The BEST Run, Eat and Repeat from July!

Hola! I am spending some quality time on a tomato farm today. It’s gorgeous and informative and delicious all rolled up in a one. La-la-love.

sabra salsa tomato farm

But, I only have a 30 minute break before I have to meet back up with the team so I wanted to stop in for a quick hello and fill ya in later.

This morning started with a hotel room workout.

I’ve been running a lot lately and that has to be balanced out with other activities. So, I did this body weight / no equipment needed session.

20 minute hotel workout  (640x800)

Time for July highlights! Here are my favorite Run,Eat and Repeat posts from this month!

My favorite RUN:

A tempo run from two weeks ago that just made me feel good :)

new mizuno running shoes make my life (600x800)

My favorite EAT:

Tie between the Bailey’s drink I made on Fourth of July


and the Hummus Stuffed Omelet that I’ve been eating on the daily.


My favorite post I’d like to REPEAT:Ā 

The most epic ride of my life on the the helicopter. Seriously the most amazing thing I’ve done.



What was the BEST thing you ATE this month?

What was the BEST workout?

What was the BEST thing you did this month?


    • says

      Yes! I’d love to do more videos and started doing some short ones last year for races. But, I need an intern or assistant to help with editing – I can’t manage it solo right now :(

  1. says

    You get to do the COOLEST stuff! I was going to comment that July flew by, but looking back it feels like Independence Day was FOREVER ago.

    My running and workouts and eating have been pretty standard this month: delightful, but nothing mind blowing. The best thing I did was either present a poster about my research at a conference, or go see an absurdly hilarious drag and burlesque show called freedom fantasia. The conference involved Dynamic DNA structures, the drag show featured the Statue of Liberty doing a strip-tease to Toby Keith…both enriched my mind.

  2. Hillary says

    Ate – I made a roasted Brussels sprout and garlic dip for a cocktail party I hosted – DELISH (especially combined with the old-fashioned I made šŸ˜‰ ).

    Workout – My first trail half! I fell at 3.5 miles in and ripped up my whole right side, but I got up, dusted off the dirt, and ran. There’s more badass points if you’re bleeding, right?

    Thing – Found a new place to live with a view of the river and all of downtown. I cannot wait to get moved in!

  3. says

    How exciting to ride in a helicopter! I think I’d be way too scared!
    Not exactly a workout, but I had hip surgery and after not working out for nine days, I was finally able to ride the stationary bike. It was only 20 minutes but it was still the BEST feeling after not working out for so long!!

  4. Anna B says

    Best eat of July:

    Tie between my cornish hen (totally random farm share adventure that turned out perfecto) and a slice of a 100% home-made cheescake (complete with homemade fresh cherry sauce on top!) that I had a dinner party.

    Best workout:
    9.5 mile long run at a solid pace during my 1/2 training. Beautiful day, great route, great pace. Pretty much perfect.

    Best activity:
    Fourth of July weekend. BBQs with my best friends, fireworks and free concerts every night! Plus beautiful weather. It was just perfect.

  5. says

    Best eat – I made a really delicious burger (with avocado, of course) and some roasted broccoli on the 4th. It was kind of amazing.

    Best workout – My group runs this month have been awesome. I am finally starting to get faster!

    Best thing I did – Clean my whole house! It is so nice to have it clean, but I hate cleaning!

  6. says

    My fave run was the costume 5k I ran on vacation, fave eat was a restaurant Cobb salad I had it had so much stuff packed into it! And the best thing I did was go on vacation and come home and get right back on track, shows that healthy living is really a way of life :) On to August!

  7. says

    The best think I ate this month was a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry in Boston. My daughter was there for July 4th and brought a cannoli kit back to Seattle.

    Best thing I did was Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage. It was my second year on the ultra team Six Pack Rack. It was exhausting and great.

  8. says

    The best thing I ate: Almost an entire loaf of banana bread (not in one sitting!!) that I made for myself! (GF/DF) I had to share a couple of pieces with my man.

    Best Workout:

    Best experience: Bacon Chase 5k!!! I loved the race so much! It was such a great experience for a first race EVER!


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      Yum. That reminds me, mom used to make green tomato pickles. Gotta find a recipe and find some green tomatoes. It would be such a great condiment. The other thing we use to have when I was a kid was VERY overripe tomatoes with a sprinkle of sugar and a dollop of sour cream. Tomatoes are a fruit!

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