Weight Loss–The Best Diet For YOU

Hey! I am packing up to head to the IDEA Conference. I’m sure Vegas is excited he gets to run around naked while I’m gone.

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But first I wanted to talk about losing weight. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a Weight Loss Wed post.

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I came across this article from Outside Magazine and wanted to share it with you. It’s actually a little old but, this guy tried 6 different diets over the course of a year to find the BEST diet – Man vs. Food via Outside.

The diets he tried:

  • The Abs Diet
  • Paleo for Athletes
  • The Mediterranean Diet
  • The Okinawa Program
  • Nutritionist
  • FDA Food Pyramid

One of his points was that only overweight people worry about their diet and even then it’s just to lose weight – not necessarily for health. So, a main goal of the year long experiment was to become an expert on how he is supposed to eat.

And he called out runners saying, “The reality is, many of us use our fast 10K times to excuse horrible food choices.”

Guilty as charged.

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From the Abs Diet – “One big takeaway: snacks are best used to prevent hunger, rather than to address it.”

From the Paleo Diet – “But as an active guy who’s not looking to lose weight, there’s just no way I’m going to stick to a plan that leaves me hungry and tired all the time.”

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In the end he figured out he is fine with eating wheat, but not dairy or tomatoes. Interesting, right?

Moral of the story: Do you.

Now I’m off to IDEA! I went last year and had a blast…

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IDEA Conference in LA Day 1

IDEA Conference and Expo Dancing with Fitnessista

Question: On a scale of 1 to 10 – how’s your week going so far?

1 = you almost died

10 = you won the lotto


  1. Jessica Roseni says

    Honestly, as a person who’s struggled with being overweight for my entire life, I realized all the weight loss tips and tricks you see online and on TV are completely wrong. I lost weight the best and quickest way possible, I even wrote a blog about how I did it. If you’re struggling with losing weight, read my story and try it for yourself. It will work. Here you go: http://jessicaroseni.blogspot.com/

  2. SarAh says

    I’ll go a 1- I think my one year marriage(anniversary sun) and 7 year relationship just ended tonight- Debbie downer sorry

  3. says

    More and more, I’m feeling like the key to a good diet is to eat a lot of fruits and veggies and other minimally processed foods, but also to have some leeway to eat a few things you want. Have fun at the conference! Tell us about what you learn. My week is probably at a 6 or 7–going well, but I think I have an ear infection. Boo.

    • says

      I agree Beth! Lately instead of following any specific diet I’ve just been going for nutrient dense foods as much as possible but not worrying too much if I want to have a treat with my kids.

      Monica – I would say my week is at an 8. Have fun at the conference!

    • Laura says

      Hey…you run with your Elkhound too! I don’t see many Elkhounds when I’m out and about. Love running with my Noomi!

  4. says

    I’ll go with a 7. Had some solid workouts this week and that helped get my mind off work (which has sucked lately). Had a great first date with a guy I like. And it’s almost Friday!

  5. says

    IDEA looks awesome! I can’t wait to read all of the posts! My week so far is an 8-Sunday night italian dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday, Monday night run + farmer’s market with beer and ice cream, Tuesday night run + errands and relaxing, Wednesday and Thursday night volleyball…so far so good!

  6. says

    I can’t wait to read your posts from IDEA! This week I’ll go with an 8 it’s been an easy week at work, my workouts have been spot on, and it’s my birthday tomorrow :) I heard there are no calories on your birthday, best day of eats ever!

  7. Angela says

    I would say an 8. My only real complaint has been that I have not been sleeping well and cannot seem to get an early morning run in for the life of me (it’s super easy to make rational excuses at five am as to why you should postpone your run). Also, the humidity in my neck of the woods has been killin’ me! Runs have been good and I’ve got new shoes on the way! Woooo

  8. Karen Bean says

    Week is OK – I say a 6.

    I don’t diet. I find that if I restrict myself on any of my favorites (pizza, bacon, cocktails) I over due it the first chance I get and then eaters guilt sets in. On that note, I do try my best to eat right and find the balance and all that noise. I love food. I want pizza now.

  9. says

    It was an 8+ but then I found a squatter in the backyard of my vacation house so I’m gonna say 4 and I really do wish I was kidding right now, but sadly, I am not.

  10. Catherine says

    Thus far my week has been about an 8. I have resumed my morning runs after a two month hiatus, which really helps.

    I like to eat food as minimally processed as possible, but I do enjoy a cheat meal sometime in the course of the weekend. I am also limiting gluten. Any thoughts on that? And wondering why he doesn’t eat tomatoes. I just had one from the garden and loved every bite.

  11. says

    I wish he would have done each diet for an extended period of time and then went back to his regular eating habits to show us if they would have a yo-yo effect. If you try to lose weight by simply cutting calories and don’t focus on muscle retention, you can really shut down your metabolism because muscle is a key to your metabolic health. This is why so many fad or restrictive dieters end up heavier than before. Here is a good video that describes the effects in an easy to understand way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYupNrpSN3I

  12. says


    As someone who has been through the journey of weight-loss, I understand what it takes to reach your goals. There will always be “diets” around for as long as you live, the key to successful weight loss is to eat healthy 80% of the time , and include enough exercise in to build muscle and burn of the excel calories that you gain.

    The important thing is to set small short term, realistic and manageable goals that you can measure weekly and monthly. Another important aspect of the process is to engage in regular exercise or activity that you enjoy doing. Many people may join a gym only to give up soon after due to boredom or lack of results. boredom is the number one reason why people don’t exercise after laziness, they simply do not enjoy it enough to carry it on.

    As for diets , I would advise people not to use these for weight loss, they can be affective for short term solutions but in the long term they will be more damage than good caused. The biggest issue with “deist” is that they restrict and cut out certain food groups which is not healthy and can cause different issues with different people , depending on factors like metabolism , genetics, age and current health level.

    I would always advise people on mission to lose weight to learn about healthy eating and start to reduce the amount of processed food /junk food and sugary drinks/sweets that you are consuming, this will reduce calorie intake and then add some good cardio exercise into the mx and you will lose weight in a healthy way.

    If you are interested in weight loss and would like to get some useful free tips and advise to help you long the journey , then please go here for more info

  13. says

    Very informative and useful i am glad to know about. I would like to thanks and request you to please add more info regarding weight loss in future.

  14. says

    Wow, great stuff! Thanks for this inspiring list. And I totally agree. Tips: Try Shakeology – it’s good for getting fit naturally.
    By the way, I’m Laura and my experience on was that after I had my second daughter I was frustrated and depressed about the way my body looked and felt.
    I couldn’t get back to where I was. I started to look for a way to get in shape and shed those unwanted pounds from pregnancy but going to the gym was not in the budget at the time.
    I began my fitness journey just 3 years ago. On July 4, 2010 I began a weight loss Challenge which changed my life. I felt great.

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