Back on My Feet with an iPad Mini Giveaway!


It’s funny how life works… last week I was researching local volunteer organizations where I might be able to help. Then, I got an email from Back on My Feet – a group that helps homeless men and women get back on their feet through running. It’s LA based, so I wouldn't be able to help daily – but I can spread the word to you here! I am familiar with Back on My Feet because … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY – Weight Loss Tracker and Pedometer from Omron


Hello! I am spending the day in Santa Barbara for a fitness event with Bob Greene (Oprah’s personal trainer)! He is working with Omron to promote Omron Fitness and their weight loss / exercise tools. They sent me the activity tracker and pedometer to try out. Since I work from home and that basically consists of staring at the computer for hours, eating, baking, starting at … [Read more...]

GlossyBox Giveaway


GlossyBox is a subscription service to get beauty products straight to your door. Each box comes with 5-6 beauty products hand picked by beauty experts (read: not me). A company rep sent me their April box to review. And since it’s easier to blab than blog about beauty products here are my thoughts: The UPS guy and I are best buds at this point, but I still get excited … [Read more...]

Quest Protein Bar Giveaway


Hello! How are you doing? I’m doing pretty good, but snacking is still a challenge this week. My sweet tooth is out of control! Not surprising, but still frustrating. Luckily, a rep from Quest Bar protein bars sent me two boxes of delicious treats to snack on! I have a variety box and a whole box of chocolate chip Quest Bars. Um, the Chocolate Chip protein bar is THE BEST … [Read more...]

Sweet Relish Giveaway to Fight the Feet Funk


Happy Tuesday! This morning I went back to Dana Point to lead another fitness group. Today we did a 5K run/walk. I stayed with the back of the pack to make sure no one got lost so it was pretty slow going – that’s good because my quads are very tight.  Someone please come hold me down and make me foam roll. I need it so bad. I always think it’s funny to wear all black – … [Read more...]

The One Where Monica Gives You a Bike


If you’ve been reading RER for a while you are probably aware that I can appreciate a tasty beverage… Pina coladas in Panama,  don’t mind if I do… And it’s not just beverages that compromise my decision making either, I always have a water bottle with me… and I can drink a Sonic 44 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper like no one’s business. But, even I’ll admit it’s harder to drink … [Read more...]

Quaker Popped Snacks Giveaway


Today has been a super busy day! I was very productive and that makes me happy. I just now got around to checking my email and saw Coach Steve posted a video from his experience at the Surf City Marathon. I make a little cameo at 2:36 – check it out! You know else makes me happy? A knock at the door and a big delivery of Quaker Popped snacks – see the picture below?! Yes. I … [Read more...]

Thera-Gesic Giveaway


How’s your day? Well, no matter how your day is going – I’m about to make it better. Yogurtland is giving out FREE fro-yo from 4pm to 7pm. I’ll meet you there in 16 minutes! I still can’t believe I’m feeling so good despite running for almost 4 hours yesterday. But, I will admit at one point during the race I was running near a guy that smelled like Thera-Gesic and I really … [Read more...]

Moving Comfort Giveaway


Hello! I forgot to tell you I got an extra medal on Sunday because I ran RnR Las Vegas and RnR Phoenix. It’s the Desert Double Down and you get a medal when you do them both! Awesome, but I really need a new medal holder… Recently Moving Comfort sent me a bunch of running gear to try out. One of the pieces was the skirt I wore to the half this weekend: The Sprint Tech … [Read more...]

The Miracle Carb Diet Book Giveaway


I was recently sent The Miracle Carb Diet to review. This is right up my alley since I love carbs and I love miracles. Add them together and what do you get? Cupcakes. Okay, not really. The Miracle Carb Diet is all about combing high fiber carbs and lean protein in your meals. It’s written by Tanya Zuckerbrot, RD. I had the opportunity to interview Zuckerbrot a few … [Read more...]

Under Armour Giveaway


I woke up with a scratchy throat and went to Twitter MD for help. The consensus was to gargle with salt water… so I did (because you should always listen to what complete strangers on the internet tell you to do).<Note: Marbles giving himself a bath in the background.> Then, I took off on a 7 mile run. It was windy today!!! Now I’m waiting to hit up DD for some ice … [Read more...]

Allstate Life Insurance 13.1 LA Half Marathon Giveaway


First first first, I have to give a HUGE shout out Happy Birthday to my little brother Matt! We are many years apart, but we are very close. He’s my one sibling without red hair, which is weird (for him), but I’m still his biggest fan. Happy Birthday Matt!!! AllState Life Insurance 13.1 LA Half Marathon Giveaway Big Obvious announcement: I am obsessed with half marathons. … [Read more...]

Runaroni Giveaway


Hello!!!! How was your day? Mine was good except my glands are still swollen despite the ibuprofen I took 3 times today. I’m probably a goner. Who wants to take over RER when I die? I made rookie mistake #1 and went to Trader Joe’s after work hungry. So this happened. At least dinner was healthy – tilapia, brown rice and roasted brussel sprouts. Love. … [Read more...]

Now What? Santa to the Sea Half Marathon


Hello! Did you guys stay up late watching the election coverage? This was one of the few times that the time difference was on my side and it wasn’t too late in CA when they called it. This morning I woke up early and did a quick 3 miler and some stretching. Not sure what’s in store for this weekend (more on that below) so I didn’t want to get too crazy with running. … [Read more...]

Eat Like an Olympian Giveaway


Remember that Protein Chocolate Chip cookie I ate on Friday? No? Good, if you did that would be weird. Anyway, it was part of a fun Eat Like an Olympian gift pack I received from Solae – a soy protein company. I would definitely buy these! But, before you can refuel with a protein cookie – you should workout (at least in theory). So the company sent something I was … [Read more...]

Brooks Pure Project Shoes–Giveaway


Happy Thursday! I got a full 8 hours of sleep last night and am feeling good! After making Ben a super quick breakfast I ran out the door and did 6 miles. They were supposed to be tempo but with the uphill out / downhill back it went: w/u; 8:38; 8:55; 8:06; 8:38; c/d. I’m not a fan of hills, but it’s good that I get used to them for New York! Post run – egg sandwich with … [Read more...]