Ben is my roommate, and friend.

underwater pic

He shines up like a new penny so I take him to weddings as my date.Ben  in a suit

One time I even took him to a wedding not as my date, but as my fiance and we did the deed.

just married on car

He is from Florida, but we luckily met because fate landed him a job in Southern California after college. This means we visit Florida fairly often and live in SoCal on our down time (or would that be our “up” time?).

All About Ben:

–  He was born and raised in Florida. And he killed an alligator when he was two years old*

– He played football in high school and is surprisingly nimble for being so big

– He went to Princeton (despite what it may seem from past blog posts, he is a genius)

– He is an aerospace engineer. When he first told this I said, “So, you’re a rocket scientist?”

– He loves new experiences, even if they are bad. I don’t get that.

– He loves animals and will pull over on the side of the road to help a cat that was hit by a car. This happened 2 times so far.

– He has oddly high arches and maybe should have been a ballerina.

– He sent  flowers to my work (at my old job that I hated) and the card said, “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Your job sucks, But my love is true!”

– He is currently training for his first 5K!!!  second 5K and first 10 miler!

*Not true about the alligator, but he wanted me to write that.

If you have questions about Ben check out my Ask Me Anything answers on my FAQ page – (I got a ton of questions about him and our relationship).ben and bailey1 ben and monica