The New York City Marathon is Cancelled


As you probably heard the ING New York City Marathon was cancelled yesterday afternoon. I completely agree with this decision, but that doesn’t matter in the least. I had nothing to do with the decision to keep it or stop it. It was never about me. I never intended to dismiss or make less of the reality of the destruction and devastation from Hurricane Sandy. I am very very … [Read more...]

The New York Marathon and Sandy


Marathon week is always stressful for me, but Hurricane Sandy’s destruction caused an extra layer of worry. Being way out in SoCal I really have no good idea how bad the damage is and what public transportation issues mean. I wasn’t sure I was even going until I read the NYRR marathon update. People much smarter than me decided the race will continue so I’m headed out to New … [Read more...]

Marathon Week


AHHH! Marathon Week is here! It feels like it was four months ages ago when I went to New York to film the videos for the ING Class of 2012. Seriously, the race felt so far away at that point it didn’t seem real. Now all the training is done and it’s time to just rest, carb load and get ready to travel across the country and run 26.2 miles. I am nervous, so getting my … [Read more...]

Run For Something Better


This morning I woke up early, but not for a long run. Nope. Today I went to watch other people run, specifically I went to the ING Kids Rock Los Angeles fun run. It was at the Home Depot Center in Carson, which is near and dear to my heart so I happily made the drive north for the event. ING Kids Rock Los Angeles is a one mile non-timed event where 1,500 kids come together … [Read more...]

Marathon Meals–Time to Carb Load


Hello! I didn’t end up getting home until close to midnight last night! By that time I was hungry and Ben and I shared a homemade banana / strawberry yogurt smoothie and then hit the hay. This morning I was not ready to crawl out of bed when my alarm went off, luckily I had an easy 6 miler planned and that woke me up just fine I also busted out the fancy coffee because I … [Read more...]

ING New York Marathon Fuel Right to PR


Helloooo! Today was a busy day for me. Taking a day off of work is always nice, but then you have twice as many things to do when you get back! While I was gone I got a very excited package in the mail… I finally broke down and ordered a new watch because I wanted to make sure and figure out how to use it before New York. Speaking of the ING New York City Marathon… The race … [Read more...]

Running a Marathon Out of Town


I’m exactly one month away from running a marathon all the way across the country! The marathon is scary enough, but it makes me even more nervous when I think about different weather, different terrain and packing for the race. It would be the worst to forget something important. Since the Chicago marathon is this weekend I thought I’d share my Traveling for a Race tips … [Read more...]

ING Class of 2012 Meatless Monday Marathon Meal


Hello! How’s your day? My day was full of conference calls. For some reason everyone wanted to schedule them for today I recorded some random snacks and thought I’d (over) share... I’m still as obsessed as ever with chickpeas and was excited to score this sweet chickpea snack from Marshall’s the other day. I’ve tried to make sweet roasted chickpeas before but I always … [Read more...]

Marathon Meals – Train Hard and Eat Well


Happy Thursday! I am super busy today with work work (as opposed to blog work or yard work?) but I wanted to share my latest ING Class of 2012 Marathon Meals video. First, back to this morning… I woke up and debated the gym or a walk (today is a rest from running). I decided to do a 4 mile walk in the morning (before it gets too hot) and do some strength moves in my living … [Read more...]

ING Class of 2012 Marathon Hydration


Happy Thursday! This morning I woke up to a dead Garmin – dead because it’s old, I charged it all night. I know it’s on it’s last legs so I wasn’t surprised – just frustrated. My MotoActv wasn’t charged so I ran without a watch or music. Just me. Luckily, I’m used to it since SR never wants to run with me even though she A.) lives down the street and B.) enjoys running (or … [Read more...]

Marathon Meals 1


Remember when I was in New York filming videos for the ING Class of 2012? I did a series of videos about “Marathon Meals” – basically healthy food ideas for marathon training. My first video is up NOW on the ING Runner’s Nation Facebook Page. The first recipe is for the beautiful quinoa dish – ‘member? The recipe is called Herbed Quinoa Tabbouli, it’s from Redbook … [Read more...]

High Tech ING Class of 2012 Training


Hi! Today has been go go go, but I wanted to stop in and share my first ING Class of 2012 video! AH! I’m such a weirdo, see below But first, some cherry love <3 And another Lazy Cooks Guide to Healthy Eating tip: Grab a ready to eat salad container… (preferable on sale!) and fill it up up with more veggies, grains and protein. Instant lunch with no dishes to clean! … [Read more...]

18 Weeks…


Yesterday was a bad snacking day. Between the time change and getting 3 hours of sleep I was hitting the kitchen when I should have been hitting the bed. I randomly ate a pb&J and half an avocado with tortilla as an afternoon pick-me-up. I wasn’t hungry, just tired. Bah. Dinner was leftovers of Mexican food Ben made while I was gone. I guess he missed his Mexican wife and … [Read more...]

ING Class of 2012


When I last left you yesterday I had just ran 6 miles through Central Park and enjoyed a NY bagel. From there the day went non-stop until 1am! For those of you that missed it, I was recently chosen to be part of the ING Class of 2012. I am one of 4 runners doing the ING New York City Marathon and acting as a representative for the organization. We all have very different … [Read more...]