Friday Fun – TRX


Happy Friday!!! Is today your last day of school or work before the Holiday?! Until 2013?! This morning I met one of the trainers I used to work with for a TRX session. A company is sending me a home model and I wanted a tutorial on it. So, my friend Sarina gave me a TRX training session. Whew! It’s tough! For those that don’t know… TRX is a suspension training system where … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites– McCormick Perfect Pinch


Hello! How was your week? After driving back home from Vegas with 2 hours of sleep on Monday, I wasn’t sure how this week would go. Buuut, I caught up on sleep Monday night and jumped back into the swing of things by Tuesday   All that felt like yesterday and now it’s time for my Friday Favorites of the week! Food Faves: 1. I got this McCormick Perfect Pinch spice … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites– Pumpkin Smoothie


Hello! I started my day with a 2 mile run to the gym and quick strength session. I really let strength slide during the last few months of training for the NYC Marathon so I’m on a mission to get back into it! In addition to getting back to strength training I am still working on cleaning up my diet. I challenged myself to try to eat cleaner Nov 6th and did great the first … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites–Amazing London Marathoner


Happy Friday! I ended up tweaking the Butterscotch Bars recipe and using fat free condensed milk  (not sweetened). They were still amazing and Ben LOVED them. I wasn’t as in love (because they don’t involve chocolate the #1 dessert requirement) so I packed them up and sent them with him to work. Also, since I work from home having baked good 3 feet away from me all day … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites


Hello and Happy Friday! I started my day with an easy 3 miler. I think I finally realized the reason for my calve baby cow / ankle pain = my shoes! I’ve been wearing a shoe that is a lot lighter and less stable than my normal shoes. I don’t think they offer enough support and it’s starting to wear on the muscles of my lower legs. Noted. I’m switching back tomorrow. I had a … [Read more...]

Friday Fun But Not When You’re Sick


No, it’s just beginning… I felt sick most of yesterday and woke up with a super bad head cold. Bah. I ate a few bites of Ben’s Chili Killers while letting the Day Quill kick in. Finally I decided to go for a run/walk to see how I felt. Nope. My body didn’t feel like running so I did a 3 mile mostly walk – run. Then ate cereal for breakfast. Okay, I’m trying to keep this … [Read more...]

Five Fun Friday


Happy Friday! This morning our boot camp took a little power walk – it was fun! It’s much easier to get to chat with the ladies when we’re walking I wanted to get in 3 miles after camp, but my Garmin won’t turn on?! So, I went out for a bit without it but turned back early because I had to pee. Asap. #RunFail 1. I added Cottage Cheese to my pumpkin pancakes and they came out … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites Giveaway–Manna Organics


Hello! How’s your Friday going?! I really wanted to go out for lunch, but Ben and I are going out for dinner so I made myself rustle up something in the kitchen (random Indian frozen meal, veggies, Vita and handful of chips). No pics of lunch because it was boring, but I do want to share my Five Friday Favorites for the week: 1. Night lights! Specifically, night lights that … [Read more...]

Friday Foot Favorites


After my morning client I stopped by the Farmer’s Market for some green plums. These are going to be my next favorite fruit – you know, after I eat all the world’s watermelon supply Because Friday should be all about fun fun let’s talk Favorites… Here are my favorite things from this week: 1. Target. Even better favorite – shopping with a Target gift card! I’ll show you my … [Read more...]

Five Friday Favorites


This afternoon I was productive with emails and cleaning (okay, I just washed the dishes but that was enough for today). I felt hungry every 3 hours though. I think my body is getting used to eating more often now. A bit after lunch I cut up a watermelon.  Don’t worry, I had already eaten 4 cups of the stuff before this photo session. That’s the only way I could wait! … [Read more...]