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    I’m not on a diet, I don’t count calories or potnis or anything like that. I know how to eat healthy and what the right portions are I just had to do it. I tried to eat as Clean as possible though I’m not a pro at that either I have a sweet tooth but everything in moderation. I cook a lot and super healthy. I pretty much just shop the perimeter of the grocery store I don’t buy much processed food at all. There’s a positive and a negative to that. Sometimes you get home and are starving and just want to shove something in your face and in my house you pretty much have to cook or prepare something if you want to eat. There’s a lot of preparation and planning involved. I also just excercised my butt off (literally!) I usually work out 5 6 times a week. I mix it up a lot too weights, running, spinning and kickboxing. Let me know how you do. We can help motivate each other. I’ve been at a standstill now for about a month so I’m trying to switch up everything at the moment.

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