All the Girl Things

Attn Boys:  this post is about girl stuff. Not period girl stuff, just like make-up and clothes and junk. Just a warning… much like anytime you read RER – you won’t get these three minutes of your life back.

what is your problem (600x800)

Note: I have no idea why I’m doing this in the above picture. I was trying to take a stretching pic for a blog post.

First. I got my nails done today because it needed to happen. Italian Love Affair is my new favorite because it’s easy breezy.

getting nails did (600x800)

Then, I went to Sonic for Happy Hour – I can only go alone since my overly complicated drink order embarrasses my one friend.

sonic happy hour (450x800)

Obligatory cat picture because the ladies love cute cat pics.

cat sleeping (600x800)

Make up – Randomly HSN sent me this video on contouring. I watched it and actually liked the reminder about using cool tones for the contour areas. I ran out and have been using the wrong thing.

I only kept this black dress from my latest Stitchfix delivery.

stitchfix dress for dinner (600x800)

I loved the teal top, but it didn’t fit great and I DON”T OWN A BELT. Isn’t that weird?! The earrings they sent were super cute, but I have a pair very similar. Stitchfix gives you 25% off if you buy all the items – which is a big discount! But, I am trying not to do that just for the discount so I sent these things back.

new stitchfix picks (600x800) (600x800)

For those who asked – It’s $20 for the styling fee and you get that credited toward the purchase of any items you keep from Stitchfix.

Question: Do you love cute cat pics?

I think I like dogs better in real life, but cats are the cutest.


  1. Celeste says

    When we visit my in-laws in Texas I am at Sonic every day for Happy Hour. I love their limeaide slushies. Especially after we add a little adult beverage. Sonic, please come to the PNW!

  2. Melissa S. says

    My iPhone camera roll is 90% pictures of my cat, Mabel. My whole family is pretty much cat obsessed. My husband on the other hand, insists that I love Mabel more than him. No comment.

    And Vegas is the bomb!! I love seeing pics of him 😉

  3. says

    The black dress is very cute. I agree…keep what you like…send the rest back. I’m not sure I could do this because it would definitely take the discipline. I would be too lazy and just pay for it all and if I didn’t wear it I’d donate it to my kid.

    And I’m Celiac so I understand the high maintenance ordering. It’s okay, I’d go with you to Sonic. I couldn’t ORDER anything but I’d go with you.

    And yes…I do like the occasional cat picture. Come on…they ARE cute.

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