Run, Eat 7/6/2011


I already said this, but I’m going to start posting a whole day’s eats in one post once or twice a week. Back in the day when RER was tragic I would call my posts either “Run” or “Eat” – get it, because this is Run Eat Repeat? Oh, that was already obvious and I don’t have to talk to you like you’re borderline brain dead? Good, glad we have that settled. Run: 6.5 miles you can … [Read more...]

Donde esta mis azucar?

Happy Humpday :) This morning when I woke up I did NOT want to run. I don't really know why, I just didn't feel like I had a lot of energy, but I knew if I skipped out I would regret it later & wouldn't have time to do it. So, I set out on a 7 miler. I am not going to lie and say that I loved every minute of it - the first 3 miles were mentally tough since I wanted to stop, … [Read more...]

To run or not to run…

After 11 miles on Saturday morning I was soooo hungry - I got used to eating before my long runs and was super hungry and thirsty by mile 8! I have a usual water fountain I stop at if I don't have my fuel belt and it was broken :( I need a better fuel belt since I don't like the one I have now. Next Race : I was considering running another full marathon in May. I am on the … [Read more...]

Eat II 2/9/2009

I had a Reese's chocolate heart as part of my afternoon snack. It doesn't look like a heart that much though, but it tasted good :) I was signing my name on my Valentine's for work so I couldn't help but have one :) Look at this big pile tempting me! I better give these away asap so I don't eat any more. For my real snack I had blueberries and a baggie of cereal: Lunch did … [Read more...]

Eat II 2/8/2009

Around 4pm I got hungry for a snack. I couldn't decide between a Kashi bar since I wanted to try the pumpkin flavor or yogurt with goodies. I got around this by taking a bite of the Kashi bar and giving the rest to Ben :) and making yogurt for myself. W I hadn't given Ben a taste of my fabulous lunch salad so I re-created it for us to share with dinner. I also had a "veggie" … [Read more...]

Eat I 2/8/2009

Happy Sunday :) I started the day with a bit of a change up in breakfast - eggs. I like eggs, but I lalalove cereal and oatmeal, so I really don't have them that often. Ben LOVES eggs, seriously. Every time he has them I always want to steal some so I just figured I'd make some of my own. I made an egg white scramble topped with a little cheddar cheese and ketchup and grapes on … [Read more...]

Eat I 2/6/2009

I had to be at work super early today since I had volunteered for the Breakfast Club - where my co-worker and I bring breakie into work. I just did it because she wanted to and I didn't actually want to make anything so I bought a bunch of pan dulce and she brought fruit and juice. I ate half a piece of one and had a couple of bites later in the day - oops! For my real … [Read more...]

Eat II 1/16/2009

I got hungry around 10:30am and didn't want to break into my lunch, but finally caved and grabbed an apple.I had a few errands to run on lunch and didn't get back to eat until close to 2pm. It's weird but my hungry kinda of went away since I had waited so long. I still ate of course... I had PB&pumpkin butter and I packed a baggie full of blackberries, grapes, carrots and … [Read more...]

Eat 1/10/2009

After the HUGE jambyjuice I had some cereal with some Kashi trail mix and other goodies mixed in :) Lunch was random things like chips with hummus and bread with melted cheese. The big plans for the evening were a comedy show and dinner with the BF. I love fancy dates like this every now and then. The comedy show requires a 2 drink minimum and I was on board with that! I had a … [Read more...]

Eat 1/9/2009

Word up :) I was craving a smoothie for breakfast this morning. It's kind of random because it's still so cold out here. I also had a piece of toast with pumpkin butter and half a Larabar.Since I missed oatmeal for breakfast I had super deluxe oats for lunch. They had oats, PB, raisins, Fiber One, brown sugar and the kitchen sink. I also had a veggie sausage patty (to go with … [Read more...]

Howdy howdy! I started my little day with oats :) I heart oatmeal, it makes me happy.I found some pineapple in my fridge and took it for a mid-morning snack. This was the only fruit in the house!I had no bread for lunch - do you see a reoccurring theme here? I need to go to grocery shopping! Anyways, I grabbed an Amy's soup and some crackers and LC cheese for lunch.I was hungry … [Read more...]

Eat 1/5/2009

For whatever reason my pics do not want to show up right now, which isn't a complete tragedy and I somehow neglected to take pics of all the chocolate I devoured today while working from home - coincidence? I think not. Busted Monica! Well, I will work with what I have - I started the day with my fave oat combo with the added bonus of some Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal :) that … [Read more...]


We had a flight out of Tampa to Orange County at 8am Sunday. The airport is about an hour and a half away from where we were so I woke up at around 4:30am EST, but I am still on PST so it felt like 1:30am! I bought a nf milk at the 'bucks in the airport and brought cereal in a baggy for breakfast. I didn't end up eating this until our layover in Atlanta since I slept for the … [Read more...]

Eat II 1/3/2009

We had a lunch celebration at a local Mexican restaurant for Jenny ( BF's sis). Of course, being a Mexican restaurant I ate too many chips w/ salsa while waiting for my food! I tried the BF"s black bean soup, he gave it a thumb's up.For my main I ordered a bean burrito, it basically just had beans and rice inside even though I ordered lettuce and tomato inside too :(. It was … [Read more...]

Eat I 1/3/2009

Day 3 of 2009 - I was craving fruit crazy style so I stopped at the store on the way home from my run and picked up watermelon and grapes. Oh, I also got Arnold's Sandwich Thins! Finally! They don't have them at any of my usual stores in Cali. I was so excited, I am weird. Breakfast was watermelon, 1/4 a Dunkin Doughnuts doughnut and cereal. Then plan for today is lunch at a … [Read more...]

Eat I 12/31/2008

Hello! It's the last of 2008 so let's make it great! Ha, that rhymes and is super cheesy (an added bonus). After my run I came back home to make some eggs and cereal. I was actually craving both eggs and cereal so I told the BF I would make him eggs (so I could steal some) and I would have cereal. I made a huge bowl of a bunch of cereals with naner and had toast with pumpkin … [Read more...]