Runaroni from Brooks


Remember how Brooks Running sent me a HUGE 8lb. chocolate egg a while back? God bless them. Well, the fun deliveries continue and I got this pack of “Runaroni” in the mail recently. Running and carbs (like this pasta) go hand and hand, right? This pasta is special because, as the package states it will give  you strength and energy to PR! WOW! Where can I buy a case of … [Read more...]

Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie


Happy Thursday! Last night I went to a top secret meeting at Skinny Runner’s house. It was extremely important so we got all dressed up… We’ve been planning this meeting for weeks to discuss the result of the election and the implications it has on our future children’s lives. I also suggested we start a petition to let GMOs marry non-GMOs but SR vetoed it. That, or we just … [Read more...]

The Runny Egg


Yesterday I received a HUGE package from my favorite delivery guy. TWSS. No really, I wasn’t expecting anything so it was a real surprise when I opened up the box and saw this… What is it? Who is it from? There were no obvious name brands or logos so I was intrigued. The big cardboard box it came in had an ice pack so I suspected it was edible. I peeled open a corner and … [Read more...]

Brooks Core Shoe


This morning I was freaking out thinking I was going to get scurvy because we had NO FRUIT in the house. How did Ben survive?! Then, I found these grapefruit cups we bought from Costco the other day and the crisis was delayed (not averted as I still needed more). Since we’re on the topic, let’s get the other eats out of the way. I made a super quick trip to TJ’s for more … [Read more...]