July Favorites and Traveling to Maine


Happy Thursday! I have a little confession on this fine day – I got Yogurtland ‘just because’ yesterday. I don’t normally go solo, or on a random week day but I really really wanted ice cream after Sunday’s race but never got it. So, I have been thinking about it every since. Craving satisfied! It’s August! So here is a quick recap of my favorite Run, Eat and Repeat from … [Read more...]

April 2013 Favorites and May Goals


It’s May 1st! I love a fresh start, do you? First here is my favorite Run, Eat and Repeat posts from the month Run: Ragnar SoCal with Team Nuun. It was a blast! Eat: The cookies and Thai Curry Pizza I had in Tucson Repeat:  How to Run Across the Golden Gate Bridge and then I did it again the next day at the RnR San Francisco Half Marathon Honorable Mention: … [Read more...]

February Favorite Run and Eat


How did your week go? Mine has been pretty busy, but quiet. I’m working a lot, my ‘roommate’ is working a lot, the cat is sleeping a lot. The end But it is a new month so let’s recap my favorite Run Eat and post I’d like to Repeat from February 2013… My favorite RUN  Running RnR New Orleans was on my bucket list and I got so so excited when I registered, remember? … [Read more...]

Run Eat Repeat 2012 Highlight Posts


I enjoy long walks on the beach… Guys with dimples… and champagne. Or dark chocolate when champagne is not available. Yesterday Ben and I took a walk on the beach and discussed how cliché, yet awesome those long sandy walks are... I love it. Then, we discussed our zodiac signs and stopped at an ice cream shop his family has been raving about. Yes, the carrot cake … [Read more...]

November 2012 Highlights


No, I’m not talking about hair highlights (but they are on my brain since I really want them right now)… I started my day with a 5 mile run and just couldn’t get into a groove. It was nice to turn around and head back home   It’s the last day of November so I wanted to do a quick hello and share my favorite Run, Eat and Repeat from November 2012… Favorite Run – Santa … [Read more...]

Sept Highlights and October Goals

Hello!!! Despite staying up too late last night (watching #RHONJ) I woke up bright and early today. Run = 6 miles easy. My left knee felt a little tired at first, but other than that I feel fine for running so much on Saturday! And I’m not sore at all from kayaking yesterday! I was afraid I was going to be  super messed up since it makes me super tense in the neck area. … [Read more...]

July 2012 Highlights


I cannot believe it’s August! I seriously feel like Christmas just passed, or was that Easter? Either way, this year is flying by too fast! This morning I hit up the gym for a strength session. My shoulder has been hurting the last few weeks (not used to swimming?) so I had been avoiding it. It felt good to be back. Speaking of the gym… my gym needs a group fit instructor to … [Read more...]

Lazy Iced Coffee and June 2012 Highlights


Happy Monday! I started my day off with a speedish run – 1 m w/u, 4 800s and 1 m c/d. It was just okay. I need to do this weekly again to see improvement because I was def slower than in the past. When I got back I realized there was only a few sips of iced coffee left from yesterday so I had to make a fresh batch. Luckily Tina sent me a bag of Marylou’s AMAZING coffee for my … [Read more...]

May 2012 Highlights


It’s so cliché, but this year really is flying by! I can’t believe it’s June (well, in a few hours). Let’s check out RER’s May 2012 Highlights: Favorite Run: It’s a three way tie between… My Reach the Beach Relay Leg #1 The dramatic Night Leg #2 (even though I had a nervous breakdown here I kind of want a do-over so I can NOT cry in front of everyone) and Reach the … [Read more...]

April Highlights and May Goals


Hello and Happy Tuesday   This morning I set out for a tempo run like I promised myself last week. My ankles are still feeling a little sore (?) but once I warmed up I was fine. I did 1 mile w/u, 2 tempo, 1 cool down. The end. It was drizzly outside, but not cold. Kinda reminded me of Maryland, but less humid. I tried to make a protein pancake without flour this morning … [Read more...]

April Highlights and May Goals


Hello! I got a new pair of running shorts at Costco yesterday. I’m not ready to wear “real” shorts, so I thought these bermuda shorts would be a good in between. Nah. They give me a murph. www.nataliedee.com Run: I did Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack Level 1 and went for an easy 2 miler to stretch my legs. Eat: Food. For breakfast I made an egg patty and paired it with a bagel. … [Read more...]

Craziest Year Ever Part II


The second half of 2009 started with my "Road Trip Across America". It was fun, scary, tiring, overwhelming and more! Then, I started a new job, went to Belize and got super homesick. It's been an adventure and the craziest year of my life!!! July - We started in Las Vegas Baby! The Road Trip to End All! Then hit up Salt Lake City. So Salty Road trip: Yellowstone Where we … [Read more...]