How to Take a Ghost Tour in Savannah – Summer Fun

This post brought to you by Summer of Groupon. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello! I am slowly catching up on life, email and the disgustingly sweaty, smelly laundry from my weekend in Savannah.

summer of groupon ghost tour

But before I move on with my day I really want to tell you all about the ghost tour I took while there!

From the moment I got to Savannah it felt like people were talking about how haunted the city is. On the drive from the airport the taxi driver told me it’s the most haunted city in the US because of all the yellow fever and civil war deaths. He went on and one about how it’s basically one huge grave site.

summer of groupon ghost tour

Then, he dropped me off at my hotel where I was all alone and scared. Fantastic.

But, I was also curious. I heard about a ghost tour that some of the Fitbloggin attendees took on Thursday night and decided to look one up for Friday.

The good news is –  I found a 90 minute ghost walking tour on Groupon and bought it on the app. It was super easy to show the tour guide my phone and redeem it without needing my computer or a printer for the pass.


How to Take a Ghost Tour in Savannah:

Step 1: Find a restaurant and carb-load for 90 minutes worth of walking.

I went to Crystal Beer Parlor. I don’t know why I’m making an “I don’t know” gesture.

epic summer with groupon on vacation

20140627_200525 (600x800)

This Crab Stew was probably the best thing I ate all weekend! I would definitely recommend this if you go to this place.

20140627_202037 (800x600)

Step 2: Have a stiff drink to loosen you up.

20140627_193008 (600x800)

20140627_200105 (600x800)

From there we headed to the park where the walking tour was meeting at 9pm. There was a big group and we were split into two.

20140627_205905 (600x800)

Our tour guide Bill, was very knowledgeable about Savannah and all the super creepy ghost stories!! *Note: I have no idea if his name was Bill. I blame the Rum Runner from dinner.

20140627_210057 (800x600)

Step 3: Practice being SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20140627_210452 (600x800)20140627_210446 (600x800)

This was the first ghost I saw!

ghost or a girl summer of groupon

Not really, the tour hadn’t even started yet.

Once we got an intro about the tour we set out on foot to explore the city. Bill encouraged us to take a lot of pictures because ghosts are big hams and love their picture taken.

20140627_212811 (800x600)

Step 4: Don’t get distracted by a random cat because you’ll miss whatever story Bill is telling in front of a super old scary house.

I named this cat Savannah and wanted to take her home.

20140627_214539 (800x600)

20140627_214545 (800x600)

20140627_214610 (800x600)

20140627_214650 (600x800)

Right here I’m saying, “I found a cat! Basically, I got a cat on Groupon!!”

20140627_214711 (800x600)

Then, the cat vanished. Maybe it was a ghost cat.

Do you see an ghosts in this picture?

20140627_223412 (800x600)

Step 5: A bar stop was part of the tour! Savannah is extra awesome because there are no open container laws so you can walk and drink and party.

I ordered a cocktail and out of no where Dwight comes along and introduces himself as the guy who made the moonshine in that drink! He swears he used non-GMO corn in the corn whiskey so we took a picture.

1403924759896 (800x600)

Step 6: Sleep with the light on.

Check out Groupon for Summer Deals near you.

Question: Are you afraid of ghosts?

I can’t even watch commercials for scary movies!! So, I kinda disassociated during the whole thing.


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  1. says

    I took a Ghost Tour in Edinburgh when I was studying abroad in college. It was one of the best night’s ever. Looks like you had a great time in Savannah!

  2. says

    Totally scared of ghosts! I went on a ghost tour in Cambridge, MA and was hoping, but not really hoping to see a ghost. I live alone and am a big scaredy cat!

  3. says

    I seriously love ghosts and haunted stuff, for real. In Key West, I went to the cemetary around midnight just to see it, with my hubs and my Mom. I took literally hundreds of pics before and after and guess what? All of the pics of the cemetary (which was rumoured to be haunted) had big orbs in them! Not the pictures before and not the pictures immediately after. It was fantastic. Yes, I am aware that sounds weird but consider the source….

  4. says

    I was supposed to go on the ghost tour on Thursday night, but ended up staying out to eat instead – priorities, okay? So, I still need to go back to Savannah to go on a ghost tour and not be able to sleep for a year.

  5. Sarah says

    I HATE commercials for scary movies. One of them actually made me cry because it was so terrifying! Yes, that officially makes me the biggest baby and I am ok with that.

  6. Maria G says

    Dude, I watch “Supernatural.” Ghosts are afraid of me. (Seriously, though – salt is your best friend.)

  7. says

    I’m not afraid of ghosts…as long as there aren’t any around!

    I went on a ghost tour in Scotland when I was in college, and there was definitely a point where I thought someone had tapped me on the shoulder – only there was no one there. Still creeps me out to think about it.

  8. says

    Never done a tour before but am willing to sign up…even though I’m scared sh*t about ghosts! Does that make sense? LOL!

  9. says

    A part of me TOTALLY believes in this stuff and would love to go on one of these tours yet the other part of me is scared lol. I have heard and even seen so many things that are unexplainable that some of it just has to be true but it’s so out there to really believe in it. I would freak if I saw or heard a ghost!

  10. says

    A part of me TOTALLY believes in this stuff and would love to go on one of these tours yet the other part of me is scared lol. I have heard and even seen so many things that are unexplainable that some of it just has to be true but it’s so out there to really believe in it. I would freak if I saw or heard a ghost!

  11. Becca L. says

    I visited my sister last year and we went to a haunted tour in Savannah — it was THE funnest thing! Loved it! I love that city, and am so jealous you are there! Have a great time!

  12. says

    Just recently discovered your blog. You’re seriously hilarious! I’m definitely afraid of all things ghosts & horror themed. I’m with you, I can’t watch the commercials for scary movies either!

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