Sunday Set Up After The Road Trip

Hello! How’s your weekend?

I ran 15 miles Saturday morning, but it was HOTHOTHOT. Normally I shoot to beat the heat’ but it was 86 degrees at 7:30am and I still had some miles to go. I know some of you are running in even hotter and humid conditions, I’m just sayin.

15 mile run (600x800) running in the heat (450x800)

Then, it was time for an impromptu ROAD TRIP!!!!!

road trip 2 (800x600) road trip (800x600)

More details to come tomorrow Smile

road trip

Dinner! And some carne asada fries. You know.

put some hot sauce on my taco (600x800)

It’s one million degrees here so we enjoyed ‘adult’ slurpees.

slurpee lips (600x800)

And this is the best picture we have from the night.

hey ladies (800x600)

This is some quality photography right here. Don’t be jelly.

what the heck (800x600)

Winners of the NuNaturals Giveaway:



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Email me with your name and address – runeatrepeat at gmail

Okay. Now it’s time to bounce back from the 4th and other weekend fun.

Sunday Set Up

sunday set up plan

What’s on your plan for this week?

I can’t get to the grocery store until tomorrow. But, I’m going to make my list and figure out my running schedule today.


  1. Alyssa says

    How do you travel after running longer distances without cramping up? Is your body just used to it by now or do you have a trick or two? I always have to travel after my races and I find that I can barely walk after my drive home. Any suggestions?

    • says

      Yeah, I think my body is super used to it. In Oct I ran a full marathon and then flew from DC back home to LA – crazy! But, I do take ice baths as needed and try to stretch my tight areas.

  2. says

    I just got back from the grocery store. Got lots of fresh fruit and veggies and bought my first jar ever of cookie butter! HELLO! Where have I been? =)
    I’ve got my exercise plan set for the week but meals will just have to work themselves out on the fly.
    Can’t wait to hear about your impromptu road trip!

  3. Christopher says

    I would love to be able tun 15 in any weather. Good job Monica! You rock love your pictures that you share with us

  4. says

    I actually bought more food than just what I needed for dinner, so maybe I won’t have to go to the store every day this week. Doesn’t seem to be a good use of time.

    I have my runs planned out, though they have a tendency to get changed from time to time. At least I start with some kind of plan :)

  5. says

    Looks like you had a good weekend and adult slurpees are best when you celebrate with them all (extended) weekend long. 😉

  6. says

    Already have my meal plan done and half of groceries bought! Tomorrow morning I will head to the market to get all the produce and I actually get to go WITHOUT my daughter! Sadly, this is like a mini vaca! haha

  7. says

    I’m all about cooking the first pea and ham soup for the winter, second meal I’ll have cooked in my new Crock Pot. It’s also a week to try and run 31km in one week, I’ve never run that far in seven days before…

  8. says

    Happy to have my weekly grocery shopping outta the way on Friday but unfortunately I spent Sunday evening in bed coz of vertigo. :(
    Oh well, did have a great weekend otherwise.

    • says

      I run about 40 miles a week, it varies a lot based on my travel schedule and races though. I prefer running to all other exercise so most of the time I’m good with it, but when I do get burnt out I take a break.

  9. says

    Yummm! Those treats look so good!
    I’m all for working out, but running has never come easy for me. Maybe I’ll just need to “reward” myself after each run :) lol
    Thank you!

  10. says

    I love Palm Springs! I was there in the early spring this year and found running to be easy in the morning. I can only imagine how hot it is in July, though!

    Portland, OR, and Vancouver, BC, are the closest road-trip-worthy cities close to me. Both are phenomenal to visit; I try to go to each at least once annually.

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