Brooks Sports Bra Review


It’s Fitness Fashion Friday and I have to formally apologize to all the guys in the room, I have another sports bra review today. Sorry boys. Hopefully a company will send me some tighty whities soon and I’ll have something for you. As part of my relationship with Brooks they gave me four sports bras to choose from this month. I chose the Women’s Epiphany Bra II because I … [Read more...]

Fitness Fashions– Cute Compression Socks


Hello and Happy Friday! Since I was in NOLA on Monday I’ve been behind on work, blogging, relationships all week. This morning I did an easy 3.5 miler and I’ll do JM 6W6P Level 1 in a bit. Food. Eat it. It’s a new month and a fresh chance to set some goals and reassess other ones. March 2013 Goals: 1. Balance my training plan – I swear I am going to keep saying this until I … [Read more...]

Love ‘em OR Leave ‘em?


I am a Brooks Run Happy Ambassador and recently the company contacted me with a fun offer – In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I could outfit someone and take them out on a “Run Happy” date. Being a running shoe nerd, I was super excited to pick out a pair of Brooks running shoes for Ben. I took into consideration – his size, potential mileage and crazy high ballerina arches. I … [Read more...]

Wireless Headphones Review


Hello! First off let me make an announcement…. Run Eat Repeat is now an official registered trademark!!! I'm pretty excited about this. Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with this lil' website... I started my day off with a little run to the gym again. And this time I brought along a piece of running gear I’ve been playing with for the past few weeks - … [Read more...]

Sweat Pretty and POTM Ups the Ante


Good Morning! After a 90 degree day yesterday I woke up to a rainy morning?! Luckily I have a ton of cold weather gear I’ve been needing to test from different companies so I welcomed the chill with open, fleece covered arms Puma recently sent me some workout gear from their Puma Sweat Pretty line. This fleece is super comfy and cute with a thick pink stripe up the side. I … [Read more...]

Brooks Nightlife Vest Review


Hello! This morning I woke up around 5am with Ben’s early alarm (he’s on an early sched this week). So, I was up and ready to run a few easy miles before the sun. I’m always hesitant to run before the sun (mostly because I’m scared of the dark) but Brooks recently sent me the perfect piece of gear for this - Brooks Nightlife Vest The most obvious thing that makes it great … [Read more...]

RooSport Giveaway


Today is Tuesday and according to my scrappy marathon training plan I’m supposed to do mile repeats for my run. I still do not like them at all. Even after I’m done I’m not like, “Yah! I’m so glad I did that!!” No. I’m more like, “That was unpleasant. I’m glad it’s over.” In the grand old race of the tortoise and the hare I am the tortoise.  Exhibit A: my tortoise … [Read more...]

Garmin 305 vs. MotoActv


First off let me say that I've had my Garmin 305 since November 2008! So, I’m very partial to it It’s seen me through hundreds of runs and many many races. Good, bad, ugly I wore the Garmin. But, it’s on it’s last legs and when a MOTOACTV rep recently sent me their GPS/Fitness Tracker/MP3 player I was super excited to give it a spin. One of my Garmin’s side buttons caved in … [Read more...]

Zensah Compression Socks Review


You’ve probably already heard of Girls on the Run around the blog world. It’s an organization the works with pre-teens to encourage self respect through running. I’ve wanted to get involved with them for over a year now, but there is no Orange County Chapter. I met with a few locals to start a chapter last year, but it fell through. Well, the organization is still very much on … [Read more...]

2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners


The holidays are just around the corner and I’ve come to realize that not everyone rushes out on December 24th to buy gifts (just me?). But, just because you shop early doesn’t mean you know what that runner in your life wants (they’re probably too busy carb-loading to tell ya anyways). So here is a list of the Best Gifts for Runners this season: 1. Books about Running! … [Read more...]

Champions Shaping Active Wear


I was recently contacted by a rep from Champion about their new line of Shaping Active Gear. I was super excited because I heard about this line from a co-worker and really wanted to try it! My guess is when Champion heard I dress like a broken down tragedy to work-out they offered to send me over a whole new wardrobe! This is perfect for me since I’m a personal trainer now, … [Read more...]

Long Run Running Shoes


Happy Monday! I started my day with a 5 mile run. I specifically didn’t bring my ipod since this was a recovery run and music sometimes makes me go faster (at least on the good songs). No. Since I did 19 miles on Saturday I knew I should pay attention to my body not Katy Perry telling me I’m a Firework I get a lot of questions about running shoes and really believe everyone … [Read more...]

New Running Shoes


I get excited over new running shoes like Carrie used to get over Manolos. For real. After deciding I desperately needed new ones I did some internet research to compare and contrast my two all time favorites - Asics Gel Nimbus & Adidas Supernova with a new brand - Mizuno. Today I went to the mecca of running shoes to get a new pair - RoadRunner Sports... I am super … [Read more...]

Gear: Neck Gaiter

I tried a new piece of running gear from Target this morning - A Neck Gaiter. It is $14.99. I don't think the weather was cold enough for me to really appreciate it so I'm going to give an update when it gets a little colder. Even though it was sprinkling on me this morning it wasn't that cold and I could have went without it. But, I know some day soon I will be thanking my … [Read more...]

Gear: Target Running Pants


This morning I took my new Target running pants for a test "run" - ha, get it? I am in serious need of cold weather gear since I never ran with capris or tights in California. I loved them! They were a little thicker than my other tights I got from a dept store (JC Penney?) and I like that they are full length. Pros - Full length Long zipper at bottom for easy … [Read more...]