BodyPop Launch Party

Hello! How’s it going? Last night I went to the BodyPop Activewear launch party, but first let’s talk running…

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I made a deal with myself that I would do some speed work this morning but only 4 repeats. So, I did 800s and jogged 800 back x4 plus warm up and cool down, it was perfect to get my back in the game. I think it’s been a year since I’ve done speed work!

tempo tuesday run (600x800)

Then, my required 5 minutes of strength.


Dumbbell Curls



Dumbbell Row


(source PopSugar)

Shoulder Press



Triceps Extension


(source Women’s Health)

Chest fly


(source PopSugar)

BodyPop Activewear Party

Last night I went to Cassie Ho aka Blogilates’ party for the launch of her new active wear line – BodyPop. It actually launches today at noon so check it out! The party was the the YouTube space in LA.

youtube space la (800x600)

Bobbi was my date so we walked the pink carpet together Winking smile

pink carpet at body pop party (600x800)

We grabbed some drinks and food and caught up a few people I knew from other events. The food was from Lemonade and amazing. <- I just realized that they have a location in Newport Beach! I am so going there.

body pop party (600x800)

And Quest desserts. Um. Hello this is my favorite thing ever.

quest bar desserts (800x600)

If you aren’t familiar, Cassey Ho aka Blogilates is a MAJOR YouTube superstar for her workouts that are Pilates style set to pop music.

Her and her team made a music video to celebrate the launch of the workout gear. The party was the big ‘reveal’ and it was awesome.

bodypop by blogilates party (800x600)

If there is a photo booth, I will be there.

body pop photo booth (600x800) body pop clothes party (600x800)

Such a fun night! I love when fitness, food,  fun and friends worlds collide Smile

bodypop launch (623x467)

Question:  Photobooths – do you love ‘em or skip ‘em?


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    Looks like such a fun night! I’m a huge fan of Cassey’s and was so excited for the launch of Bodypop! Glad the launch party was as fun as the Instagram pics made it look!

  2. says

    Good job on the speed work! It’s so hard to get back into it when you’ve been doing long distance for a while, but it does get easier! After running marathons only for 2 years I started doing some interval work this spring and at first I questioned myself daily because it was a giant suffer-fest but then my legs got used to the quick turnover and I could see improvements in my repeat times. And I saw a huge improvement in my 10K time from it!

    So happy for Cassy, her line looks super cute I hope it’s successful for her! Looks like the party was a ton of fun, too!

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