Ask a Monican–Runner doomed to walk

Video thumbnail for youtube video How do I deal with friends giving me a hard time about running instead of going out with them

Hello! It’s been too long since I’ve done an Ask a Monican, but they’re back! Here are the questions from today: 1. How do I deal with friends giving me a hard time about running instead of going out with them? 2. How do I deal with cat calls and horn honks on a run? 3. The doctor says I can’t run anymore! Help!!! Email me your questions to runeatrepeat at … [Read more...]

Training for a Half Marathon – Running Tips

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Today’s post is all about training for a half marathon, specifically someone’s first half mary. A reader needed to talk to a half marathon expert for a college project and Ryan Hall didn’t answer her calls so she hit me up for some advice. (I tried to use my new laptop’s camera for this vlog, um… yeah. It’s not good. I won’t use it again.) Ask a Monican… Training for a … [Read more...]

Vlog–Runner Needs Your Advice

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I received this question from a reader / runner today who got hit by a car during a run. She’s okay, but would like some advice on how to bounce back after you’ve been hit by a car on a run. Runner’s World has an old article about How to Avoid Being Hit By a Car While Running I found that while researching what to do after getting hit by a car on a run and unfortunately … [Read more...]

RER As of Late…


Hello! I haven’t posting much in the way of daily eats because I know it gets boring pretty fast (read: We get it B, you like eggs and nutbutter). But, since some of you asked I thought I’d share a typical day as of late… I run here: Then, I eat eggs and get to being productive (I’ll also have a banana or something if I have them): Lunch this week has been salmon on salad … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #47

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What resolution won’t this Monican do??? Well, after reading them out loud to a friend it was pointed out that I would probably do all of the last three: “I won’t black out due to intoxication.” (Again?) “I won’t try and outdrink an Irishman.” (My favorite comment from this post says I can take him.) “I won’t get plastic surgery in a third world country.” (I’ve considered … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #46


Hello!!! I am facing some more computer issues today (Santa are you listening?) and finally wrestled it into submission to upload my vlog. By request – Weight Loss Wednesday is back and I do a quick review of Pete Thomas’ book Lose It Fast, Lose it Forever diet book in this episode of Ask a Monican. Ask a Monican #46 Biggest Loser contestant Pete Thomas' diet book I … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #45

Video thumbnail for youtube video Ask a Monican #45 - Run Eat Repeat

Monica from talks about: 1. I have bad blisters from running - what do I do? 2. Can I run a half marathon in 2013? 3. What do you think about pale people? I mean, paleo? Got a question? Email me at runeatrepeat at gmail dot com … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #44

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Monica from Run Eat Repeat chats about… 1. Would you ever be in a fitness or bikini competition? Do you think they're healthy? 2. Have any weird stories from people who recognize you in person? Do they ask for your autograph? Just stare at you and say nothing? Question: Would you ever do a fitness or bikini competition? Have you? Ask me your question in the comments … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #43


After work today I took a 3 mile walk and came home to Ben washing the dishes and making dinner. Score! This was extra perfect because I needed to hit up the health foods store for some fiber stuff Jill wants me to take cause she says I’m full of shit. I took my time walking around and came back with a few fun new things! Dinner - My mom sent us home with green chilis on … [Read more...]

Postponed the FroYo


Reader Rochelle from Australia reached out to me ages ago that she’d be in town this week and wanted to meet up. We’ve been emailing back and forth for so long I was happy to finally meet her today! We met at Pinkberry for fro-yo, but since it was lunch time and I hadn’t eaten I grabbed a WF salad from next door. It was so cool to chat with a reader from the other side of … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #42


I am all out of the usual lunch suspects so I busted out this frozen Pad Thai meal. Served up on a pile of Costco’s Asian Veggies. It was delicious! I picked up Matt from camp and now have to be a Madre de Tigre and make him practice his keyboard. Madre de Tigre is like a Tiger Mother, but we have our kids play soccer instead of tennis and play the accordion instead of piano … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #41


Monica from Run Eat Repeat answers: 1. What are junk miles? 2. I don't feel accomplished after a race? What should I do? 3. How do carbs and calories affect avoiding injuries while marathon training? Feel free to chime in with your opinion in the comments! Got a question for me? Email me at runeatrepeat at gmail dot com I’m off to dinner for my brother’s birthday! … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican about Running Progress


You know what’s the best part of hanging out at my mom’s? No, not hanging out with Matt. Or the dogs… It’s….                     Cereal. Definitely cereal. And the fact that our massive refrigerator has tons of delicious food! This was dinner – TJ’s new rice, orange chicken, broccoli and salad. When I got home … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican for Organic Apricots


How’s your Wednesday? Mid-morning I enjoyed some of my mom’s super ripe organic apricots. We like to note that they’re local and organic since that usually costs more in the store – but when you grow it yourself if feels free! I started to dig into these Lentil Chips around lunch time. They’re not good. So, I just made lunch. I don’t mess around with my bucket ‘o salad. … [Read more...]

I’m Trying


I haven’t been writing down my eats in my Fitbook (because I hate it), but when I do I realize I snack and snack and snack and snack. All fcking day. It’s a really bad habit that I formed years ago (just like night time eating) when I was at a place where I didn’t eat enough at meal times. At the time it was a way of “self care” on some level, but now it’s an unnecessary, … [Read more...]

Blogger in Trouble for Nutrition Advice


Since my breakfast left me hungry I filled up on iced coffee and then had an early snack of apples and string cheese.  I had an early lunch because I had to work at noon. This is a new-to-me Trader Joe’s find – Mexicali Salad. Loved it! The sharp cheese and sun dried tomatoes really took it to another level. But, the lettuce was lacking the volume my belly likes so I dumped … [Read more...]