5 Minutes of Exercise

Hello! How’s it going? This week I’m challenging myself to do 5 exercises each weekday to build up strength and tone up. I’m calling it 5 at 6 – meaning you can do the 5 moves I share around 6pm (or when you’re done with your day) or 6am the next morning.

I’ll be posting them on Instagram too so check it out before you put on your PJs and get lazy for the day (like I do – once I’m comfy, I’m not moving).

it's a deep burn

Yesterday I hung out with my fam and had dinner over there. I totally attacked my mom’s avocado stash. Love. And Matt and I did a “pickles cheers!” too.

pickle cheers (600x800)


This morning I set out for an easy shake-out run. I didn’t want to push it because I want to do a tempo run tomorrow. But, I kept having the most awkward interactions.

Two different times I was running along when a group of girls got on the path just a little bit in front of me going to exact same pace. So it was kinda like I was on their ass, except I was just staying at the same pace. I didn’t want to go faster or slower so I kinda hung back until I decided to try another route – and it happened again. Oh well.

motivation monday run


I had a banana and almond butter while making breakfast.

oats and eggs (600x800)

So, I topped my oatmeal with powdered PB since I was very liberal with my spoon into the almond butter jar. Sure, I could have skipped nutty goodness on my oats all together, but what’s the point of living if I do that?

oats and eggs for days (800x600)

5 minutes of exercise

I really need to start doing more strength work again. I got the idea to just start with 5 minutes each day. I’m going to share 5 moves I’ll be doing Monday through Thursday on Instagram.

Today I’m calling it “5 at 6” since I’ll be doing it around 6am or pm depending on the day – you can do them when you get off work or school or the following morning along with your workout. I should be able to squeeze in 5 minutes of moves – no excuses!

5 moves at 5  (800x800)

Sure you can repeat these more than once, but for right now I only have 5 minutes so I’m only doing them once. Baby steps baby Winking smile

Question: Can you fit in 5 minutes of abs today?


  1. says

    YES I love the idea of a quick, to-the-point evening (or morning!) workout. I usually do a few stretches in the morning, since I have to wake up way before the sun’s out and I flat refuse to wake up any earlier. Then I try to squeeze in 10-20 minutes of abs and arm strength after my run just to keep everything where I want it. If I’m really ambitious I’ll do some squats, too- but since I generally love what running does for me below the waist I’ll admit I skimp on the leg/glute work a lot.

  2. says

    I do 5 minutes of planks every morning before I run. I swear it helps me to stay in form. If I forget to do planks, I tend to slouch when I’m tired. I like the fact that you mixed it up though so I’ll give yours a try tomorrow.

  3. Charlotte says

    I always make time for strength. It’s cardio I don’t care for and it feels like a chore. Do you find strength training like that? A chore?

  4. says

    I love it! I was just thinking to myself this weekend about what a slacker I am when it comes to strength work! Doing five minutes at a time is an awesome strategy, thanks for the idea. This little space-cadet is in it for the minute (or five) to win it!

  5. says

    I hate awkward interactions while running. I’ve had a couple of runs where someone will pass me, then start walking until I almost catch up with them, and continue a run/walk cycle so they stay just ahead of me. Super awkward. I should definitely do 5 minutes of abs today, but I don’t know if my abs can take it…maybe two minutes. :)

  6. Rachel says

    Summer is for running, winter is for toning with Jillian Michaels. I guess in autumn and spring there’s some cross over. In the winter I don’t want to go outside, in the summer I don’t want to stay inside!

  7. says

    I love this article! My motto has always been to do the most amount of workout possible in the shortest amount of time. I am heavily against working out for hours and hours in the gym and this article was just what I was looking for. I usually just do cardio for 30 – 45 minutes a day but this is something I’ll have to use from now on :) Thanks!

  8. says

    It’s a great start to motivate oneself to do daily exercises and I think it’s a pretty good idea especially to busy people. Thanks for sharing an amazing idea and for the inspiration! :)

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