Run Run Run Like A Pirate

Hello! How’s it going?

This morning I got out for a tempo run. But first, yesterday’s eats…

tempo run marathon training plan

(What? You don’t dress like a pirate for your interval runs?)

Yesterday I headed to my mom’s to help her prep her classroom (she’s a teacher). Then, I hung out with my little brother (read: ate his VitaGummi Bears).

one gummi bear (600x800)

Monday nights call for a drink, normally margaritas but this time it was wine and ground turkey cooked up with cauliflower. Super healthy so it cancels out the wine.

turkey and sriracha (600x800)


New Mizuno tee.

mizuno running tee (600x800)

Inteval run: 800m speedy/ 8 out of 10 effort, 800 jog back. Repeat.

My ProCompression visor doubles as a lint trap. Fancy.

tempo run marathon training (450x800)

See, I knew I should have worn my pirate hat…

my pirate hat


Smoothie plus tortilla with half butter & sugar/cinnamon, half cashew butter.

vega protein shake (600x800)

Run Eat Repeat Gear – this icon on the sidebar will take you to my Spreadshirt shop with all my RER gear!

RER shirts and tees

Question: What is (was) your workout today?


  1. Rob Runs says

    I was all set for 3 miles at lunch today, then I had a dental emergency and replacing a missing tooth in the front of my face seemed more important. There’s a possibility I’ll log some miles after work but there’s a stronger possibility I’ll just drink beer instead.

  2. says

    I also celebrated Tempo Tuesday: 1 mile warm up, 6 miles at tempo effort, 1 mile cool down. Then I plundered my kitchen for some breakfast booty. Arrrrrrrrr.

    If only I had known that Tempo Tuesday was pirate-themed I would have supplemented my post-run oatmeal with some rum! Run, Rum, Repeat?

    A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel down the front of his pants. The bartender looks at him and says: “Do you know that you have a stewing wheel in your pants?” The pirate replies: “Arrrr, it’s drivin’ me nuts!”

  3. says

    Woke up at 6:30 and swam some laps in my apartment pool. 4 laps + 10 ledge ab crunches, Repeat 5 times. Then did 15 ledge tricep dips + 15 squats in the pool, Repeat 5x.

    Water workout in this Texas summer are amazing.

    • says

      Yeah, technically it’s not a tempo run, but I don’t want to call it speed work either since it’s not at a speed repeat pace. I’m just starting to get back to speed/tempo runs and this is my ‘in’.

    • JS says

      No, you are correct. A tempo is a steady state run of a longer distance (usually between 2 miles and 7 miles) done at a medium to hard effort without stopping. Shorter, speedier repeats (usually anything 1 mile or less) are intervals. These workouts are different and are done for different, specific goals.

  4. says

    I ran 12 miles at sub-marathon goal pace and it felt great! It helps that there was no humidity and a cool breeze, a welcome change from the previous 2 months!

    How many 800 repeats do you usually shoot for? I did 6 the other day and someone told me that was too much.

      • JS says

        This is not a Yasso workout. All 800s are not “Yasso’s” (he did not invent the distance). A “Yasso” workout is one where near the end of your marathon training, you do 10 800s at the “same” time you want to run your marathon in. i.e. if you want to run a 3 HOUR and 21 MINUTE marathon, you strive for 3 MINUTES and 21 SECONDS for your 800 repeats. Generally, if you are in good shape for your goal marathon time, you should be able to complete 10 800s in this time. I believe it is Bart Yasso that noticed the coincidence of how this works, hence the name “Yasso’s.”

        Running 800s is just an interval workout and how many you would do would depend on: (1) the speed you were doing them; and (2) your current level of workout fitness. As a rule of thumb, when you are starting speedwork, you want to only do 1-2 miles of “work” at a time (4 800s are 2 miles). As you do more and more workouts, you can build to 3 miles of of “work” and then 4 miles, etc.

        Monica, I thought you were a RCRR certified run coach? I know this stuff just from reading books and magazines about training. I’m not a certified coach.

        • JS says

          *edit to say that the number you do could also depend on the rest in between each interval. (shorter rest = more difficult workout). There are specific purposes for each workout and specific purposes for the speed / amount of rest / number of intervals.

        • says

          I do 800s to work up to doing a complete Yasso workout – it was my mistake to refer to them as Yassos, but this post wasn’t meant to be a speed/interval lesson – it was just a quick mention of what I did, I only spent one or two sentences on it. I know the official Yasso workout and have actually talked to Mr. Yasso himself about them. I’ll see him this weekend actually and will apologize for smearing his name/workout with this mistake. Thanks for the feedback though – I didn’t realize how seriously some people take how I mention my runs and I’ll be sure to name them properly in the future.

  5. Laura says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure 800s would be intervals and not a tempo run. Even tempo intervals would be longer than a half of a mile. Going faster on a Tuesday does not a tempo run make.

    • says

      Yeah, this workout was technically an interval workout. I am slowly building myself up to tempo runs AND also hate speed work so I didn’t feel right calling it speed – I don’t really use the term interval enough, but that’s more appropriate.

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