I Did Something I Said I Would NEVER Do

Hello! I am running and eating and headed on a fun trip today.

But first let me take a selfie. And eat some banana and AB.

banana before a run (600x800)

Ever accidentally open your camera only to scare the crap out of yourself with an extreme close up?! That’s the worst.

accidental selfie (450x800)

Post run – eggs and tons of watermelon. You know.

breakfast after run (800x600)

Okay. Now onto that thing I tried…

I am the kinda girl that will try everything once. Sometimes I’ll even make mistakes a few times just to be sure. So, I never say never…


except for ONE thing. I have thought to myself I would NEVER wear white jeans. Seriously, it’s like the one thing I have thought I’d never do.

Actually I said out loud, “I would never wear white jeans…” last year at a blog event. And the next day one of the girls was wearing white jeans and I felt like an asshole. I’m great at saying dumb things.

In my defense, it’s not that I don’t like them – it’s that my ass was not made to ‘hey look at me!’ pants of any kinda. Fashion PSA: dress for your shape.

big butt white jeans its all okay (600x800)

But I got a pair of white jeans in my latest Stitchfix so I thought I should go against my questionable moral code and give them a try.

moral support stitchfix top deal (600x800) (600x800) why girls with big butts dont wear white jeans (600x800) (600x800) this is awkward

They are not horrible, but they are NOT me. And I just can’t.

The top is also from StitchFix I loved the lace detail! So, that was a keeper at least.

stitchfix 3 top (800x600) (800x600)

Question: What would you NEVER wear?


NEVER eat??


  1. says

    Oh I could never wear white jeans either. My rear is actually less of an “ASSue” than my belly but I am sure I would end up sitting on something and getting dirty quick. I will never wear horizontal stripes. Diagonal or vertical are ok.

    I’ll never eat liver or pate.

  2. says

    haha my problem with wearing white pants is more that I’m a mess and I would never be careful enough to keep them clean. I’d end up with some ridiculous stains/dirt/grass on the first day. I feel like you have to really think about keeping yourself clean in white pants –>way too much of a committment

    • says

      I really shouldn’t wear white at all, ever – but I love white tops. My mom always would tell me “you’re going to get that dirty!” when I buy something white. And I would, every time.

      • Monica b says

        Same! “Oh! Wearing something white? Let me spill coffee or pasta sauce on that for you.”

        Although I had a pair of white pants that I loved and really tried hard to take care of…until my dear boyfriend washed them with something pink. 😐

  3. says

    I LOVE WHITE JEANS. I would literally live in them if I could. I get depressed in the winter time because it’s not appropriate to wear white jeans. I would never wear high wasted shorts that show my butt cheeks. No thanks.

  4. says

    I’m totally with you on white, it’s a dirt issue with me.
    Every single white bottom – pants, shorts, skirts – gets ruined the first couple wears.
    It didn’t used to be funny, until I just gave into it. Used to try and try… because they look so nice in the summer. Me & white bottoms just don’t work.
    Haha for some reason, any shade of khaki is fine. Universe you’re just weird!
    Sometimes you have to go with it!

    Life is short… never say never!

  5. Jen says

    Sorry to say but I would NEVER wear that top. It’s atrocious and any friend should tell you the same thing. However, I am now craving banana with almond butter …yum!

    • says

      I appreciate the head’s up – I wasn’t 100% sure on it, but think it’s nice for more blog events since it’s silky and nice colors. I’ll have to get a third opinion when I actually wear it out.

      • Jen says

        I wasn’t trying to be nasty. I was commenting on the top itself NOT the top ON you (does that make sense?) Maybe it doesn’t come across in the blog or maybe it’s the white jeans???? Maybe with a darker bottom?

        • Amanda says

          Maybe it’s the fact that you called it “atrocious” and said that her friends should tell her not to wear it. Could have said it a little kinder ..

  6. says

    I love those jeans on you! I know white can be scary sometimes, so I found a pair of super cute light blue ones (not denim, but more like a sky blue color) and they do the trick! Still light, but not white.

    I agree with the previous comment though – not a fan of that top! The lace and floral clash quite a bit.

    I would probably never wear high top shoes!

  7. says

    What would I never wear? Shorts that show the bottom of my butt cheeks. I don’t who these girls think they are (A-hem Miley Cyrus *cough*), but no one should be showin’ their butt cheeks outa the bottom of their jeans. Remember Ace Ventura: Pet Detective when he is visiting that third world tribe in Africa? *whispers* “Dude, your balls are showing. . .”

    I would never become a stripper.

    I would never eat someone’s finger. . .


  8. Bobbie says

    I will rock white jeans any day of the week but I would not wear a “belly shirt” or “crop top.” I don’t even do a bikini anymore. I don’t think my belly is horrible but I think I’m a little old for those looks.

  9. Brittaniee says

    The white jeans look amazing on you!! I think you should definitely rock them! And I think the top is cute too :) I may have to try Stitch Fix now!

  10. says

    The jeans look great on you! But I understand dressing for your comfort level. I would never wear short shorts. The shortest I’ll do on runs is a 2.5″ inseam and even that’s a little short sometimes. Like you said, dress for your shape, and dress to your strengths. Have a great Wednesday!

