Best Things To Do in Savannah–HELP!

Hello! Last night was girl’s night and I carb-loaded it up for this morning’s run.

ths is dinner (600x800)

This morning I woke up bright and early to get in 15 miles. I’m going to Savannah (like, right now I’m in the airport typing this) and am not sure what the weekend will bring. So, I wanted to get in a good run before the fun.

15 mile run (600x600)

I got back starving and demolished these raspberries while ripping my sweaty clothes off and jumping in the shower. Multi-tasking FTW.

eating all the raspberries (800x600)

My avocados are finally ripe! #Boom This baby went in my burrito.

all the avocado for me (600x800) this is breakfast (600x800)

I picked up a salad from TJ’s yesterday for lunch on the plane. SR gave me that watermelon candy that I think she said she found on the ground or something. I’ll take it!

lunch on the plane (600x800)

Now… I am headed to Savannah. I’ve mentioned my obsession with the south before and am super excited! Please tell me – what do I have to see and eat there?!

the south

I’m speaking at Fitbloggin on Saturday – if you are attending please come check it out!

Question: Do you have any tips for me on what to see/do in Savannah?

Do you go to conferences for work? Fun? Other?


  1. Angelica says

    Take a tram tour around historic downtown and you’ll find plenty to do. Gotta ask, are you and Ben ok because that photo on IG seems like a slap in the face to your husband if you’re a married 30-something. I guess if you posted it for page views and speculation, you’re doing a great job. I’d love to see more on solid training plans, though.

    • Cindy says

      I am late in the game here with this reply since Monica has already said her peace, and did so constructively with class and validity. But, I still have to share my personal opinion which in no way, shape or form is intended to come across belittling to you Angelica. You commented on an IG photo, yet on the blog? Why not save it for the comments on IG? Why bring it to the blog where it wasn’t relevant? You label yourself a long term follower. Then you should know exactly what RER is all about: life, humor, carefree, flavor, edgey and all things running. It is why she is so successful! I read daily and there is constant FREE information and entertainment involving running diet/fuel/recovery through amazing recipes, gear review, race reviews, new places to visit by foot, running do’s and dont’s, training goals and plans….the COMPLIMENTARY info she provides goes on and on. And not to mention the amazing giveaways made available to readers! Ok, clearly I am a fan–let me get to my point here. If you are in need of “solid training plans” (which I know are available at RER), perhaps you should look into PURCHASING one at a book store/online, or INVESTING in a personal trainer who can customize based on your personal goals, needs and YOUR lifestyle. And then allow others, like The Monican, to continue killing it in the running and social media worlds without judging. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors Angelica!

      • Angelica says

        1) I saw RER post about Savannah, a great city, so I thought I’d comment and kill two birds with one stone. I try not to make it a habit of commenting on blogs, IG, etc. unless it’s something that really interests me. I admit that the above comment came off a bit rude and was a knee-jerk reaction.
        2) I never labeled myself a long-term follower. I used to read RER on a daily basis but after awhile, it lost its sparkle as it wasn’t really offering anything new or unique, in my opinion. In the last few months, I have not learned anything new on this blog in regards to running, and the recipes don’t impress me. Finally, the scattered nature of the posts absolutely do not appeal to my type-A personality.
        3) I am immersed in running material; blogs are most certainly not my only source of information.
        4) The information provided to readers of this blog is indeed free, but that doesn’t mean RER provides free content. She has ads on her site, frequently writes sponsored posts, and receives complimentary trips, race bibs, etc. She is not a hero or a martyr. I am trying to give her my honest feedback as someone who reads for the running content, not her lifestyle. If this is now a “lifestyle” blog accompanied by a lifestyle IG/FB/twitter, I suppose I should simply stop reading.
        5) Finally, in regards to her lifestyle, RER can live as she pleases, however distasteful her readers or just myself may find it. I think reality TV and vapid celebrity behavior are the crux of what is wrong with our degrading society, yet so many people seem to support it and try to emulate it. I’m simply voicing my opinion when I see that behavior in someone I respect. Ultimately, it’s not my life. Most likely, her actions and my opinions are just tiny drops in a great big ocean.

