New Year’s Resolutions–Half Way Check In

Hello! How are you doing?

mizuno running (600x800)

I started my day with a slow 10 miler. It’s getting hot in here out there – I gotta start setting my alarm earlier.

it's hot

Today is July 1st! You know what that means, right? Fireworks in 3 days. #Boom

It also means 2014 is half way over and my New Year’s Resolutions should be half way accomplished – or more really, I like to take December off from life.

So I’m checking in here with new life plans and resolutions check-ins and random thoughts.

New Year’s Resolutions Check In:

1. Run 14 races. So far I’ve done

  1. Camarillo Marathon
  2. Surf City Marathon
  3. Palm Springs Half Marathon
  4. Buzz Half Marathon
  5. LA Marathon
  6. Catalina Marathon
  7. Avocado Half Marathon
  8. PCRF Half Marathon
  9. OC Marathon
  10. Mountains to Beach Marathon
  11. San Diego RnR Marathon

Ha! I’m pretty close!! I didn’t even realize and this made me excited.

Check out my Race Recaps page for all of them!

2. PR in the Marathon. I pulled out my marathon PR training plan that I wrote last year (but never did) and am starting tomorrow! I have the Chicago Marathon coming up in October, but will probably pick a Nov or Dec race to go for a PR just because I think I need a practice race to go over pacing (something I’m not the best at).

running pr

3. Lose the last 10 pounds. Yes, I had a wake up call this weekend and decided to clean up my eating. I wrote down my 3 worst habits and am going to work on those to help make it a long term fix.

did that bitch call me fat

Related – I did that ALCAT Food Sensitivity test a while back and am going to eliminate the foods I have an intolerance to from my diet for a while.

alcat food test (800x600)

4. Dress better. Thanks to StitchFix and Pinterest I have been working on this! I’m really just aiming to not be a slob-ra-doodle, still Monican but a little better. Ya know?

 be yourself

5. Make a 5 year plan. – Haven’t done this yet!

6. Love. – Working on this every day.

7. Really step up my Spanish game. This is a write in vote. I voted on it myself because I have always wanted to be fully conversational in Spanish.

Question: How are you doing on your 2014 goals?


  1. Denise says

    Not great still can’t make past 3 miles…is it my head? Is it my legs why can’t I? Still have problems breathing..Oh yea on trying to stop drinking wine…calories. I’m on a downer..Made your plantain flatbread that was a winner! Thanks Monica.

  2. says

    you are intolerant to avocado and watermelon and you didn’t even say anything below the pic?! Are you ok? I’m assuming since it was in the “mildly intolerant to” column you’re not suicidal over this. =)

    Well I didn’t make any specific resolutions but I did set a PR in the marathon and the half marathon earlier this year and I also got injured and set a PR in longest consecutive days without running (even longer than when I had abdominal surgery!)

    But I’m so happy to report that the kitchen cabinets that my dad and I started to refinish in 2010 FINALLY just got finished 2 days ago. We slacked on the project for a bit.

    Lose the last 10 lbs is one of my new year’s resolutions that just gets an auto-renewal each year. LOL.

  3. zoe says

    Hm well I can’t really remember my goals lol… i think one was get a job so CHECK!!
    step two was enjoy my life and maintain my values. Generic, ha! I’m doing pretty good with that one too including visiting a GREAT and very inclusive church the other day that I really liked as well as keeping up with yoga/ fitness and taking a rest day now and then :) it’s interesting because as you’ve gotten more into running races i’ve gotten more into longer workouts- i do two back-to-back hard(ish) yoga classes about once a week now, and am in the habit of doing a 4-mile walking loop after another class with a HUGE huge hill at the end. HUGE. i do spend a lot of my time on that but i like it and it makes me happier :)

    But, I think I have fallen down on my goal of “get out of my own head” because I’m my own worst nightmare sometimes! That’s come up in the last month and is something i want to work on.

    Monica thank you for inspiring all us other regular peeps out here to do stuff even if people think we are drinking the crazy juice!!

    ps. your visor mission to avoid the sun has inspired me and i’m buying a professional(ish) one to wear any and every time i’m outside now!

  4. says

    My main 3 goals were:
    1. To keep running (last year i messed up and slowed my running down to barely anything during the summer and it was painful getting back up to 30 miles a week) And I’m keeping it up! I keep telling myself “Summer miles, better times in the fall!”
    2. Keep my diet clean but still enjoy myself here and there! Done rather well on this!
    3. Meditate on God’s word and doing well on this too!

  5. says

    My goal was to do 12 races. Then I got hurt and have only done 2. So, now the goal is to do what I can and not have a # goal.

    I used to sub for Spanish speaking elementary school classes. When I got done with college, I was just starting to dream in Spanish. I never did a study abroad. That would have solidified my Spanish. Now, I wish I would have taken more classes and really gotten good. Rosetta Stone?

  6. says

    Nice job! Looks like great progress! I will also be running the Chicago Marathon (my first marathon), I will look for you there!

    That’s a great idea to keep track of your worst habits and work on those-specificity always helps! Good luck!

  7. cory says

    Go Monican! Your stitch fix post also inspired me to clean up my wardrobe act. Since getting healthy I’ve been cinching all my too big clothes and generally look like a mess. Time to look cute again! I prompted signed up for a fix. Thx for the inspiration!

  8. Shannon says

    watermelon and avo are on the “mild intolerance” list? GROAN!!! we’ll have nothing to do with that part of the list!

    I don’t make NY resolutions, sets me up for failure. I try to keep evaluating myself on how I’m doing with the 3-4 things I know I should be doing better. Mostly the running and eating. The other is staying in the Word. I need that all the time, but other things nudge it out. Shame on me.

    My current goal as of last month is to NOT fall anymore this year. Twice in two months (first ever in my long, illustrious running career :-\ ) has my confidence rattled. I just have to keep moving forward and watch my step!

  9. says

    I’m right on track with my running goal – I’ve completed 16 out of my anticipated 31 half marathons for the year.
    I’ve done better at volunteering. I’ve done that at some races and also with a new to me organization that helps WWII veterans.

    Not so good on the being better at work because. I don’t enjoy my job so it’s tough to be “better” at it.

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