The Fanciest McDonald’s Of Your Life

Hello and Happy whatever-day-it-is Day!! I’m on weekend mode and it’s all the same to me.

Yesterday I was about to start getting ready to go out when I got a knock on the door – my Stitchfix delivery came just in time! I can’t make this up – I tried on this black dress and decided to wear it for dinner.

stitchfix dress for dinner (600x800)

Since I had a dress on and everything I decided to hit up the fancy McDonald’s in Orange County for dinner. Seriously. I can’t get over this super swanky McD’s. Unfortunately, I forgot to make reservations so I was turned away at the door.


fancy mcdonalds (800x600)

Plan B was Zov’s and I got wine to drown my sorrows.

white wine (600x800)

The dip on the right is ‘walnut caviar’ and it’s amazing.

walnut caviar (800x600)

It’s a Mediterranean place so I had to try the lentil soup.

lentil soup (800x600) salmon always (600x800)

I picked up dessert on the way home because no one wanted Zov’s. I kinda did want a chocolate martini, but passed on it last minute. Next time.

dessert (600x800)

This morning I busted out 17.

17 mile run (600x800)

Then, I relaxed in my new ProCompression socks with some iced coffee and FOOD.

relax after long run (600x800)

And my excitement for the weekend, doesn’t end at chocolate cupcakes…

I went on a sail boat!! It was super last minute and random. Right, who just goes on a sail boat?!  I just had to be a passenger and not do any work, so it was a breeze.

try sailing (800x600) newport harbor (800x600) sail time (600x800)

I’m totally a sailor now. It’s official.

im a sailer (800x600) sailors swear like me

Question: Does your area have fancy McDonald’s?
Have you ever been on a sail boat?


  1. says

    No fancy Mickey D’s near me but when I was in Europe, we saw quite a few super awesome ones. Old train stations converted into one and probably the most swank one ever was in Italy – complete with white marble entryway and carved statues inside!

  2. Claudia says

    I had the opportunity to sail in San Francisco Bay many years ago and it was awesome! Looks like you had a spectacular day for it :o)

  3. says

    No fancy McD’s here in Australia but we do have weird things like a lamb burger that has beets and a fried egg on it! I do love going to them in other countries just to see what’s on the menu (ireland at Xmas had a mince meat pie instead of apple!!)
    I’ve been on a sailboat in Hawaii and it was so cool! Windy so we didn’t stay out long. I swear I thought we were going to tip right over but it was cool for the moment!!

  4. says

    Boats n’ hoes…boats n’ hoes. If anyone gets the opportunity to go to Paris, the mickie d’s on the Champs Elysees is pretty awesome. I know the audience is mostly women here, but in the dudes bathroom you actually “go” #1 on a wall which then triggers water to fall from the ceiling to wash/flush it down. Also a quarter pounder with cheese is really called a Royale with cheese there – that’s a “Coming to America” reference for you youngins.

    • says

      I have been to that McDonalds! Didn’t know that about the men’s restroom but you know…I’m okay with second hand knowledge there…

      and I totally got the reference! Guess I’m old. ha.

    • Tara says

      Actually, I believe that’ Royale with Cheese’ is a reference from Pulp Fiction……

      My friends family has a sailboat-when we were younger, her father would take us out on it (Boston Harbor). Its was not a big sailboat, but we sailed!!!

  5. says

    I know it’s not cool to say this, but I love McDonald’s! There’s no fancy one near me though.

    I learned to sail at summer camp on tiny little sail boats, but probably haven’t been on one since! Looks like fun!

    That ecard cracks me up!!

  6. Amanda says

    Next time you come to San Diego check out the mcdonalds in the del mar highlands. It’s even fancier!

  7. says

    My husband lived on a sailboat before we were married, and it was a lot of fun. You don’t necessarily get anywhere fast, but it’s a pretty relaxing ride, and we have a lot of islands to see up here in the Pacific Northwest! When I lived in San Diego I won a free trip on a big sailboat, catamaran thing and it was really fun also! Life is great on the water!

  8. says

    So where I live doesn’t have a fancy McDonald’s, but Somerset, Ky.–this small little ol’ rural town–has a swanky McD’s. It has chandeliers and fancy bathrooms. When I was young, Somerset was on our route to the beach and we always hit it up. And I always told my parents I thought it was cool. So that means it’s definitely cool.

    • Stephanie says

      Too funny! I was visiting New Mexico, and we took a roadtrip that required a pass through El Paso, Texas. We stopped into a McD’s for a bathroom break and it was SUPER fancy. Same thing – chandeliers and the whole nine. I couldn’t believe it, because the only ones I’ve ever seen were formica.

  9. Shannon from OakBrook says

    So, I grew up down the street from the McDonalds corporate headquarters. Which means that the three McDonalds near my parents’ house are insanely nice! They always have experimental menus and one has a full coffee/espresso bar!

  10. Jen says

    I love the dress. No fancy mcdonalds near me . Did u really need reservations? Compression socks when do u wear them during or after running?

  11. says

    Go Monica, cute dress! I had a cupcake yesterday too with my toddler! so today I got in a run 6.1miles.. did not have to do the longer one because got it in on Friday!!..Love the Mc.D’s

  12. Kristen says

    There is no fancy maccers in Arizona, or at least none that I know about. We do have the only McDonald’s in the world that does not have the Golden Arches . In Sedona, Arizona the McDonald’s there has turquoise arches. So I guess that makes up for not having a fancy McDonald’s.

  13. Jess F says

    Lived in Chicago when I was little and my parents would take us to “Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s”, has lots of fun memorabilia.

  14. Kathy says

    No swank McD’s near me but we did go to one in Paris and that seemed pretty posh just because they were speaking le francais…same old junk tho!

    I took sailing lessons as a kid and now I get seasick on every kind of boat…including a paddle boat…no sailing for me

  15. Shannon in Tustin says

    That fancy McD’s is right in my neck of the woods. They have the BEST dipped cones never–not sloppy or messy or lame like every other McD’s I’ve ever tried. Really good move heading to Zov’s and you ate like a queen there; the soup is amazing. I cannot go to Zov’s without ordering it.

    Happy Monday!

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