  2. Jamie says

    Go to Huey’s on the River for brunch and get the beignets with pecan butter. Trust me here, I dream about them.

  3. Deniz says

    So jealous – Savannah is one of my favorite cities. Just did RnR marathon there in Oct – so fun! A friend and I went to Vic’s on the River for dinner one night. Expensive but good food and great service. After dinner we headed up some STEEP stairs to Bay Street and found an awesome card reader. She was the real thing! So spooky all the stuff she told us. It was spot on. Definitely recommend it. There was a guy on the street handing out fliers for a discount . Sorry I can’t remember the name. Have a great time!

  4. says

    Walking ghost tour – do it. Such amazing stories! Definitely visit the bench where Tom Hanks sat as Forrest Gump :) The Tybee Island lighthouse is really close by and it is pretty awesome. Must go to River Street – there is an AMAZING candy/fudge shop there along with lots of restaurants and sites to see. Have so much fun! I love Savannah. (I live about 4 hours away near Atlanta.)

  5. Lindsay says

    In response to the above commenter, I’m so sorry that people on IG seem to think that your (Monica’s) own life, sense of humor, and choices seem to somehow be direct reflections of your husband’s respectability and worth as a man. *I was under the impression that it’s 2014 and people recognize that women are people too. Thank goodness commenters on the internet are out there policing behavior, sexuality, and joking around to make sure no man is ever hoodwinked by some harpy into thinking she’s a good little piece of property before she goes somewhere to have fun as an independent human.*

    Sorry for the snark. Love the blog and everything you’re doing! Keep it up :)

    • Angelica says

      I think it’s just common decency between a husband and wife (or any couple who respects each other) that some sexually suggestive actions are out of bounds. I don’t know the context behind this photo, and I’m sure that RER benefits from the speculation, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with feminism–except for the fact that she posts these pictures to quell her obvious insecurities about her perfectly healthy physique. I would go so far as to write that she is making herself out to be a piece of meat. Sure, she can do what she wants, but as long as she’s making it public, I can write what I want. In addition, perhaps because I don’t follow RER on a daily basis, the last I read in regards to her relationship is that they are having difficulties. Perhaps all is well now. I hope she finds happiness.

      • says

        Angelica, I appreciate that you shared your opinion eloquently. In ‘real life’ I am probably fairly different from RER and the people around me are aware of that. I think common decency is a blanket statement and each couple should be able to define their boundaries, which I’ve done with my friends and fam – maybe some of my relationships have or will suffer because of pushing those boundaries but I have to do my thing if I want to be happy.

        • Angelica says

          Thanks for your response. I think that since you were posting as RER, most people who saw the photo don’t know you in real life and thus there was a lot of speculation as to why you posted that photo, but you are right that each relationship is unique. The last time (before today) that I posted, I wrote that I’m rooting for you–I meant that in a mostly BQ/running context, but obviously I want you to be happy in every sense. You’re not a movie and there’s obviously no finale, but I’m still rooting for you!

  6. says

    Welcome to Savannah! There is so much to do– I was hoping to come to FitBloggin being that it is in my city– but things didn’t work out. I am hoping to meet up for drinks with Maddy (FoodFitandFam) et al.

    Anyways– I would check out the Bohemian Roof Top bar for cocktails, it’s next to the Hyatt. The CottonSail just opened up too— haven’t been there yet. River Street is super touristy but fun. City Market usually has some great live music but I would venture off to streets within the historic district. Abe’s on Lincoln is a great place for some bands and late night. Go to Tybee and go to North Beach Grille or Huckapoos for music and food. There are tons of amazing places off the grid.

    I agree with the Trolley Tours, hop on and hop off… easier to see the sights and you can walk around downtown with a cocktail in your hand. Enjoy the Hostess City of the South. She is a beauty!

