Friday Fun–Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow


Hello! How is it going? It definitely is good in Florida. Yesterday afternoon I took a walk to the store for cereal to make Muddy Buddies. It’s only about a mile each way, but I hope it cancels out the fact that I ate half the batch! Ben’s mom had all the ingredients except the cereal so that’s all I grabbed. I’m not used to this sweetened Peanut Butter. It’s kinda dangerous … [Read more...]

Lady’s Night at Road Runner Sports


Yesterday afternoon Skinny Runner texted me about going to “Ladies Night” at Road Runner Sports (the big running store chain). I was thisclose to turning her down, but I had such a crazy day I thought it would be good for me to get out. Road Runner hosts a ladies night run and an “adventure run” a each month. It’s free and open to anyone too! Sadly, next week’s run is the … [Read more...]

Hey, Hey I’m Awake… Are you…


Happy Friday! Yesterday was pretty busy so I opted to go through email instead of posting about the lemonade I drank from our neighbor kid. But, I thought I’d share lest I be accused of my secret drinking (lemonade) problem. Plus, I thought you’d appreciate a nip shot from Ben. Ben played basketball during lunch at work so he opted out of joining me for an afternoon stroll. I … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday–London


Happy Friday! I’ve been busy with my new/old job and trying to keep up with blogging and the gym. I’m going to write an update about how things are going soon. I didn’t stay up too late watching the Olympics last night = mini-win. But Ben and I did stay up doing an Olympics of our own And by that I mean we were trying to impress each other with dumb human tricks… I … [Read more...]

Bethenny Water Bottle Giveaway


Hello! How’s your Friday going?! I forgot 2 Fun Friday things I wanted to post, so I added them to this post. I’m having a forgetful week, tell you about it later. Lunch featured one of my favorite meatless options – Quorn. They’re expensive, but I’ve decided to add 2 more goals to my 2012 Resolutions: 1. Get back to a more vegetarian lifestyle (I've been really bad about … [Read more...]

Fun Friday on Thursday


Yep! We were able to make it to Disneyland last night! Ben and I bought Disneyland annual passes in February but haven’t really used them because I’ve been so busy. Yesterday was the last day they were valid until September (there are a lot of blackout dates for the passes we got) so we had to go last night. The traffic was horrible though and it took us an hour and a half … [Read more...]

Fun Friday with the Elote Man


Happy Friday! I’m still getting used to working full time again and between that and training at the gym I have never been so happy to see FRIDAY!!! Plus there is some MAJOR cool stuff coming down with the blog/running and once I read through the contracts I will share all the details Ben and I took a walk after work yesterday to hit up the store for cherries. Well, they … [Read more...]

Fight the Funk Friday


Hello and Happy Friday! I’m not in the bestest of moods today because I weighed in and despite my best attempts to track, the scale is not moving in the right direction. My negative mood followed me on my run, so it was an unpleasant 5.5 miles of mean head movies. When I got back home I made a good breakfast on my EASTER EGG plate. (Fun fact: Ben uses this plate year ‘round. … [Read more...]

Fun Friday


Hello and Happy Friday! I watched the last Jersey Shore yesterday. I don’t know when I started to actually like that show and those people, but I do. Don’t judge. We all have our things. Last night I took “sleep squares” that are supposed to help you sleep. No, it’s not a cute name for roofies, I got them from the Natural Products expo. Anyways, they give me the saddest … [Read more...]

Fun Friday, Kinda


Ben and I were supposed to do something super fun today (hint: it involves the Happiest Place on Earth, but not Yogurtland) but he is sick. Boo. Luckily, Vegas took care of him while I worked this morning. At least his computer doesn’t have a virus! Around noon I made a massive salad and drank 3 seltzers. I drink too much, I need Seltzer’s Anonymous. Step One: Admit your … [Read more...]

Five Fun Friday Fings


Happy Friday! Here are 5 “F” words for your enjoyment… Fitness – I ran 9 miles, wanted to get a longer run in today since I have the half Sunday and won’t be running tomorrow. It was eh. FOOD! I headed straight for the watermelon when I got back. Thanks reader Eva for sending me this… Favorite Breakfast – My favorite breakfast is an amazing egg sandwich, preferably made by … [Read more...]

Five Fun Food Stuffs


( 1. Since breakfast is the most important and most delicious meal of the day…  50 of the Best Breakfasts Around the World 2. Orange County based Lime Truck won the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. Go OC Go! 3. Restaurant in New York serves vegetarians and meat eaters their preference – but it looks exactly the same! (From NPR) 4. Worried … [Read more...]

If You Like It Then You Should Put an Egg On It


I don’t curl my hair often because I am lazy it takes so long and falls out super fast. But when I do, I love it! I curled my hair for the party last night and woke up to a curly pony tail this morning. I don’t know if it’s my cheerleader past or what, but I LOVE love curly pony tails. These curls aren’t half as tight as my old cheer curls, but I still love the look. … [Read more...]

The Real Reason


The real reason I complain about the cold, even though I live in SoCal, is probably because I am addicted to smoothies for breakfast. The real reason I am going to be tired for this weekend’s race is because I didn’t take a mid-week rest day from running this week. I didn’t realize that until I was at mile 3 of an easy 4 miler this morning. Fail. The reason reason I never … [Read more...]

It’s Not Fair


It’s not fair that I get to go to two different fairs this year – The O.C. Fair (that I attended last month) and the L.A. County Fair that I went to today :)  My mom, little brother and I hit the fair this afternoon. My mom read about a special deal where if you bring 5 cans of food to donate to the LA Food Bank you get in free. A good cause and a free ticket? Sign me … [Read more...]