have missed connecting flights a few times. There was this one time back in 1997 my hubby (boyfriend at the time) and I were so late that we had to run to the gate. They (baggage check people) had called them to say we were coming. We literally boarded last and were told to just sit anywhere and buckle up. And as soon as we clicked our seatbelts we started to taxi for take off. The best was our luggage was the first off the plane since it was last on. So it worked out. And we laughed about it. All because he forgot his contact lenses and we had to go home and get them after being en route to the airport.

  4. Amanda S says

    I ran across the bridge back in December when I was there for a long weekend. I had originally planned an out and back like that, but I have total runner adhd when it comes to running the same course. Instead I took a ferry from Pier 39 to Sausalito and ran back from there.

  5. Pamela says

    I just realized who you look like! I am obsessed with the show, Orange is the New Black, and you look like one of the actresses-the one with red hair. Her name is Natasha Lyonne-http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005169/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t5
    in case you want to see.
    I can not believe how much you look like her; definite Doppelganger. If you have not watched the show, I highly recommend it. It is addicting!

  6. says

    I’ve never run across the Golden Gate Bridge though I have ran across some pretty gnarly ones here in Florida.

    Flights, however, I’ve missed many, story of my life…

  7. says

    I’ve never been to San Francisco but would love to one day (I live in Scotland).
    As for a flight, I’ve never missed one, but had a pretty close call on my way home from Paris in April. Our flight was late and we had about 27 minutes to make our connection, in another building and through a security check. We were told we would have to run, but we had just run the Paris marathon the day before! Funnily enough my legs did ok, but I really thought I might have a heart attack or need oxygen by the time we reached the gate. I was a kinda sweaty, red-faced mess as I got on board, but at least I made it!

  8. says

    My cali tour takes me to SF in july. Gonna run it then. Can’t wait. Don’t forget… if the coyote comes up to you, just roll up in a ball and don’t move… Wait I think that’s only for bears. Oh, and one of your pics spurred on an “Ask a Monican”… doing it now.

  9. says

    Being from the Mitten I have to say that I am fond of the Mighty Mack (Mackinac Bridge) which you can see here….. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fb/Straits_of_Mackinac_Panorama.jpg

    Because of the fierce winds they do not keep the bridge open to walkers/runners all the time. There is one day a year they open it for a walking/running event. I white knuckle it every time I go over it!


  10. Melissa Herrell says

    LOVE the jeans and heels pis…I agree with the others you look amazing! I did get to run the bridge last summer on a vacay trip, It was super windy! It was during the America’s Cup Races so tons of boats to look at while crossing. Anyhoo…love your blog. You inspire me daily!

  11. Jozypozy says

    We did the Golden Gate Bridge run the day before you. Looks like you picked the perfect time to do it…ours was windy cold and busy with tourist but ultimately a check mark off the must do list!

  12. says

    What a fun trip! I’ve never missed a flight or run across the Golden Gate Bridge, but I have seen a coyote on a run before! It was in the dark, at 5 am. I thought the same thing – someone’s dog got loose. And then I got closer, and could see it under the street light. Quickly realized it was not a dog and sprinted the other direction toward home hoping it wouldn’t come running after me!!

  13. Shari says

    Love the skinny jeans. I got my first “fix” from Stitch Fix a couple of months ago. Loved all of it, bu couldn’t keep it all. Kept the skinny jeans and a sweater. The others went back due to my budget. Next fix is due before I take the July California Bar Exam. Looking forward to something fun before 3 days of exams.

  14. says

    Haha, I run across the GGB all the time when I’m training for a race. They did a whole bunch of improvements to the park up there, and the trails are a mess! I always forget which way is “up” and I’ve been running around there for 2 years. But I’ve never seen a coyote in SF! What is up with that …

  15. says

    Neither to both (knock on wood about the missing the flight one) but Uber is such a lifesaver! Have you noticed that the cars are red white and blue soccer balls on the app now for the World Cup? Love it!

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