Straight Road Trippin’

Hello from fabulous Bakersfield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

roadtrip california (450x800)

I hear it’s beautiful this time of year. <- #insidejoke

Last night I iced my knees while watching part of the RHONY Reunion, but got distracted with a new obsession (we’ll talk about it soon). Vegas has a new obsession too (bugging me).

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This morning I laced up and went for a run only to run into my fave SR! Ha! I think it’s so funny when that happens.

Then, I had to hit the road for a blog trip.

bakersfield is beautiful this time of year (800x600)


Bakersfield is about three hours north of my current residence so I had to have all the road trip essentials…

Lots of drink/pee stops and good music!

road trip must have (600x800)

And I made a pit-stop at my mom’s to raid her fridge!! I was greeted with a fresh pot of beans. Good lookin out mom.

beans and rice salad (800x600)


I grabbed a handful of my little brother’s gummy vitamins and was on my way.

eating all your gummi bears (600x800)

Now I’m here just in time to get ready for dinner and drinks and fun.

Don’t you love hotels?! So much cleaner than my house…

i love love hotels (800x600)

See ya later!

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Question: When was the last time you took a road trip?


  1. says

    hmm…maybe a year ago? man…that was a long time ago! but it was nice heading to cameron highlands with a friend for a running at altitude camp.

  2. Ms. C says

    Hi…I miss SR’s blog. Have you guys ever thought about hrr doing a monthly guest post on your blog? My morning blog ritual use to be RER, SR, and HungryRunnerGirl…. I miss her. Just saying…

  3. says

    That avocado literally made my stomach growl. I’ve got a hotel obsession too. Love them love them. My last road trip was to Margaritaville in Shreveport, LA. It sounds trashy because it kinda was. But it was also a BLAST.

  4. says

    I just took a road trip to Minnesota for a 5k (the Bacon Chase series), and I live in Wisconsin, so the drive wasn’t too bad. I will be taking another to MN next week to attend my cousin’s wedding. EXCITING!

    P.s. Love the dress!


    • Laura says

      I am leaving for NH tomorrow!! It’s about 2-1/2 hours from where I live so Yes!! I call it a road trip!

  5. says

    My last real road trip was a year ago last week. I drove a UHaul, with my car pulled behind it, from North Carolina to New Orleans! I love a good road trip (my longest was just under 3 months and spanned almost all of the lower 48 and Canada!) but that was an exhausting trip!

  6. says

    I consider my commute a road trip sometimes! LOL! Seriously getting to my office in NYC can take 2+ hours with traffic.

    Well I just got back from a run-cation in San Francisco but that was by plane.

    So technically my last road trip was to the Adirondacks last summer (6 hours).

    Oh and actually last September my friends and I flew to South Dakota and ran 5 consecutive races in 5 days in 5 states and drove to each race each day so there was a lot of road trippin’ through montana, north dakota, wyoming and nebraska! =)

    And my next is a trip down to Cape May NJ in November (3 hours).

    I LOVE road trips. Especially the drive from Phoenix to Vegas….oh i said Vegas! Hi kitty!!!

  7. says

    Sooooo…. I live near Bakersfield and I cannot imagine what could possibly be fun to do there…. unless, yanno, you’re into cow poop. 😉 Enjoy the heat!! I am heading down your way this weekend to escape it!

  8. says

    My last road trip was 4 hours out to the Uintas to hike the highest point in Utah, so it was just a shorty trip.

    Because I’m a crazy person, I love driving long-distances. I’ve driven at least 5,000 miles this summer.

  9. Shannon in Tustin says

    Heading to the desert to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary on Sunday! Quiet little spa place I found on GROUPON! :)

    Have a fun trip Monican!

    PS: I’m a bean makin’ mom, aren’t we the best?? 😉

  10. says

    Hot outfit!!

    Hmm I think my most recent road trip was down to Florida to hang with my family for a little bit. We have a few coming up though, so I always keep a giant Spotify playlist at the ready! Going to Alabama this weekend (mini road trip) and Charleston in a month (significant road trip). Awesome timing since I just finished getting crumbs out of my seat from the last one!

  11. says

    Last road trip was two weekends ago up to Chicago and I’m headed back there this weekend again. Since I’m trying to fit in 31 half marathons this year, I’ve been road-trippin’ all the time. Cincinnati, Chicago and small towns all over Indiana & Illinois so far.

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