The Next Epic Dessert Phase in LA is…

Hello! How’s it going? How was your lil weekend?

Mine was randomly exciting. I didn’t expect to do anything and ended up getting surprised with an invite to do that sailing thing yesterday and today Ben and his friends were in from out of town and wanted to meet up for lunch.

They are big foodies so we went to the best ramen place in LA. It’s actually in Gardena, but close enough. I kept calling it Hakuna Matata, but it’s Hakata Ramen – look it up if you’re into that sorta thing.

hakata ramen (600x800) ramen noodles (600x800) ramen noodles lunch (800x600)

You order a bowl of ramen and some of them come with side options. Then, you order the toppings. I got the “L” which comes with salad and fried rice. I also got a poached egg on the side.

ramen noodles best n la (800x600) fried rice (800x600) all the ramen (800x600)

One of the girls at lunch mentioned hiking and before I knew it we were changing in the car and on our way to Temescal Canyon to hike! It was pretty, but the hike was surprisingly challenging – that is partially because it was HOT and we were full of ramen noodles.

hike in la 2 (600x800) hike in la (800x600)

I was doing my Run Eat Repeat pose and suddenly everyone wanted to join me! Ha! These are my new favorite people.

run eat repeat pose

A hike in 90 degree weather earns ya some shaved ice! We were talking about this place that has a rep for being the ‘best shaved ice in LA’ (see a theme here – these people do their research) – Blockheads.

blockheads shaved ice (600x800)

So, I was expecting shaved ice like a raspado or something but this is nothing like that. It’s a cross between shaved ice and ice cream – snow cream. The result is light and flaky pieces of sweet cold goodness.

shaved ice (600x800)

The cups are HUGE, but this stuff is very light and goes down easy. We all ate them and considered getting another!

best shaved ice in la (600x800) love shaved ice (600x800)

Luckily seconds were vetoed in favor of foot massages. Seriously.

Then, we had some time to kill at the mall before dinner. And your local Monican happened on Nordstrom. I really want to rock the headband look, but everyone said I just look like a flapper.

i want to wear a headband (600x800)

Question: What was the BEST thing you ate this weekend?

Me – shaved ice, shaved ice, shaved ice.


  1. Ella says

    Wow, this sounds like such a fun day! Manhattan Beacher here, so I will have to check out that ramen place and obvi the “snow cream”!

  2. says

    Oh man- when I went to Kauai a few years ago I ate shave ice EVeRY darn day for two weeks. I’m having very pleasant flashbacks…Send some of that delicioso sounding snow cream action northwards to Seattle please, and thank you!

    I made myself some tasty Dover sole with chimichurri for dinner tonight. Not too exciting, but easy and satisfying.

  3. says

    Shaved ice sounds SO good in this crazy hot summer.

    Best thing I ate all weekend was actually an appetizer at a local winery. Some friends and I did a tasting and ordered the cream cheese with candied jalapenos. They served it with crackers and it was INCREDIBLE!

  4. says

    We had fresh snapper for dinner that we caught ourselves off the Venice Inlet. We also made snapper ceviche which was awesome.

    Am I seeing that picture correctly? Is Ben hiking in flip flops? If so, color me impressed!

  5. says

    What a fun weekend. I have never had grown up ramen before. Just the college noodle cups. Your pics make me want to try to spice it up and make my own!

    I had a fantastic spicy turkey burger last night. It wasn’t at all what I planned to order at the burger joint where we watched the World Cup, but I am glad I did!!

  6. says

    Ahhhh! That snowcream looks so delicious!

    I’m currently on a beach vacay in Hilton Head so I’ve been eating seafood like crazy. Last night, I had the best fried shrimp ever. So that’s definitely the highlight of my weekend. :)

    Have a great week!

  7. says

    I would have to say the best thing that I ate this weekend was a cupcake. Since I wasn’t racing, I volunteered at an inaugural women’s trail run and everyone got a cupcake from The Flying Cupcake at the end of the race. Volunteers got one too! It was vanilla and it was delish. They also had chocolate and red velvet options.

  8. says

    What a fun looking group of individuals! By far the best thing we ate this weekend was mushroom and crispy bacon stuffed burgers with fried onion strings on top served with coleslaw on the side! Holy Amazing!

  9. Kaleena says

    I haven’t tried Blockheads, but I don’t think you need to suffer through 405 traffic for that deliciousness! OC has a couple options: Snow 2 Go on Jeronimo and Los Alisos, and Rita’s Italian Ice in Laguna Hills. Mmmmm.

    • says

      Thank you for the tip! I’ve went to Snow 2 Go and loved it – but this is different, it’s not shaved ice. It’s really hard to describe, like flaky ice cream?

      • Kaleena says

        I live in Lake Forest. I need to branch out at Snow 2 Go. I always get pineapple with condensed milk. boring maybe, but I like what I like. But I do tend to love anything pumpkin, so…. Flaky ice, huh? Interesting… Maybe Rita’s is similar? I haven’t been to that place, but I’ve heard it’s good.

  10. says

    Do you like Ramen? What about the type of Jap noodles? I prefer the cold noodles version – soba or udon in cold sauce with veggie tempura on the side.

  11. Alison says

    The best thing I ate this weekend was a big, fat, juicy bacon cheeseburger after finishing my second half marathon! Well deserved and so worth it!

  12. says

    I just discovered shaved ice a few years ago – every summer I get pretty obsessed. There’s so many different types too – Taiwanese differs from Filipino, and Korean/Singaporean are pretty unique too. Next time you’re in LA we can go nearby me to Ktown and eat them with Fruity Pebbles and Mochi out of a dog bowl (yes, you read right).

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