Champion Shape Wear Giveaway


Happy Humpday! I have a fun giveaway to get us out of the mid-week slump! Last month I worked with Champion to test out and review their new line of active shape wear. After just one karate kick try I fell in love with their shaping knee pant here. It helps prevent jiggle and self-consciousness I also love their high impact sports bra. Now they are letting you try my … [Read more...]

Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Giveaway


I’m really trying to get my life house in order before the end of 2011. Ben and I have lived here for a year now and there are still some fix-it projects that need attention. Right now I’m eyeing a new ceiling fan, but am not sure if we should just replace it with a “normal” light. Thoughts? At this point I am not even trying to change it up for lunch. This is what I … [Read more...]

Giveaway – Food Cures by Joy Bauer


I had an evening client so I ate dinner a bit early and came home to a big ol’ smoothie. If you’re new around these parts here is my Green Monster Recipe. If you want a dessert-y smoothie try the one on my recipe page. I say it every single time but taste in protein powder varies greatly, so you hafta find one that you love. That’s what really “makes” a good smoothie. … [Read more...]

I Drink Your Milkshake


I’ve mentioned it before on RER, but I have a bit of a drinking problem. Not as in the Lindsey Lohan kinda way, (source) but in the “ sent you a notice that you’ve exceeded your budget on beverages” and it’s only the 5th of the month. In reality I don’t know exactly how much I drink because I fill up my water bottle a few times (not sure how many) and grab random … [Read more...]

Keep Calm and Carry On


We finally put up my sign in the kitchen :) Today was the best time to put it up too because it’s been crazy over here in Run Eat Repeat land. And yes, in case you’re wondering – that’s how I refer to my house… “Hey, you guys want to come over to run eat repeat land?” Just kidding, I never invite people over. That would require me to clean and it’s not happening. I started … [Read more...]

Commit To Fit – Lululemon Giveaway!


Hello Friends :) I did not want to wake up this morning and even pressed snooze – that NEVER happens! But, I finally dragged myself out of bed and did Jillian’s 30 Day Shred Level 1. I mentioned challenging myself to the Shred before the marathon, but ended up stopping because my knee kept feeling achy. Well, now it’s back and I’m going to do it 3 times a week for the next 30 … [Read more...]

A Tale Of Two Tastebuds


This morning I assembled a delicious yogurt bowl for breakfast. In the mix: pumpkin (which I warm up in the microwave), yogurt, stevia, pumpkin pie spice, chia seeds and cereals. Served with a spoonful of PB. After taking pictures, I mix it all up and dig in! There is a reason it’s called a yogurt mess. It looks gross, but tastes delicious. After mixing I went put some … [Read more...]

How Do You Commit To Fit? Contest!


Hello and Happy Tuesday! I started the day with a quick 3 miler. I’m really starting to get antsy about the race, but not in a good way. My stomach is already in knots! After the run I made oat bran for breakfast. I received a lot of questions about oat bran so here’s the low down. Oat bran: is just the outer husk of the oat – and has a lot of fiber (it’s called “bran” … [Read more...]

Last Chance Resolutions


Hello! It’s October 1st! Wow, where did this year go? This means there are only 3 months left in 2010. Three months to finish up any resolutions you made in January or a chance to add in a few new goals before 2011. I already have my 2011 Resolutions planned and they’re pretty challenging. So, I’ve decided to try and knock off some of my smaller goals in the last three … [Read more...]

Subway Giveaway


Good Morning! I’m going to start Monday off on a good note with a fun giveaway :) On Saturday I tried a Subway breakfast sandwich for the first time. (You can see my Subway breakfast post here.) And now you have the chance to win a Subway gift card and try it too! Subway has offered to send 3 RER readers a $10.00 gift card. That is a total score because my breakfast sandwich … [Read more...]

Make a Better Smoothie!


My smoothie disaster this morning is the perfect excuse  to try and come up with a new smoothie recipe. Luckily, the peeps at Magic Bullet are also looking for new smoothie recipes!!! They have a contest to find a new healthy smoothie recipe and are giving away a Bullet to go! Check it out: Magic Bullet wants to know what healthy smoothies you make with your Magic Bullet! … [Read more...]

Coffee, Tea or Water


Yes, my So Meaty post from this morning was an April Fool's joke. Did I actually food anyone?? And now the internet is playing jokes on me since this post has 20 different fonts/sizes. Boo. In January I announced that I would make 2010 my Healthiest Year by making a new health related change each month… In January I did Meatless Mondays and then changed it to Mexican … [Read more...]

Big Package

egg salad

I love big packages ;) Some say that great things come in small packages, but those people obviously haven't had a real big package specially delivered to them. Do with that information what you will. Today I had this BIG package waiting for me on my doorstep! I won a contest a while back from Nature's Path for a cereal celebration! This was the most fun box I've ever … [Read more...]

Obstacle Course & 1001 Posts!!!


It rained pretty hard last night and was still sprinkling this morning so the sidewalk was an obstacle course this morning. I was dodging puddles and mud the whole way. It actually was kind of fun :) It kept my mind working and focused on the run the whole time. I actually don't know how far I went since my Garmin couldn't find a signal. I am pretty sure it was around 5 … [Read more...]

Cereal, schmeareal

I lalalove cereal, and actually it used to be my go-to binge food. In the process of Intuitive Eating I've been giving myself full permission to buy and eat whatever cereal I want including "BAD" cereals - dun dun dunnnnnnnn (say it like I just said something super scary). Well, I.E. is slowly working (slowly being the key phrase here). I can eat cereal and not a whole box in … [Read more...]

Contest: Are you a hungry girl?

I just found this book in my desk and unfortunately, it can't make the move with me :( I am donating most of my books to the library, but there are a few I knew specific people would enjoy. This one is up for grabs here: Hungry Girl - Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt Free Eating I actually bought this book on my lunch one day and never even took it home - it's never … [Read more...]