Eating Pancakes While Running and Your Run Brags

Hello! How’s it going?

run braids (450x800)

This morning’s run was the usual drill but I saw 2 people with pancakes. TWO.

pancake fail eating pancakes cat[4]

The first girl was sitting on a low fence eating pancakes from a tupperware. Then, I saw a guy carrying pancakes in a plastic bag walking past me.

do you like pancakes

Yes. Yes.

That reminded me that this weekend I made a friend at a stoplight… an older man asked me why I was running alone and said I should have a ‘whole crew of people running with you’! Ha! I told him I have no friends, but I’d look into it.

And the week before that a lady high fived me as I was running past her and told me “Good job!”!! Isn’t that the best?!

Kinda made my life.

high five


Despite having pancakes on the brain due to all the pancake sightings on my run I had a yogurt bowl for breakfast.

yogurt and nuts breakfast (800x600)

Yesterday I spent some QT with my favorite tiny person… she mostly only likes her mom at this point but I’d like to think I’m growing on her.

hanging out with my fave (600x800)


motivation monday

Run Brag

Tell me something awesome about YOUR recent or upcoming running!

It can be anything from coming back from an injury or sticking to your training on a day you wanted to sleep in to getting a new PR. Let’s hear it and encourage each other!!!


  1. says

    Ran the second half of the San Francisco marathon without stopping. I ate the hills for breakfast. Boom! In the process completed the California dreaming challenge and doubled up on the bling Boom!. And then reenacted when TSA met Sally :) Cheeeewhooo!

  2. Angela says

    25k trail race that was difficult to say the least. My quads are destroyed! Have a 1/2 marathon this week that is supposed to be flat and fast – hoping to be mostly recovered and able to get a decent time (maybe a PR?) Taking a family road trip and my husband had to warn me, “This is one trip that isn’t all about running.” Haha silly man! I’ve already been looking at cool running trails in the area

  3. Kelcy B, says

    I separated from my husband this weekend, I let myself off the hook for a day of training because I was emotionally/physically/mentally exhausted – however, I killed the long run I moved to this morning. 14 miles at just slower than marathon pace – killed it!

  4. says

    I have been nursing a little road bump injury since the 4th of July so I’m going to just go ahead and brag about that race, since it was my most recent. I ran the fastest 10K I have run since college, about a minute faster than I expected to run, so I was psyched!

    GOOD JOB to everyone else here run-bragging! Keep up the good work everyone!

  5. Kimberly says

    Ran the Napa to Sonoma half (I highly recommend it!) the other weekend and got a double win! A nearly 10 minute PR! AND my first sub 3hour half! WOOOO!

  6. says

    I have just restarted running again – Last week I ran up the hill home without stopping! In my mind I was going to run and walk it but ‘Summertime’ came through my speakers and I kept on running! :-)

  7. says

    Went on my first run this weekend after rehabbing a sprained ankle. It wasn’t pretty, but it felt great to lace up and get back out there!

  8. Kara says

    That’s awesome about the high five! When I was out running yesterday, a lady running in the opposite direction told me to have a great run. I exuberantly said “you too!” and ran faster than I have in years. It’s amazing how much a small encouragement helps!

    • says

      I love when someone is just like “good job!” or something – makes such a huge difference!! I try to pass it along and it makes me feel better just to say it to someone else too.

  9. Tiffany says

    I did the San Francisco Marathon yesterday (maybe my quads will forgive me someday for not just the uphills, but the DOWNHILLS) and had pancakes this morning for breakfast! Double win!

  10. Allison says

    I woke up early on Saturday morning to run 6 miles, which is the longest distance I have done in 10+ years! I’m trying to work up to a half marathon.

  11. says

    Running and pancakes really do go so well together! I had one of those great runs, for no reason at all, this morning. It was totally unexpected and I felt like I could be out there for another hour. Darn work and life!!!
    So cool someone actually high-fived you while running!

  12. says

    That’s so funny about the pancakes! I wouldn’t have thought that pancakes were a grab and go type of food!

    I’ve been running faster recently and it’s really encouraging and also slightly unexpected. It’s great to see my hard work paying off.

  13. Kelly M says

    Hmmm….less of a run brag, more of a run confession. I split my shorts in the middle of a half marathon last weekend. I wanted to die…but instead I pinned my race bib over my ass with the help of another runner, and finished the race. Supper embarrassing, but still a pr, so there’s that.

  14. says

    Run Brag – Got my lovely boyfriend up (more like lured him out of bed with the promise of pancakes) to bike next to me for 8 miles.
    Win. Pancakes were the double win. Bi-winning?
    I feel like Charlie Sheen.
    Anyhow. . . One month to my first half!

  15. Hillary says

    I did the 100 mile challenge…and finished the last 5 miles on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk with my love yesterday! Normally, I get in around 70-80 miles a month, and I finished 100 before the month was over. 😀

  16. says

    I survived the SF 2nd 1/2 marathon yesterday even though there were NO ELECTROLYTES on course! I finished feeling like I was about to pass out, swollen fingers and feet and all. CRAY.

  17. Alli Begg says

    Finished the San Francisco marathon in under 5 hours, despite having stomach issues starting at mile 10! Managed to run the whole way too. Still have no idea how I pulled that out. Was initially disappointed with my slow time but ended up feeling proud of my finish.

  18. says

    Run Brag 😛
    The night before the Melbourne Half Marathon, I lost my race bib and my timing chip, 2 days before I pulled a muscle in my back, I went in to race day thinking I would barely finish, let alone PR! and I had to pee the whole way, maybe it’s what made me run faster! I ended up finishing in an hour and 28 minutes, beating my previous PR by 4 whole minutes!

  19. says

    Yeah for pancakes! I’m 3 weeks deep into my half training and did my best tempo run ever this week! Need to cover 6 miles this weekend for my long run.

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