The other red headed Mexican up in here.


happy birthday cake

First – I want to give a big Happy Birthday to my brother!! He’s one of my top 5 favorite people (order depends on the day) in the world.

my redhead brother and nonredhead mom (600x800)

I don’t think you understand how important  it was to have a red headed Mexican partner in crime to grow up with. God bless it.

me and michael

In other news…

today was a rest day. So, I did.

hanging out not working out (600x800)

Not completely. I did some strength work.

strength day (800x600)

Then, I busted out my F3 Foods breakfast – more on this to come!

f3 foods delivery breakfast (600x800)


walk (600x800)


happy happy happy birthday have an awesome day

Question: Can we get a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Michael?!


  1. Denise G. says

    Enjoy your first birthday as a Papa!

    I had a little redheaded Latino baby 5 months ago. That was definitely a surprise, but it turns out both of us have redheaded grandparents. (So he’s finally dropped the DNA test jokes.) We’ll see if any future kiddos have that trait as well.

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