The Best Breakfast


I have been wanting to try Flame Broiler for weeks since I spotted an ad for it that shared decent nutrition information. So last night I got an all white meat chicken with brown rice bowl. It comes without sauce so I needed to add their “magic sauce”. And I’m sure by “magic” they mean “sugar”, but we’ll ignore that part. Ben got the combo plate. I am an orange thief. I’m … [Read more...]

Walking Wednesday and Matt’s Birthday!


Hello! After boot camp I went for a little run, but half way through I had to make a call. Then, I realized Tina was g-chatting me so I walked and g-chatted instead We’re cooking some fun stuff up for next year! I am still trying to figure out a long term plan for running after camp. Luckily, I found a new path today! Buuuut, it’s only about 2 miles long so the search … [Read more...]

Cold and Balls


Helllloooooo! I was running late to boot camp this morning and forgot my water bottle and fuel to run. I planned on doing my long run today so I would be recovered by Sunday. Fail. But, don’t focus on my failure, focus on me making a fool of myself… When I went home to grab my stuff it was still so cold outside I decided to stall for a bit (or maybe I frozen in place). I ate … [Read more...]

Boot Camp and Cookies


Last night Ben insisted on making chocolate chip cookies. Luckily, I convinced him to make half a batch, but we still have had* a lot of cookies for two people! (Yes, had. Oops.) They came out good, but he didn’t put enough chocolate chip in and buttered the pan very generously (even though the directions said not to). I ate two last night and another BIG one in the middle of … [Read more...]

Two Toasts


Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see I bought Brussel Sprouts over the weekend! Yes my favorite cooked veggie is back! I found it odd that the package says “Serves 11” right on the front. I’d say they overestimated that by about 9… My Roasted Brussels Sprout Recipe: 1. Heat oven to 400 2. Cut b ‘sprouts in half. Place in pan coated with olive oil. 3. Spray with a … [Read more...]

What Do I Do If I Don’t Run?


Hi! Is everyone excited it’s Thursday? Or are you just stressed that it’s almost the weekend, which means it’s almost your marathon, which means you are one day closer to hours and hours of running when you still don’t feel 100% and somehow managed to tweak your neck last night? No? Just me? Darn. I mentioned going a little crazy with the cereal yesterday so I tried to keep … [Read more...]

10 am Hunger


Happy Wednesday! I had a 7am client this morning so I made a super quick breakfast. I ate this egg sandwich (with jelly and ketchup) at 6:30am. In between my 7am and 9am clients I planned on doing a quick wardrobe change and run. It was supposed to be 4 miles, but you can see by the “8:55” on my watch that I didn’t have enough time for more! Side note: I only wear a ‘regular’ … [Read more...]

I’m Not Depressed Because of Iced Coffee


I always worry about dumb shit things like whether or not stevia is going to give me cancer and/or iced coffee is bad for me. You’re doing it wrong… Anyways, it turns out – I don’t care! Okay not really. It turns out iced coffee helps prevent depression. This article from Health says Risk of Depression Falls as Coffee Intake Rises. So even if I do end up dying from it, at … [Read more...]

Kara Goucher’s Running For Women Review


Happy Thursday! Today is a rest day from running so I took a little walk and am going to hit up the gym for some strength training later. Last night I used crockpot salsa chicken to make enchiladas. I don’t know where it came from, but I’ve had a mean craving all week! I also finished off the last of the cinnamon crunch cereal. Yep, that lasted me all of 2.5 days. I should be … [Read more...]

Vegas Sleeps In


Ben has a big project at work so he came home late last night and was up at 5:30am this morning to get back there. I’m a light sleeper so I ended up getting out of bed too. Vegas decided to sleep in…shocker. After Ben headed out I went on my run. My schedule was supposed to be 8 miles, but I turned around a bit early because I’m sick of myself. I guess an entire marathon … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday–Vacation Week


Hello and Happy Friday! Ben and I are going on a road trip in honor of his birthday this weekend so I had to change my long run schedule. Yes, I run dramatically and with a goofy smile like this… My plan had me running 14-16 miles today(!), but I have to be at work at 9am and didn’t feel like waking up at 3am. So, I decided to just cut it back to 8 miles and give myself a … [Read more...]

Eggs N’ Toast


Hello and Happy Monday Tuesday! I haven’t been checking my training calendar the night before lately so I didn’t realize I had 8 miles on the schedule for today. I just didn’t feel like doing that much so I switched with Wednesday and did just under 5 today. Since I posted my training calendar on the wall I haven’t really been thinking about my next run or workout until that … [Read more...]

Champion Sports Bra


Happy Friday! This morning I did a 3.1 mile run aka 5K to keep my legs loose. I have another long run scheduled for tomorrow so I didn’t want to do too much (even though my training plan calls for 6 today and 20 tomorrow – who does that?!). This morning I tried the Max-Support Sports Bra Champion sent me as part of their Ambassador program. This bra is meant to be used for … [Read more...]

My Favorite IT Band Stretch


Happy Wednesday! I had a tempo run on the schedule today but felt really sluggish. Instead of skipping it I decided to just do my best and accept that my miles wouldn’t  be that fast. I was aiming to make them just a bit faster than usual. 6 miles – 52:40 Average Pace 8:46 Mile 1: 9:20 Mile 2: 8:35 Mile 3: 8:46 Mile 4: 8:19 (back down hill) Mile 5: 8:34 … [Read more...]

Time and Temperature


Happy Tuesday!!! I am super busted because I woke up early to run (beat the heat!), but ended up getting sucked into emails for 45 minutes. Then, my best friend in the world Cindy called and we HAD TO chat.She got engaged this weekend!!! So, we have a ton to discuss. But, is it funny that we mainly talked about the Bachelorette Party and exercise? She wants me to create a … [Read more...]

Peach Cobbler and Egg Patty Tip


Happy Friday!!! I decided not to run today to keep my legs fresh for tomorrows loooooong run. Last night I was contemplating dessert when I realized the peaches I bought are not sweet, but were going bad. I decided to cook up an impromptu peach cobbler. But since I am not a butcher, baker or candle stick maker I just made it up. 1.  I cut up the peaches and layered them on … [Read more...]