I’m on a Flyer at Fitbloggin

Hey from Fitbloggin in Savannah! So far I am falling in love with it here.

Earlier today I stopped by the Fitbloggin expo to say hello to my friends at the Walgreens booth. Thank you so much to everyone that came by and told me ‘Hi!’ I wasn’t expecting it at all and it was great to meet new readers!! I really appreciate it.

walgreens booth (600x800) walgreens at fitbloggin (600x800)

You know I timed it perfectly to be in the area around snack time!! I always do. The south isn’t exactly known for it’s healthy food options, but Fitbloggin hooks it up.

fitbloggin snacks (800x600)

Check out my instagram for more fun and food and randomness.

From there I snuck out to explore.

First stop: Coffee Fox. This place came highly recommended since they have cold brewed iced coffee! They also have a drink that has been and 2 shots of espresso. Sounds like a winner.

the coffee fox (800x600) the coffee fox inside (800x600) iced coffee from coffee fox (600x800)

Lunch was at Kayak Café and it was just okay.

salad in savannah healthy eats (800x600)

Luckily, dessert made up for it. I tried the famous pralines and River Street Sweets! I got a praline sample for now and a dark chocolate covered turtle for later Smile

river street in savannah (800x600) river streets candy (800x600) best pralines in savannah (800x600) famous pralines in savannah (600x800)

Pralines are perfect fuel for exploring!

savannah boat (800x600) savannah fountain (800x600) from savannah with love (600x800)

Oh, before I forget I have to tell you about the flyer I’m in…

yo mamma big booty band (600x800)

Nah, that one is just something I saw while sightseeing to remind me about that concert later…

This one – I’m speaking tomorrow at Fitbloggin during the Walgreens Wellness Session. If you’re attending, come check it out. There will also be the #WayToWellTour van here in the morning to do some free health screenings!

walgreens at fitbloggin presentation (800x600)

Now I gotta get some sleep! See ya later Smile

get some rest (800x600)

Question: What is your fuel for the journey/fun/life this weekend?


  1. says

    I had too many snacks yesterday and very little real food. Finally at 9 pm I decided to throw blueberries strawberries blackberries and mango into the blender. But when I poured it into a cup the lid from the blender fell off and the smoothie splashed everywhere. I mean everywhere! I guess I should stick to snacks. Lol.

  2. says

    We wandered into the Savannah Bee Company store next to Coffee Fox and ended up doing a mead tasting, plus trying out lots of honeys. I’d highly recommend it. We followed it with a horchata from Coffee Fox and now I’m in a sugar coma! I also had an amazing peach from the Forsyth Park Farmers’ Market. Loving Savannah, too! We’re off to River Street tomorrow… It looks like there’s more sugar in our future!

  3. says

    That looks like a great trip! I want to visit Savannah so much! Ever since I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, it’s been on my list!

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