Coconut Water with Coffee Before Running!!!!

Hello! Happy (insert day of the week here)!
I am running behind on life/blogging today because I did 10 miles in the morning and then had a few appointments right after breakfast.

Before my Run and Eat I sipped this new-to-me Zola Coconut Water. The company sent me a bunch of their stuff and one of these espresso flavored ones. Yes. Yes. It is delicious. But more importantly, coconut water is great for hydrating you and caffeine can be good before a workout too!!

zola coconut water with espresso (600x800)

Let me give you some life advice always use protection run through the sprinklers on a hot day. Slow down because it’s slippery – but this allows for optimum water enjoyment Smile 

always run through the sprinklers of life (600x800)

Before I rushed off to appointments I made a breakfast I’ve been thinking about for a while for an upcoming recipe.

sabra stuffed eggs recipe (800x600) what are you eating

I have one more ‘appointment’ tonight (read: something fun so you should follow me on instagram to see). See ya later!

Question: Is that too much Sriracha on my eggs or not enough?

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