Summer of Groupon–My Best Summer Challenge

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Summer of Groupon for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello! I have a very fun partnership for the summer! Groupon has challenged me and five other bloggers to have THE BEST SUMMER EVER through their Summer Shop.

beautiful beach running in florida (668x501)

For the next 4 weeks I will be doing 3 different things via Groupon each week. This can be anything from a hair cut to swimming with dolphins – the world is my oyster and the goal is the have the Summer of Groupon aka the best summer ever! Who ever has the ‘best summer’ gets 20K! Crazy, right?

Groupon has created a Summer Shop with deals for summer themed fun. Check out your local Groupon deals and see what’s going on near you.

groupon summer store

So, be warned that I’ll be doing some FUN and maybe RANDOM things over the next few weeks – who knows?! I’m hoping to try some new things and go on a few adventures.


My first Groupon adventure was perfect for Summer Fun = Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. I bought the 90 minute Paddleboard deal from Wayward Captain in Newport Beach. It was super easy – bought it Sunday, used it Monday. Plus Newport is super close so I got there in 15 minutes.

paddle board fun (600x800)

This deal also had a kayak or pedal boat option. But, I have a new love for SUP.

giant paddle board (600x800)

I’ve done SUP once before (remember I was super scared) so the guy working gave us a quick reminder and we off in no time.

But there was one draw back – I guess there was a “Black Flag Warning” because there was a shark sighting in the water within the last 24 hours!!! He said just to hit it on the nose with the paddle if we saw one and they would swim away.

As I was about to freak out I realized… he was totally joking! HA! Got me.

paddle board runeatrepeat (800x600)

Anyway. I had the best time! Check out my Instagram video here for a live action shot.

Question: What is the most summer-y thing you can think to do this season?

Disclaimer: This post is part of an ongoing partnership between me and Groupon. All opinions are my own. Over the next 4 weeks I will be working with the company on sponsored posts and social media updates.


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  1. says

    Every summer i clean out my garage! It doesn’t feel summery but with longer daylight hours it gives me more incentive….and it’s become tradition.

    I also ensure I hit up our local Ralph’s Ices for the best ices known to man….Rainbow Cookie creme ices. (huge chunks of rainbow (also called 7 layer) cookies), They close in the off-season so I make sure to grab enough that i’m ready to say goodbye come Autumn =)

  2. Cortney says

    LIVE at the beach. Ha ha! I’ve been swimming, running, SUPing, surfing, biking, running to the Santa Monica Pier and more. I just moved here from Atlanta (lived there all my life) in March. I am sure we will not live here forever, so I am determined to cross everything off my bucket list so there are no “should-haves”. I live just two miles up from the beach and feel guilty if I don’t go. Especially as much as I am paying in rent!

  3. says

    You should try to find a catamaran/snorkeling trip. They are super easy and fun, plus sometimes they even have free drinks, score!

  4. says

    SUP is so much fun! I will paddle while my mom swims…my eyes can’t handle the salty water, so I can still be out enjoying the water. I love to ride my bike and trail-run/hike in the summer. Wait, who am I kidding? I do those all year ’round!

  5. says

    This is SO awesome – I hope you pick something utterly and completely random that you’d do ONLY because of the GroupOn (i.e. something you’d never spend your own money on).

    I can’t wait to see what you venture into!

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