Confession Thursday–Banana Dreams


It’s Confession Thursday! Time for me to come clean about all my dirty little secrets (or at least the ones I’m willing to write about on the internet)… Confession… 1. I feel like I’ve been eating bananas like a crazy person mono so I didn’t buy any more at the store this week. Then, I had a dream about them last night. I have a problem. 2. Sometimes I loiter around the … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Chips chips chips


It’s that time again… Confession Thursday, a day when I repent and am saved... or just announce my flaws on the internet in the hopes that one of you will say, “Hey that’s not so bad!” and then I keep doing it… 1. Confession: I went to the store to buy ALL THREE kinds of the new Lay’s Chips. If you’re not aware Lay’s has a contest and you can try their 3 new flavors and vote … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Don’t Wanna Know


It’s that time again… Confession Thursday. Dear blog, Please forgive this Monican for… 1. I never check my voicemail. I’m sure there’s something in there I need, but ‘eh’. 2. I purposely avoided opening the Race Pictures email from Long Beach because I knew I would look like death. <- That was back in Oct and I never opened it.  I felt good about the race and just … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Running Identity Crisis


Last night I had some port wine (it’s a dessert wine) with a Lindt dark chocolate truffle and it was beyond amazing. It was the last one in the package (that I forgot about in the back of my fridge) but I am getting more ASAP! (It’s best to not keep them in the fridge so the inside is all melty. I took it out earlier so it was perfect.) 1. I am very loyal to the old blogs … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Watch What You Eat


1. I swear there were 20 cashews here a second ago… 2. I think I have a foot fetish. Okay not really. I just wanted my foot in this picture because my mom treated me to a pedicure for Easter. Go toes! 3. I’ve eaten 7 calcium chews today. Okay, make that 8… I mean 9. 4. I’m kinda glad I had a no show client today because I ended up getting a really good ab workout! 5. I … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday – Hangover Remedies


Let’s play a little drinking game – every time I do a confession you take a shot… of water, hello. This is a family show. Confession Thursday (God Bless little red headed kids.) 1. I call my foam roller a “churro”. 2. Sometimes when I’m eating cheese or fro-yo I say, “Thank God I’m not lactose intolerant.” Out loud. It’s very weird in public (and to my neighbors since I’m … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican–Should I Quit Blogging?


Hello and Happy Thursday Jersday! Yeah Buddy. I am going to be at an expo all day tomorrow so I wanted to be as efficient as possible today. I blogged, emailed and then cleaned. Fuel for the journey – apple and trail mix. Confession Thursday…   1. I cut Ben’s sandwiches in half so I can cut a sliver off the middle for myself. No bite marks, but I still get a taste! … [Read more...]

Jan Review, Feb Goals and Confession Thursday


My brain is broken all over the place this morning. I thought about chopping this up into several posts, but I have a fun giveaway coming up this afternoon so all this junk is posted together. I woke up this morning after a bad dream that I fell asleep during boot camp! Luckily, today is the last day of this session and I’ll be able to catch up on sleep next week. Let’s start … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Santa Cat


It’s that time again… Confession #1. Sometimes I do laundry because our thousand year old dryer makes the condo hot and steamy. I’m always cold, but our towels are warm as hell. Confession #2. I bake for the same reason. 110 year old stoves are great at heating the entire house (and potentially catching fire). And now you know why I avoid the kitchen in July. Confession #3. … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–PORN or POTM


It’s confession Thursday and I’m feeling extra nostalgic about my old Catholic school days this week since I visited my old church at Susan’s wedding this weekend. Yep, just like I remember it Confession #1: I am hogging all the eggs in our house! I cannot get enough of them lately and Ben loves them too, but he keeps getting yogurt for breakfast. That’s odd… Confession … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday– Body Confidence


It’s Confession Thursday! But, don’t get too excited, what happens on the cruise stays on the cruise… So this is going to be clean unlike my sense of humor. 1. I really have the worst body confidence. And I HATE shirts with cocky phrases on them. But, K Swiss recently sent me two workout shirts from Jillian Michael’s Killer Body gear line and I wanted to give them a shot. I … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Iced Coffee Snack


It’s that time again for me to clear my conscious in a very inappropriate and public manner… Confession Thursday! 1. Ben took the last of the romaine for lunch (he’s super into salads lately, wonder where he got that from). So, I had to make a quick trip to the store for a new pack. Yeah, 20 bucks later I made lunch. The Sabra hummus was an added bonus for my inconvenience. … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday…


1. The apple crisp from last night is half gone. Technically, the crust and baked topping is 3/4ths gone. There’s plenty of apple left if you want it… 2. I like frozen meals. I’m sure that’s against some kinda food blogger rule. I would check the blogger book, but I don’t care. Maybe I’ll get myself out of the blogger dog house by plating it all civilized like. 3. I don’t … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Objects In Blog Not the Same In Real Life


It’s that time again, Confession Thursday… #1. I am considering planning baby making around my best friend’s wedding. I’m not completely sure how baby making works, so we’ll see how that goes. #2. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve spit in my own hair while brushing my teeth. #3. I had to ask Ben if “whore” was a bad word. He said yes so I opted not to use it in a post … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Stay Away from My Dressing


It’s that time again! This Monican is clearing her heart and confessing the following: #1: I think Ben is stealing using my peanut dressing for his salads. This makes me 10x more mad than it should, but I’m about to cut a bltch Ben. #2: I have had my eye on these Ritz pretzel thins for a long time and finally justified buying a small bag from the 99 cent store. I’m sad … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Sauce is not Soup


#1. I eat spaghetti sauce out of the jar. And put pictures of myself on the internet where I look tragic. And love it a lot more than I should. #2. I’m pretty sure the Sonic girl spit in my drink because I asked so many questions yesterday. Hey, if it’s sugar free I want to know what it’s sweetened with! #3. I don’t think wedding cake lives up to the hype. Except for my … [Read more...]