Summer Favorites

Hello! There is about one month of summer left! And I’ve been having a blast so far. Have you?

summer favorites

Before my summer must haves list – I wanted to share this lil Under Amour ad because I just dig the hell out of it.

On my run the other day I was thinking about doing a round up of my favorite things at the end of the summer. But that wouldn’t help ya at that point, so I’m sharing a half-way through summer fun list. I have compiled a list of my favorite things that have made my summer ‘14 happier so far. Here they are…

Summer Must Haves

1. I usually alternate bathing suits when I’m on trips or randomly, but there is always one that I wear more than the others. This year it’s my striped suit. I like the pattern and love that the top is molded and stays in place.

summer lazy time (640x640)

Here are some similar options…

Striped Bikini

Here’s a super cute one with a bow. I keep seeing those on insta and love them.

2. I just saw my favorite Sanuk sandals that I got in Savannah come in prints here. Love. They are so comfortable. These ones are the exact same except cuter Smile 

And I kinda need a new pair now that I wore them to the tomato farm and got ‘em absolutely covered in dust.

fun on the tomato farm (600x800)

3. Fun sunglasses! My favorite pair are all scratched up, but I love them too much. So, I’m on the hunt for a similar pair.

summer of groupon palm springs  10 (600x800)

Fun sunglass option 1 / option 2 is only 12 bucks.

4. Smelling like a coconut. I am obsessed with the Body Shop’s Coconut Body Butter. I have it right by my bed and try to put it on my hands before I go to sleep. Ahhhhhh. I’m going to get some right now…

And it smells better than I normally do.

you smell

5. Pink sparkling wine. I love champagne. I love white wine. I love delicious pink, sparkles in my glass.

pink wine makes me slutty

Ha! (Has anyone even seen that show? I love Zoe Deschanel, but haven’t.)

6. Skinny Margaritas. I used to be a vodka girl, but I am all about tequila this summer.

skinny margarita (600x800)

7. Watermelon. Obviously.

you know how i do (640x640)

8. Good music. I am usually 6 months behind on new songs, but I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect song for this summer so I’ve been trying to keep up a little more.

Your pick…

Question: What is your favorite thing this summer?


  1. Kelly M says

    My favorite thing this summer is Sun Bum sun block. It has that perfect coconut suntan lotion smell from when I was a kid, that you just can’t easily find anymore!!!

    • Shannon in Tustin says

      HUGE HUGE fan of Sun Bum. I buy mine at Nordstrom but have also seen the full line at Planet Beauty. Love it!

  2. says

    I’m a big fan of champagne, too. So much so that my friends make fun of me for how much I drink it. They just don’t know what they’re missing. My favorite thing this summer is my patio–I have lots of pretty flowers set out around it and I love sitting on the patio and letting my dogs run around the back yard. Have a great weekend!

  3. says

    I have been a subscriber for a while but this is my first time commenting!!

    I truly enjoy your blog posts and often have a laugh at them..your pic choices are so on point!! Hahaha.

    That would have to be my favourite part of this summer. Following your travelling adventures and your funny encounters with Vegas.

  4. says

    Ooh tough question! There are so many things I love about summer… I love my new H&M bathing suit. I was nervous about wearing one from there just in case it fell apart mid-swim but I jumped off of a cliff in it yesterday and it didn’t break apart so I’m thinking it’s a keeper.

    As for summer cocktail, I just can’t get enough Moscow Mules lately. They’re so refreshing and delicious, I have to self-impose limits on them or I’d just keep going!

  5. Kathy says

    gin and tonic! Oh and check out the song Stolen Dance by Milky Chance (dumb name)…it is my summer jam on a loop!

  6. says

    I know what you mean about bathing suits, I have a few but this year I’m only wearing about two of them and just switching back and forth. My favorite thing this summer is it being my first summer as a nurse!

  7. says

    God, Enrique is too good. Riesling is my libation of choice this summer- there’s a Washington winery called Kung Fu girl that makes a super-crisp, slightly fruity, dry Riesling that is super cheap and I can’t stop sipping it.

    I’ve also fallen back in love with my bike. After a long rainy winter of only using my cycle for commuting, it’s been great to get back in the saddle for long rides!

  8. says

    Cute sunglasses! I typically go for Oakleys running sunglasses (for running/workout outdoors) and Raybans (other times). I’m too staid and boring or brave to try funky or colourful ones.

  9. says

    I’m obsessed with all things coconut – especially the Body Shop coconut body butter. Love it! I’ve found the bath gel at TJ Maxx and I love the body splash.

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