  11. Heather says


    The ones that have zero structure to them. The ones that if you stepped in anything, your shoe would never save you from potential discomfort, cleanliness, funk? Yeah, those. Leave them for the dancers. And definitely not for girls with short, bulky legs :)

  12. says

    I don’t own any white jeans but I did purchase my first pair of white shorts last week which I’ve lived in since. I think if you ever buy white clothes you basically have to live in them as long as you can whilst they are still in that pristine white condition. Cos once they become a mucky yellow it just doesn’t look as good!

  13. Allie says

    I said I would never ever wear jeggings… and now I own two pairs. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I thought they would look terrible on anyone without super skinny legs, but I like the way my legs look in running tights, and they look basically the same in black jeggings. Also they’re the only thing that makes sense with tall boots!

  14. says

    MONICA you crazy Monican, those jeans look great on you, especially with that top!

    I would never wear high waisted jean shorts. or regular jeans. or anything of the high waisted variety, mainly because it gives the whole “long butt” effect if ya know what I mean. Not into that!

  15. Beth says

    White skinny jeans are hard for most people to pull off, in my opinion. I don’t think they look bad on you, but if you wanted white jeans, I think you could find some that look better. I have some J Crew matchstick white jeans that I love. They are slim, but not skin tight. I thought I would never wear white jeans either ;).

  16. Melisa says

    I like the jeans better the blouse but it’s important that you feel comfortable and beautiful in whatever you wear. I just returned a pair of white jeans yesterday. I keep going to them and then end up returning them in the end. I would never wear anything with words on the rear. Like “Love Pink”. I hope that trend dies soon.

  17. Amy says

    Never wear…peplum of any kind. Yuck.
    Never do…teach kindergarten. I want them already reading and buttoning their own jeans.
    Never eat…really, I’ll try just about anything, but I don’t like picking crabs. Too much work for too little (questionable) reward.

  18. LiseyB says

    I’m wearing white jeans right now and my ass looks great in them. Although, I get that they are not for everyone. I don’t wear short skirts anymore. A couple inches above the knee is best for me. Anything shorter just makes me feel uncomfortable.

  19. says

    As many times as I try, light-colored jeans of any kind just don’t work on these legs. Unfortunately. And I won’t eat olives. Never ever.

  20. says

    I refuse to wear those high waisted shorts that are popular right now. I don’t get them.

    And I never wear but wish I could wear anything strapless. I have huge body image issues about armpit fat. :(

  21. Nicole says

    I would never wear pants with a pleated front….nothankyou!

    I would never eat excrement of any sort.

  22. says

    I don’t love white pants. I might have worn them a couple of times but regretted it. They don’t looks great on me and they always get dirty. I used to say I’d never wear a running skirt but now I have 2 that I wear all the time and not just for running! I will never say never with clothes!

  23. Charlotte says

    Hey little gal! You run all those miles, work hard for that body so wear your white jeans. They look good. Just wear them with a tunic type top if you’re a little uncomfortable. I like the busy top with the white jeans and lace detailing is the thang now. Holla!

  24. janae@hungryrunnergirl says

    So I wore white jeans the other day and I regretted my decision at least 48 times over a 5 hour time span.

  25. says

    I think the white jeans look cute on you! I actually broke down and bought some last year, and I have since worn them a grand total of one time. They look fab in my closet, though.

    I will never ever ever wear Crocs. Sorry to those of y’all who love them, I just can’t find any redeeming quality. Plus I’m pretty sure I’d twist my ankle in them.

    I’ll try nearly anything once, but I draw the line at Crocs! :)

  26. says

    Haha…I don’t blame you! White pants are a disaster waiting to happen for me. I will never wear them or a white dress because I will spill my food and coffee all over it and wear it all day like a slob kabob.

  27. Monica H says

    I have a pretty long list of stuff I can’t wear… bright color jeans, rompers, crop tops, and high waisted jeans. I just can’t wear them without looking ridiculous.

  28. Erin M. says

    I think those white jeans look great on you! I’d never wear high waisted pants or pants with a pleated front!

  29. Kathy says

    I think those jeans look really cute on you but I get not wanting to wear something if you don’t feel great in it.

    I can’t bring myself to wear skinny jeans because I think you have to be a stick figure to look good in them but then I see people in them who aren’t stick thin and they look great, so what do I know. And Birkenstocks because they’re heinous.

    It would be easier to list the foods I would eat then wouldn’t but blood pudding comes to mind

  30. Katie says

    Well, I would never say never 😉 I learned that… Each person is changing over the months and years and something which might seem impossible to you now, might be something to consider in the future… :o)

  31. says

    I think you look great in the white jeans, but I’m with you…white jeans just make me nervous and I’ve see way too much of other women through their white jeans.

    I would never wear crocs or toms…even if they have done wonders for other people.

  32. Sarah Elizabeth says

    I would never wear white jeans either! They look good on some people, but not me. You and I have a very similar body type, so I know what you mean about the booty! 😉

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