4th of July Fun and I Had too much Bailey’s so, Mistakes Mermaid

Happy July 4 or 5th, or whenever you read this.

I started my day with a 12 mile run. 12 miles in honor of the 12 days of Christmas in July. Or something I didn’t just make up. 

morning run (800x600) 12 mile run (600x800)

Then, the dogs put on their Fourth of July costumes…

fourth of july dog (600x800) fourth of july (600x800)

and I busted out my new mermaid bathing suit to get wet.

mermaid suit (450x800)

I ordered this online recently after seeing it on a Facebook page. It was kinda random and I love it.

Pool time!

bathing suit mermaid time (600x800)

Everyone was joking this was my ‘modesty suit’. Next year I’m going for the full body cover up. You’re welcome.

mermaid bathing suit red head (600x800) im awkward[3]

Obligatory mermaid impression.

this bitch thinks shes a mermaid (800x600)

A little mermaid humor.

best mermaid joke

And other Fourth of July necessities.

drink your calories (600x800) watermelon on fourth of july (600x800)

Hope you enjoyed your day!


Question: What did you do today?

More importantly, what did you eat?


  1. says

    Went to a BBQ last minute. Had a burger and some Spanish rice and beans (her family is from Puerto Rico ) and then it was cafe con leche and cookies. And a huge cannoli too. No alcohol though. I took a rest day but am shooting to run 8 miles in the morning.

    That mermaid suit is so unique. That color goes great on you.

  2. says

    I was on the boat for a large portion of the day and night but the best thing I ate was Yoplait’s new Watermelon yogurt….YES, WATERMELON. It’s pretty awesome.

  3. says

    Well played Monica. I was dying when I saw your ‘modest suit’, the whole family insisted I share the mermaid pics. Too funny. Yesterday I ate WAY too much. My favorite was probably the pudding/oreo/coolwhip cake and the augratin potatoes…which of course made me sick. Way to go with the 12 mile run. You rock.


  4. says

    I’m in love with that swimsuit! My body type is very similar to yours, so I would hope that I could look just as smashing in it as you do! 😀

    For realsies: Harry and I lounged around most of the day. We went out on the back deck to watch fireworks after having some pizza for dinner, then I hit the hay. We went to Navy Pier last year, so I think we wanted to make up for all of the drama from it this year. Bwahaha!

  5. says

    Ohmygawd your mermaid-pose photo has made my year! Love it.

    I started my day at a 4th of July kids parade and spent the rest of the day at parties (including my own). Somehow I managed to find time to eat a ton of watermelon and pulled pork. Feeling awesome today.

  6. says

    Yesterday was all about the food for me! BBQ for lunch and BBQ for dinner but there are no complaints from me haha.
    I love the mermaid suit :)

  7. says

    I love the mermaid suit! I recently bought a one piece too and realized that going to the potty is just too much of a pain. tankinis it is. I layed low yesterday so today I have alot of making up to do!

  8. Linda says

    1st…You look totally FABU in that swimsuit!! It suits you…and sometimes that kind of suit is sexier than a bikini…it sure is true with “The Mermaid.”

    #2…What IS in that glass??? It looks divine, and I want some!

    And finally, we had chicken, coleslaw, homemade rolls, and the world-famous WW pineapple angel food cake with real whipped cream. We are sated. :)

  9. Erin M. says

    The suit is super cute! I made homemade veggie burgers forthe first time and the turned out great!

  10. Elena says

    Love the color of the suit on you!

    We went for a 35 mile bike ride and stopped at a couple of bars on the bike trail for some refreshments – it was glorious!

  11. says

    There was a “Durian Appreciation” gathering among the LYNRunners yesterday evening. Weekend was packed with runs on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

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