Oats in a Jar is so 2013 Salad in a Jar is Now.

Hello! How’s it going?

Thank you to everyone who chimed in on the Sports Bra chafing post. Love when we can help each other out and it feels like a community up in RER land Smile

This morning I ran and ate. It’s my thing. My run was just okay, I think my legs are still tired a little from Sunday’s 20.

delicious healthy breakfast time (800x600)

Yesterday I was scraping the bottom of the hummus container when I decided to center lunch around this deliciousness.

Anyone who’s been reading healthy lifestyle blogs or Pinterest for 12 minutes has seen the infamous “Oats in a Jar” aka OIAJ. This is the best way to scrape the delicious nut butter from the bottom of the jar! Bless it.

But that is so 2012.


Or maybe it’s 2013 when I made that delicious Overnight Mang-Oats recipe that rocked. I should make that again soon…

overnight oats with mango


It’s all about Salad in a Sabra up in here. I buy the Sabra containers from Costco so they are a great size to pack with veggies and protein and nuts and what-have-you and make a meal!

salad in a jar (800x600) salad in a jar but better (800x600)

In other news… I can’t stop putting NuNaturals Chocolate syrup on everything.

i am obsessed with chocolate syrup (600x800)

Speaking of… email me if you won the Nu Naturals Giveaway! There were 5 winners but only 2 people emailed me their name and address. Send it to runeatrepeat at gmail

And Vegas barfed on my comforter so I don’t like him today.

bad cat (600x800)

The end.

Best thing of the world: This baby seal hitching a ride on a surf board.

Question: Have you made oats in a jar?

Salad in a jar?

Pie in a jar?


  1. Nicole says

    OIAJ, yes. Salad in a jar = Genius. Pie in a jar, you keep getting smarter.

    Weird my dog (who I’m usually obsessed with) puked on my comforter on Saturday and I also didn’t like him.

  2. says

    i’ve never made any of these “in a jar” things, although i looooove mason jars so i probably should buy some and start making things in them. although let’s be honest — if i buy some, the only things i’m going to make in them are cocktails. equally as “in a jar” excitement-worthy.

  3. says

    None of the above, however I am currently enjoying peanut butter M & M’s in a bowl and they’re delish, probably not a very healthy dinner choice though, oops!

  4. Kimberly says

    I love SIAJ – it’s my go to weekday lunch! It will keep for several days in the fridge so I usually make 3-4 at the start of the week, easy to grab on the way out the door to work.

  5. says

    Oatmeal and granola in a jar absolutely. Salad or pie just strikes me as making pretty for Instagram or Pinterest. I need 3 and sometimes 4 containers for salad so my soggy bits don’t touch my crispy stuff and the dressing goes on the side.

  6. says

    Oats in a jar…YES. I can’t stop. I have them probably 5x a week right now. I’m in love and get a little sad when they are gone.

    Salad in a jar…NO. I have clients who love it, but I haven’t had any trouble with salad in a tuppeware or a bowl so I’ve stuck with it. ha

  7. says

    Love making salad in a jar because they travel well. I really like Cuppow lunchbox adapters for my mason jars so I can keep dressing up at the top, or hummus, or yogurt, or whatever the heck I want to dump in or keep in baby bowl jail.

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