What I’m Going To Eat All Week–Lazy Meal Planning

Hello! How’d your day go??

Since I was MIA from the real world last week I spent all day clearing my electronic mail box. If you sent me an email I’m working on getting back to ya by end of week.

If this was your email the answer is… kinda.

I didn’t get to meal plan like I wanted but I still needed food so I headed to Costco for the goods. You can check my usual Costco Grocery List here

coleslaw and turkey meatballs all week (800x600)

I didn’t partake in Meatless Monday today because I’m lazy and just wanted the fasted thing I could get home and heat. So I grabbed a salad kit and chicken meatballs – did the trick. Plus there is a week’s worth of leftovers since it’s Costco hello.

costco head to toe

I also picked up some raspberries and nuts that I promptly drowned in that new cocoa syrup I love. (Giveaway coming soon!)

raspberries and cocoa syrup (800x600)

Speaking of nuts, this made my day.

It’s a brief warning. Seriously??!?!! HA!

Question: What did you have for dinner?


  1. says

    Got home late last night and was too tired to do much except make myself a PB sandwich. So it was a sandwich, a glass of soy milk and a handful of roasted cashew nuts.

  2. says

    Hehe!! I actually meal-prepped in the morning yesterday (sooo NOT typical) and made a lightened up pasta salad: whole wheat pasta with chickpeas, baby tomatoes, pulled chicken, and a sprinkle of feta in a dijon vinaigrette!

  3. says

    Stopped at Publix (grocery store) for a roast beef wrap Sunday and Culvers (fast food, but GREAT custard) for dinner Monday. I’m heading out of town and can’t justify a real grocery-store trip because I don’t want to waste any food. Thankfully I keep lunch food at work.

  4. says

    Like you, I do half of my grocery shopping at TJs/other “regular” grocery stores, and the other half at Costco. I keep two grocery lists on my refrigerator, one for Costco and one for the regular store. It definitely helps keep me organized!

  5. Stephanie says

    I love Toothpaste for Dinner anyway, but I don’t remember ever seeing that one. That is excellent.

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