  7. Gracie says

    As a local, I would suggest going to Mrs Wilkes Boarding House for lunch tomorrow. They are only open M-F for lunch starting at 11 and it’s first come, first served. There’s always a line and it’s ALWAYS worth it. Way better than Lady and Sons. For dinner, my husband and I love to go to The Olde Pink House (we got married there) for a fancy time. Less fancy, I’d check out Zunzi’s 2. They have ridiculous sandwiches that have been featured by Adam Richman. For dessert, check out LuLu’s Chocolate Bar! Ok I could go on, but it’d be super long!

  8. Jamie says

    There is a restaurant downtown in the historical district that is amazing! The Shrimp Factory. I had a salmon salad that I still dream about sometimes! Good draft selection, too!

  9. Aimee M says

    FOOD! We literally go to Savannah once a year just to eat. I wish I was kidding.

    If you have time for Mrs. Wilkes, it is definitely worth the wait. The best fried chicken in town and 20-25 traditional southern side dishes. If you don’t have time and still want fried chicken, go to the Pirate House for the honey pecan fried chicken. TO DIE FOR! And the bar is awesome.

    B. Matthews has the best brunch in town. We went last month and had an open face salmon BLT and the best shrimp and grits in town. The prices are super reasonable for being the most popular place in town. Advice: go an hour or two before you’re actually hungry to check in and save a spot in line. The wait is always long but totally worth it!

  10. says

    I love Savannah! Definitely eat at Paula Dean’s restaurant (Lady and Sons) and go on a walking tour. Plus, get some FRESH pralines, you won’t regret it!!!

  11. says

    I a) live in Savannah and b) will be at Fitbloggin! Some good suggestions put out there – there’s a lot of great choices! The weekend sounds jam packed – hopefully you will be able to fit some exploring in! PS the farmer’s market on Saturday in Forsyth park sometimes has fresh watermelon juice…but don’t hold me to it .;)

  12. Millicent Jones says

    Zunzi’s is da bomb! Best sandwhich place ever and super cool live music on weekend. Was featured on travel channels best sandwhich ever show and won for the south. Paul Dean is way over rated!

  13. Joann Heltzel says

    Go to Alligator Soul the best upscale restaurant in Savannah, they have everything from Shrimp n Grits to Elk , Antelope & Ostrich!! How unique is that??

  14. Meg says

    I’m from SC but have spent a lot of time in Savannah, I love Jens and friends Martinis, they have like 120 or something. I saw people put Huey’s which us also great! Have fun!

  15. Mia says

    Dude. Best thing to do in Savannah is hang out with me. Lots of good suggestions, if you need more, or some good running spots (or drink spots or fresh watermelon spots) let me know and I’ll email you.

  16. Melissa says

    Ah I wish I could give specifics but all I know is that my grandparents absolutely loved visiting savannah. The whole city (they said everyone was very friendly toward them), the trolley tours, the food, the plantations…my grams in particular raved about it. I’d love to visit there someday. Enjoy your time there. :)

  17. nicole t says

    Lulu’s chocolate bar! They have amazing desserts and amazing chocolate martinis. Go get chocolate wasted, it will be worth it.

  18. karleen says

    I have a love for the South too! I don’t know what it is, extremely nice people, the pretty vine-like trees. It’s just so eloquent to me! I have been to GA but not to Savannah but I would love to go in the future. I was literally just reading this post with the comments full of recommendations and immediately texted my fiance that it’s imperative he take me here lol!
    Have fun at fitbloggin!

  19. Heather says

    Wet Willies drinks are AMAZING! Kevin Barry’s is a fun authentic Irish pub. The River House has damn good seafood too :-)

  20. says

    Do a pub-crawl style ghost tour, visit City Market. Hit up River Street for some awesome restaurant and Rocks On the Roof is the best bar! Also, Club One has the best drag show ever! Savannah Smiles is a great piano bar, try to go to Tybee and eat at AJ’s Dockside (hidden local spot, WAY better than The Crab Shack) … run on the Rails to Trails! It is along the highway heading towards Tybee and its beautiful.

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