Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread Recipe


I sported my new very fancy Target Christmas shirt for today’s festivities. I believe in Santa!   In addition to packing tons of running clothes I packed up Vegas to stay with my mom and dad. He hates car rides, but I don’t feel bad. I think it’s weird when people feel bad for their pet crying about something like this – you gotta do it kids. I don’t know. The stockings … [Read more...]

2012 Runner Gift Guide


Hello! How’s it going? It’s Thanksgiving week which means Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. I started making my shopping list but am kinda clueless about what to buy the other adults in my life. I don’t have the first clue what to buy for my dad or brother and I’m sure they feel the same about me! I asked them for a list so I’ll have some ideas - I’m … [Read more...]

I’m Like Santa Claus…


I’m like Santa Claus because I’d take cookies from strangers. I’m like Santa’s reindeer because I want to fly run around the world. I’m like Rudolph because I have a red nose head. I’m like the Three Wise Men because I’m always late. I’m like the Grinch because my heart is 2 sizes too small for my body. But, I’m the opposite of Frosty the Snow Man because I would die in … [Read more...]

2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners


The holidays are just around the corner and I’ve come to realize that not everyone rushes out on December 24th to buy gifts (just me?). But, just because you shop early doesn’t mean you know what that runner in your life wants (they’re probably too busy carb-loading to tell ya anyways). So here is a list of the Best Gifts for Runners this season: 1. Books about Running! … [Read more...]

Old School Abs


Good Morning! I woke up from a dream where I was running a marathon, stopped to pee and suddenly it was 5:30pm and I was super late to finish! I think this dream is because I am on a mission to find my next race. I want to train for something! I have a few options I’m considering and should make a decision this week   Unfortunately today is not a running day. I’m trying … [Read more...]

National Watermelon Day!!!


Today is my my favorite day of the year = National Watermelon Day!!! Instead of a cat dance I did a watermelon dance this morning   Before I began celebrating this very important holiday I attempted a tempo run. I say “attempted” because I did not feel fast today and really struggled I did the same route as last weeks tempo – 1 mile warm up, 4 tempo (tried at least), 1 … [Read more...]

Happy Feaster!


This afternoon Ben and I headed to my mom’s for Easter Feaster. This is me and my little mom   I was in charge of the beans. Well, my mom cooked them, but I “re-fried” them. Our Easter Feaster was shish-kabobs, rice, beans, tortillas, macaroni salad and salad with strawberries, almonds and feta. I made the salad and think it was pretty good And I totally ate 68 servings … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday: Loopholes

Confession Thursday – Loopholes! Confession #1: It’s 3pm on St. Patrick’s Day and the only green I’m wearing so far is the same rubberband I had on since yesterday. (Read: I still haven’t showered.) Confession #2: I got this new environmentally friendly cat litter so I could be all “green” and earth friendly and what not. Now my house smells like shit caca. Sorry Earth, … [Read more...]

Try, Try Again


If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Even when that comes to baking cookies where the first batch comes out super dry and flat. And even though recipe #2 isn’t perfect, the saying isn’t “Try, Try, Try Again” so I only get two tries Eggnog Cookies I had this amazing and possibly overconfident idea to make another eggnog flavored dessert -this time in cookie form. … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving 2010


Family, food and fun. Thanksgiving is the best day ever! My family members all have their own special dishes that they contribute to turkey day. My Nina makes the best sweet potato casserole I’ve ever tried (on the right below) and my cousin Roxanne makes an amazing vegetable casserole. I made the cranberry sauce from organic cranberries from our CSA. It was dee-lish! I … [Read more...]

My First Cornbread Stuffing


Happy Thanksgiving! I have a big confession to make: I didn’t end up doing the Turkey Trot this morning I’m hoping Bobbi will forgive me for ranking out on her (she ran the race with her fam). But, last night as I was supposed to be looking up directions and getting my gear ready I was super unmotivated. I really didn’t want to do it for some reason. I considered just … [Read more...]

Happy Chinese New Valentine’s Year


Today is Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day! Last year I got Ben a singing telegram sent to his work for Valentine's Day! Ha! You can read about it here. And last V Day weekend we were in Big Bear for some skiing/snow boarding. February 14th is my mom's birthday so we were celebrating with her. So Happy Happy Chinese New Valentine's Year to you all :) And a special … [Read more...]

I Fell…Again


I always say that I fall about three times a year. I was super nervous I was going to fall at my wedding and luckily I didn't. But, I did fall today. Hard. (This is the uneventful recap of my last fall while running.) I went on 3 mile run with my friend, Susan... We had just started running and mid-sentence my foot hit a bump on the path and I completely ate shit. I guess … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving ’09


I started the day with a 6 miler. My legs are tired from running four days in a row, but I wanted to get in some good mileage before all the eats! Breakfast was oat bran. I needed something warm after a cold run! I made the whole Thanksgiving spread with the help of my mom. This was our first time ever doing it like this. Normally we have T-day with my whole Mexican fam and … [Read more...]

Do you eat rabbit?

Sorry I was MIA since Saturday, like I've mentioned I am super busy with wedding/work/other stuff right now. The wedding is only 68 days away!!! And I have A LOT of things to do. Between getting out the invites and Easter with the fam, it was a fun, but hectic weekend. So, do you eat rabbit? Because I do. I made a rabbit bunny cake for Easter... Here is a close up of the … [Read more...]

EAT! Thanksgiving 2008

After my run I still wasn't hungry from eating so much the day before :( But I knew I should eat since we have a late lunch kind of Thanksgiving meal around 2pm. I had a big bowl of cereal...My mom had to go to my grandma's to help her make the stuffing so I was running around all day cooking and setting up tables and getting everything ready. I seriously felt so busy all … [Read more...]